third: update has been in the use of forum and blog, the general weight is very high, add new links, the chain network station to a certain extent increased a lot, the colleague’s weight increase stage, this way is in the fight of resources, will see you have, but the effect is really very good.

Hello, I am Harbin actual web design, recently on the move, have been busy, not what the opportunity to write what, today to observe the end ranking, still want to write what, but also hope that through the new office, everything is okay, well, said today the title, recently I have two new sites, ranking good, reason is the railway station, the old station led the first talk about how I did it.

we can see that this is the two different sites, one is in the application of science and technology new station, Harbin network company the keywords in Shanghai love second, one of the old station station of Harbin science and Technology Shanghai production site in Shanghai love seventh, in fact, their other key construction sites in Harbin and Harbin are also software development in Shanghai before, in fact these stations don’t look at the domain name registration for a long time, but have not been used, there may be little relationship between rank and domain name registration time, but I think it is not all, below I said, see what I said is reasonable.

second: cross links, I usually use their own website, are inside appear on the website, such as paper, do Links, once included, rankings are helpful, sometimes I am also reproduced in this article several websites, each link, team ranking great, I do not recommend too much station to cross link, it is best to walk or stand, good control, good control is being K, the old station will also be affected.

is the first to see screenshots,

fourth: To summarize the experience and old station optimization methods to improve the user experience and search engine new experience, this way can let railway station take a lot less detours, quickly improve website ranking, website is actually much, the risk will be a lot less, I suggest several stations, each station uses different optimization and promotion way, so to better grasp the search engine trends, convenient to carry out the business, especially to do this with me to Shanghai dragon important.



Please indicate the >

: first use the old station with a high weight of these new sites, I do is the single stranded Links, with new points to the new station, of course I want to do is keyword keyword, such a point that the PR PR update, they are generally in more than 2, so go to exchange links, will be good for after all, now many people still attach great importance to PR, it can get a lot of high quality Links, while the import of weights, which is conducive to ranking in a certain extent.


two, human uncontrollable factors

1, website

on our small webmaster common is the blog, the rate of replacement of the hard template ah, do not know is that this drop right is also reasonable. In the early days of the site reached a certain level before the weight must not be arbitrary replacement templates, the overall structure of the site is not familiar with the transformation completely to the search engine. As many people say Meta change in the end of the website weight has no effect, that you can try, do not parrot.

said no more, to do a long time we all should know, Links right down the website by K, friends of the chain is first removed temporarily, he should understand. Unless done for friendship.


3, the website chain

, a controllable factor

many friends asked how to restore web site right down in the forum, many will answer "vest to update the original article and the high quality of the chain". Well, I have to update the article to send the chain, the result is not ideal. Under what conditions, the content of the web site has a great influence on the weight. The site initially not adhere to the original "change", the accumulation of weight; weight accumulated to a certain degree, adhere to the "hair". The primary website article just copy, largely reduced the trust of the search engine on the web, so you have to adhere to the "change". The late weight accumulation degree you can go into consideration, dynamic update every day is also continuing to spider your site.

for the most common example, some store shelves of goods directly delete these merchandise page leads to a 404 error page number, in fact, this can be used to replace the goods shelves, rehabilitation work to the website editor.

2, the content of the website

this is the case for many large portal mall or we love these restless tossing small Adsense is most common. The website function is not perfect, need to be adjusted this is accompanied by some of the large integral development step.

often have friends in the forum to talk to Q or K, at domain site is not in the first place, "not included no ranking, and so some, then became ants on a hot pan. Do not know Hefei Shanghai dragon blog also unfortunately caught in the big update month love Shanghai in the head, the symptoms of painful extremely, the home page is K no ranking. In December 3rd when the right down, do not understand the nagging about ranking disappeared, but now has been restored, although the ranking was not the first, but has been gradually restored, to write an article about how to recover in time for the site to drop right before actually always wanted to blog articles, just while is restored to sum up all sorts of situations, hope to help novice friends out of trouble. In fact, many solutions are adopted piecemeal is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, but not so easy. Here is divided into controllable and uncontrollable factors to do the analysis.

with the rapid development of the Internet, small and medium-sized enterprises have begun to join the ranks of the Internet, after several years of development, enterprise network marketing has not disappeared, but more and more a great attraction. The vast resources of the Internet, enterprises can find more marketing opportunities, larger scale and expand the range of users. But there are errors the marketing of small and medium-sized enterprises in the network marketing, many companies started to enter the Internet industry, easily into the misunderstanding. The A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) on this issue with you on

error two: can not find the website keywords. Network marketing in small and medium enterprises, at present more or through the web site keywords to improve site traffic, so as to improve the product sales. Keywords positioning website many enterprises can not accurately, keywords too high choice difficulty and optimization is not up, nor too difficult keywords on the site, often stop at this place. In such cases in a few enterprises, the enterprises that do not stand in the user’s point of view, their users to enter the site is what you want, what he can provide to the user, in which the characteristics of their products, their main business area in which the key word, whether popular is their main products etc.. Enterprises need to analyze the industry keywords, choose the difficulty and quite popular keywords, increase website traffic conversion rate.

