station background in addition to modify the meta tag and add news, for the website optimization is not helpful, can not only add the keyword density of news headlines to add a little, so want to from the website to realize the good ranking is not practical. The only way is to rely on the chain, through a large number of high quality links to increase the weight of the website to get good rankings.

FTP file transfer protocol, used to control the bidirectional transmission of documents. Our website source file is to FTP to control, website optimization need to modify the web page to modify the code, including the title description and distribution of keywords, the website of the search engine more friendly to get better rankings. Then on the site without FTP, we how to optimize

the first thing to do is to analyze the difficulty and intensity of competition keywords, Foshan clothing although regional keywords, but because in Foshan many garment factory has the website optimization, clothing category keywords competition dynamics is quite large, even if done up can keep stable rank. Love the sea five pages are four optimized by means of the corporate website, and more for the old station ranking is stable, for the new station to a short period of time beyond them is impossible.


I have a customer service work in Foshan website, is a business platform shop website, and then to a domain name to the shop site space so as to achieve the seemingly independent website. Of course, this site is not FTP, even if there are not the real operation of the station had a source file, title and description OK customers can modify the background "or really is no way to do. Here I share in no FTP I is how to optimize the site.

blog built

so I updated daily news, and then released to the outside link, the main channel is through the blog group of building, forum signature, question and answer, and release the soft resources to get a station to do one-way links. The following details about the author is to do the chain.

to select a few higher weights of third party blog portal website registration, such as Sina, gold, NetEase, Tianya, NetEase, these blogs are the author used some of the best in so many. I used to collect a large number before the release and keyword related articles before each release to find a. Then every five to six published article with keywords of the anchor text in the blog article, note that each blog post is not the same, it will effect foreign chain. There is not a blog too much, no matter how much you want to do website keywords, post the link is best not more than three. Although generally not these free blog titles, but do not overdo it, causing "above" attention will turn off your blog. I have a two years of raising the Sina blog, the weight is very high, a post is included within five minutes, but in this year.


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