only if you are using Flash in a small part of the page, to enhance the user’s visual effect is still feasible, such as advertising, made by Flash icon. Because this kind of small Flash is only a very small part of the page design, page there is more other text-based content, impact on search engines and included this will not be too big.


many people may not know exactly what Session ID, in fact it is a session ID, some sites will use it to track user access, each user access to web sites will generate a unique Session ID, in addition to URL. So the search engine each visit pig will also be treated as a new user, URL will add a different Session ID, so the spider at each visit, URL will be different, but the content of the web page does not change. The spider trap, for the optimization of the site is very bad, so Xiaobian recommended Shanghai dragon er who do not use this way to design the site.

is a new station, or old station, from the optimization perspective, web page must be search engine friendly, beneficial to the spider crawling and grab the page is a continuous efforts to target Shanghai Longfeng practitioners. Although the reform that Shanghai algorithm, the so-called user experience in the first place, but a little Shanghai dragon Er were clear: the site is not for a better user experience will be a powerful factor in the spider crawling and grab the ignored, such sites can not get good rankings in search engines, and how to get high flow

2, Session ID

for their own site on the basis of a good user experience, beneficial to the spider crawling and grab, you should be as far as possible to avoid those adverse factors. The Shanghai dragon practitioners, who is not conducive to the spider web design technology called spider trap. If you want to have the high quality of the site, the spider trap should try to avoid.

web designer may in order to reflect the site of the big, so in the site added >

had to admit that the Flash will give users a good experience, but it exists for the search engine is not friendly, of course, there is no way to capture spider Flash information, so God will always suggest that you do not join in the site Flash.


3, various forms ofSome


if you want to make your home page only shows a Flash file, which is called the spider trap, of course, this design is not accepted by the webmaster, so the Flash file is to optimize the site is not recommended to add content.

1, Flash


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