error: target positioning is not accurate. The enterprise chose to enter into the Internet, the ultimate goal is to achieve the purpose of sales through the internet. But many companies are not well understood, or traditional methods that require on-site service, need one by one looking for customers, is very suitable for the traditional marketing way, but is not suitable for the use of the internet. The Internet is a great platform, you can not accurately to locate your users, you can’t come to ask the customer if need service, more business is to do their own marketing website, own the most powerful thing in the outstanding marketing website, and then let the user find you on the Internet. To improve your user groups. We are using the Internet to expand the scope of marketing, website’s function is to customers and enterprises to build a bridge, so the site is the core of the network marketing, enterprises must carefully to build the site, on the site to make it good show. So, we must make clear the positioning of enterprises to enter the Internet website.

error three: single network marketing. Now the company will generally choose the network company to do the optimization, the network company will give the enterprise choose some keywords to optimize, the main method is the search engine optimization, network company to ensure that only make key words on the front page, no other marketing method used. But for enterprises, this type of marketing is very simple, simply can not meet the enterprise network marketing. Enterprises in order to truly achieve the purpose of online marketing, need not only.

above is A5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team with examples to share with you the B2B website ranking the three most common causes and solutions, hoping for some novice webmaster friends help. The forum, please indicate the source.




solution: every day to remove a two of these without our website and link with NOFOLLOW and the overall situation is not good website, the best in removing these sites at the same time, to find some good quality and.

Links in a lot of this station link, which is part of the site has a link but with the NOFOLLOW property, which is also love Shanghai plucking website.

keyword density is too low, mostly O


B2B website, although there are many, but there are so many website ranking is not ideal, the reason is various, the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝 Shanghai.Admin5贵族宝贝/topic-.Html, Shanghai dragon dragon) to China animation creativeindustry network into three cases of common cause with you on the following vertical B2B website ranking:


meta tag Keywords number

Many webmaster think

webmaster all know that search engine is currently unable to identify the picture content. Learn how to optimize the picture that we should, so as to achieve the purpose of convenient search engine spiders crawling. A page are described in this paper how to do the site optimization, how to customize the picture picture size and related problems. Here we start to understand why a good picture of

5. image watermark

watermark picture actually not essential, think you’re wrong. No site picture will have its own logo search engine is also very love original things.

The anchor text

a picture of a good, will increase website traffic success. But we must seek truth from facts to the anchor text. Key words and pictures to do hyperlinks of the content is consistent.

, a convenient search engine spiders crawl: search engine is a program that can not see the content of the picture.

in the search engine to search images will describe the information, there are many pictures are actually integrating text pictures around the site. Then in the picture around the text with keywords will increase the success of the rank of the website, you can also achieve good optimization effect.

eight points of the website image optimization


3. anchor text

7. pictures to do classification processing


want to do this, will use the pictures instead of text inside add a keyword. This is the most important part of the optimization work in Shanghai Longfeng do website pictures.


We can use optimization! We found that

2. pictures add keywords

pictures of different categories to do classification processing. One can easily find and update the webmaster, and can improve the professionalism of the site, the site management more convenient.

picture size box can successfully reduce dead load images in time, so as to enhance the site access speed, it will greatly enhance the degree of customer experience. More conducive to the search engine on your site to grab.

6. fixed picture size

on picture naming naming methods related to its content, like a picture is a computer picture, so that we can be named as computer.jpg. For some Chinese sites you can also use Chinese Pinyin name.


4. distribution around the picture space

1. pictures named

two benefits of website image optimization

two, increase website traffic: many customers interested in pictures more than your words.

is a word, to optimize the state website but do not deliberately go to the pursuit of nature, changing its search engine ranking in law is always to provide valuable information for users, rather than provide valuable content to the search engine. So the only way that we can understand the core idea of the real, of course I said here is not to say completely not to consider the optimization methods, but do have this kind of consciousness and then at the site of the process in the subconscious of the fusion to the structure of the web site to the line, especially those who hope that the long-term.


I am engaged in the site optimization industry also has a lot of years, has been responsible for many projects for the class customers in the company, he had also experienced a lot of station. There are also frustrated when correct way to see the results of the relief, so the website optimization this experience so many things also have some of their own experience, here to tell us about what state of the web site optimization process is the best.

this is the most important and very easy to make mistakes, we always hold the chain for the emperor to wanton release mentality, and even some people also use some black hat tactics, but in most cases the conclusion is under a lot of effort, but the rewards are not many and sometimes even get punished. To stand outside my personal experience and advice, do not blindly pursue for example today 50 tomorrow 60. This is not only very tired but the effect is not very good, we can be in when the Internet can go to some relevant and high quality platform issued some relevant content according to their own website and content, believe that as long as enough content value will have a lot of friends of forwarding, this is the real purpose of the chain and thought.

believe that they all know that (I won’t go into here), important worth mentioning is that not every aspect of the targeted optimization mentality to try, but only to ensure that the spider crawling smoothly, remove some unnecessary code, then the layout and key words in the chain do pay attention to natural and reasonable on the line. I used to do a retro gaming website, it is to let a lot of fine and retro words can get rankings, has been widely used in the title and in the chain, and even the use of many H tags even each picture are added to the. It is all about retro words though up quickly, but in the end is also fast flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum.


! Some methods about the optimization of the Overall,

first use one sentence to the overall summary under the subject of "so that the hearts of formlessness, avoid excessive pursuit of the ultimate! We all know to think through a series of means, make your site better ranking in search engines, so many people especially a part of the primary station (I was), in order to the pursuit of traffic and conversion to the site either inside or outside the station optimization do limit. In fact, this is very dangerous, remember a word of truth Wujibifan can also be used in website optimization

For example:

, the server is not stable

solution: a correct understanding of the search engine spiders and search engines use IP address will change at any time, in order to ensure the ability to correctly identify the search engine IP, you can use DNS to check the way to determine the source of anti capture whether IP belongs to the regular search engine, to prevent false letter.

now the innumerable server, the price is not the same, the quality is also far, webmasters often choose the time is "the only price does not recognize the matter", taking some space in order to save resources, deliberately blocked spider (spider) IP, causing spider to grab web pages will not be failure. Search engines.

solution: choose the regular space taking power, as far as possible to ensure that your site is stable. The stability of server space and need some technical strength to protect, some did not have the strength of the space business, may be unable to provide good service, can not guarantee the stability of the service. We can make an analogy: if the image of the "people" as a metaphor for the content of the website, then the server is our "home", it is our wind and rain, provides a good environment for our survival, while the server will affect the quality of the risk we can bear. I think, who are not willing to live without security room, their lives take a joke, in the same way, so it is now the site! If you server is not ideal, it is necessary to choose, please let the old server can be used for a period of time, and do 301 jumps, minimize the loss of a series of replacement server bring.

Baiduspider in the Linux platform, you can use the host IP command to determine whether the inverse solution of IP from the capture of Baiduspide. Baiduspider hostname named *.baidu贵族宝贝 or * format, not *.baidu贵族宝贝 or >

understanding of the search engine spiders, unable to correctly judge the search engine spider IP on some posing, then mistakenly sealed search engine IP. This will lead to the success of the search engine can not crawl the site, unable to successfully grab new web pages, and will have already successfully crawled and indexed pages judged as invalid link, then the search engine will be cleared of these dead links, then the web page included reducing, eventually led to the decline in the website search engine rankings.


two, humanerror

server is a basic website to survive, no matter what causes the server ban, have a direct impact on the spider crawling, affect the user experience of the website, is not conducive to the expansion of Shanghai Longfeng work. Chongqing Shanghai Longfeng Yi Shan to its own experience, combined with the analysis of this kind of network friends, summarize the cause of the server banned three main reasons:

we should first understand why to enhance the user experience of the website effect. To enhance the user experience of the website effect can bring large flow for the website and click on the extension of users leave your time. You can imagine your website browsing experience to good effect, will attract many visitors, and to stay on your site to come out, because your site can give visitors bring what they need. Not only that, visitors will often visit your site to browse to more interesting content. Secondly, to enhance the user experience of the website, can let users feel your products and services to meet user needs, so as to bring customers many for you to better achieve the significant effect of network marketing, this is every enterprise hopes to achieve. Furthermore, to enhance the user experience of the website, or one of the main requirements of the current search engine. The search engine for what, it is to provide more valuable content search, and if your website user experience is very good, then it will be the favour of search engine, the weight will give your website a higher ranking, as of course is not a problem.

, we say a website how good, is judging from the weight of the website and search engine rankings, but now with the changing of the search engine algorithm, we may have to add one point, that is: " user experience ". What is the effect of the user experience? Xiaobian to understand is that when we visit a website, the website for the experience and the feeling is good or bad, what effect, this is the user experience. The importance of user experience in the construction site, in this small series for you to explain and emphasize that the hope can cause the attention of the webmaster friends.

to enhance the user experience of the website, we also should know how to enhance the user experience of the website effect. In fact, to enhance the user experience effect, no matter is the speed of opening, the content on the website, from the website color collocation, website design and other aspects of section. The speed of the open web site, web site design and color collocation section is mainly from the user’s senses to enhance the user experience, let users feel that from your website is very good. The website content is to enhance the user experience of factors from the inherent nature. Only the sensory experience is not good enough to give users a really good experience, we must enhance the quality of web content from the inherent nature of the more original articles, but also a long time to go, try to do some daily updates, so as to let the user feel your website is a good website and users can get good experience from the inside.

from the above interpretation of the author, there is a new understanding you must friends have to enhance the importance of user experience. Therefore, each of us in the future of Kunming website construction work, do not raise the net >


To understand why

We believe that for the

this method had an accident with a large amount of thesaurus dictionary, including word segmentation index library, matching the string and Thesaurus according to certain rules will be divided into words in the word, find a word that match, mainly through the following ways: (the number of at least segmentation cut out every sentence in the minimum); forward maximum matching method (from left to right direction); bidirectional maximum matching method (from left to right, from right to left two scans); reverse maximum matching method (from right to left direction).

dictionary matching

although the dictionary indexing library to solve a lot of problems, but the writing is not enough, also need to constantly search engine has to find out new words, in words by calculating the probability of adjacent in determining is not a single word, so to understand the context of the more understanding of the sentence is more accurate, of course also participle the more accurate. For example is the process of search engine optimization is what appears in the context of more times, so will the word if statistical word segmentation segmentation index database.


What is the

in understanding love Shanghai we must first understand what is Chinese participle? We Chinese and English is different from a Chinese characters connected into, so it is relatively complex. Chinese word love Shanghai is a Chinese sentence cut into separate words one by one, and then according to certain rules are reassembled into a sequence of processes, referred to as "Chinese segmentation". The word of the search engine is of great help, can help search procedures for the automatic recognition of the meaning of the statement, so that the search results, the highest degree, so the segmentation quality will directly affect the accuracy of search results. The love of Shanghai search engine mainly uses dictionary matching and statistics of the two methods.

Chinese participleBefore the Chinese word

general, the search engine will use a variety of methods used in combination, the search engine brings great difficulties, such as ambiguity processing, in order to improve the accuracy of matching keywords, the search engine will simulate the human understanding of the sentence, so as to achieve the effect of word recognition. The analysis is in the syntax, acne and semantic ambiguity, to deal with the use of syntactic and semantic information. It mainly includes the following parts: the control part, word segmentation system, French justice system. In the general control part of coordination, word segmentation system can obtain syntactic and semantic information about words and sentences to judge the ambiguity, which simulates human comprehension of sentences.

search engine included word segmentation technology has been very curious, understand the search engine technology is of great help for us these Adsense work: in the link structure and the layout of the site keywords and word segmentation has a great relationship. Usually with love Shanghai contact more, so to love Shanghai as an example to introduce Chinese word search engine segmentation.

2, the content of

more and more enterprises only focus on Web site keywords ranking, ignoring the content (picture) optimization, website traffic leads to large numbers of lost. One person will inevitably have such doubt, how to optimize the picture content, the effect of optimization is not, concrete steps are not in the picture with a label on the line? The author to talk about the specific content of the specific image optimization.

third, add related to the theme of the picture. If you do the wedding photography website, you can add a picture of the game, this is obviously not in tune. Don’t think spider is a fool, you do spiders will only ignore you, the picture will not be included, and included the influence. If you add pictures in your article are related to the wedding photography pictures, these pictures will accelerate to be included, but also can improve the picture in love in the ranking in Shanghai.

search engine whether domestic or foreign search engines, they attach great importance to image optimization, the reader may wish to look at the eight link love in Shanghai there is a picture link, you think, even laconic love Shanghai also recommended pictures, then users attention to the picture is very strong, so the picture the traffic is quite large. Of course, the optimization of the picture content and your industry must, otherwise, you do too much optimization can not give you the precise flow. When you search for a picture of the industry, related to many tens of thousands of digital images, amazing


image optimization is crucial for those wedding website so, how can we get it


second, also need to link. You write more standardized, more love to fall in love with the sea, the more easily included love Shanghai. When the site weight is not high, if you want to be included in the picture within a short period of time, also need to take pictures on the link. Whether it is a blog, forum, as long as you add the chain, can attract the spider to climb up your web page.

optimization good?

first, good ALT tag. In an article content is not much, best to add the image in this article with ALT tags, because the search engine tracks web content is based on text and code together to consider. So, the picture of the ALT tag search engine can give a reasonable space. Add ALT tags should pay attention to the height and width of the picture, in general, can see these pictures.

! and how to optimize it

1, what is the use of

fourth, the search engine also love beautiful. If your picture layout is relatively simple, relatively common, of course easy to remember you love Shanghai, if a reasonable point, your beautiful picture layout, the search engine more love, he will increase the weight of your picture.