net give up I want to be a competitive point of the site, later found the word can also be healthy to lose weight, so I put on the analysis of the main domain of another space above, the beginning of a new website, because the domain name I have the record number, so I didn’t give up the domain name, because now the record is not very good, we all know that the domain name is always changing keywords love Shanghai easy right down, easy to be K, really, my site is down right, the original Google PR 3, is now 0, but I fell in love with the sea collection has not decreased, but improved. This is why? Please listen to me to say. read more

any time any page to use the absolute path, and do not use the relative path! Why do you want to "URL absolute? The intention is to enhance the weight of the domain name. Want the weight accumulation of your name, want your main keywords can still improve, you want the long tail keywords station can get rankings, so that must be the "URL all changed to absolute address

page navigation path function is when the user browse to each page, the page prompts are able to clear the secondary path page belongs to column and path. At any time to give each page of your site and site navigation path, such as the list page of the " station in Xinjiang; the construction site " column, please reference column navigation path and the content page navigation path of it. Shanghai has a dragon skills here, set a key to the navigation path, usually set once popular keywords can, and should be put into the popular keyword page optimization, at the same time to give the list page to add random article section, popular articles section, the section of the call, its purpose is to be able to the same page to let the spider included more articles. read more

caused the chain from Shanghai love thinking

for the site outside the chain of love Shanghai removed, many people have an idea: "the website was plucking drop right". But is it true? In fact, there is a part of the site outside the chain is removed is indeed right down in love in Shanghai, but also part of the site may be a precursor to put right. In Shanghai love to update early, there may be a small amount of the chain decreased, but after the update is a substantial increase of the chain. So, love Shanghai eliminate the chain is right down this argument is not very accurate. read more

In fact, we get the

bid is very easy to understand, is nothing more than money, but the quality of this concept for many novice friends puzzled, because this thing is, there is no way to start.

is a main keyword prices have a relatively high, even later, found that rival bid keywords don’t have high, why their rankings always row but opponents, especially when the boss asked, don’t know how to answer.

promotion account?< >

quality account structure what are the benefits? read more

written 3. Shanghai dragon article to grasp the degree, can’t write too much, let a person see will feel dizzy. I have seen a lot of writers, writing a lot of content, it said in the past, finally did not know what he was saying is mainly about what.

4. to seize the key to write, to highlight the core, let people can clearly understand the meaning, not every section are similar, after all readers to read your essay mainly want to see what you have written is mainly about what, want to see your opinions, learn something. read more

Click to make resources

some time ago to do a national "decoration type" website, every city has a sub domain name. However embarrassing is that these sites call information in addition to the "city", the other is the same, oh no, there is a point in the chain, each sub site is different, a message repeated hundreds of times, then your website is what meaning is simply opportunistic?.


if a little less routine, more sincere, behind the media do not care about the interests of the "smile" (now how late)? But the constant name the child sustained pressure. How, if your child is, what do you think? That seems like some nonsense, but it is also write this trigger. read more

third: update has been in the use of forum and blog, the general weight is very high, add new links, the chain network station to a certain extent increased a lot, the colleague’s weight increase stage, this way is in the fight of resources, will see you have, but the effect is really very good.

Hello, I am Harbin actual web design, recently on the move, have been busy, not what the opportunity to write what, today to observe the end ranking, still want to write what, but also hope that through the new office, everything is okay, well, said today the title, recently I have two new sites, ranking good, reason is the railway station, the old station led the first talk about how I did it. read more


two, human uncontrollable factors

1, website

on our small webmaster common is the blog, the rate of replacement of the hard template ah, do not know is that this drop right is also reasonable. In the early days of the site reached a certain level before the weight must not be arbitrary replacement templates, the overall structure of the site is not familiar with the transformation completely to the search engine. As many people say Meta change in the end of the website weight has no effect, that you can try, do not parrot. read more

with the rapid development of the Internet, small and medium-sized enterprises have begun to join the ranks of the Internet, after several years of development, enterprise network marketing has not disappeared, but more and more a great attraction. The vast resources of the Internet, enterprises can find more marketing opportunities, larger scale and expand the range of users. But there are errors the marketing of small and medium-sized enterprises in the network marketing, many companies started to enter the Internet industry, easily into the misunderstanding. The A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) on this issue with you on read more

above is A5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team with examples to share with you the B2B website ranking the three most common causes and solutions, hoping for some novice webmaster friends help. The forum, please indicate the source.


solution: every day to remove a two of these without our website and link with NOFOLLOW and the overall situation is not good website, the best in removing these sites at the same time, to find some good quality and.

Links in a lot of this station link, which is part of the site has a link but with the NOFOLLOW property, which is also love Shanghai plucking website. read more

Many webmaster think

webmaster all know that search engine is currently unable to identify the picture content. Learn how to optimize the picture that we should, so as to achieve the purpose of convenient search engine spiders crawling. A page are described in this paper how to do the site optimization, how to customize the picture picture size and related problems. Here we start to understand why a good picture of

5. image watermark

watermark picture actually not essential, think you’re wrong. No site picture will have its own logo search engine is also very love original things. read more

is a word, to optimize the state website but do not deliberately go to the pursuit of nature, changing its search engine ranking in law is always to provide valuable information for users, rather than provide valuable content to the search engine. So the only way that we can understand the core idea of the real, of course I said here is not to say completely not to consider the optimization methods, but do have this kind of consciousness and then at the site of the process in the subconscious of the fusion to the structure of the web site to the line, especially those who hope that the long-term. read more

For example:

, the server is not stable

solution: a correct understanding of the search engine spiders and search engines use IP address will change at any time, in order to ensure the ability to correctly identify the search engine IP, you can use DNS to check the way to determine the source of anti capture whether IP belongs to the regular search engine, to prevent false letter.

now the innumerable server, the price is not the same, the quality is also far, webmasters often choose the time is "the only price does not recognize the matter", taking some space in order to save resources, deliberately blocked spider (spider) IP, causing spider to grab web pages will not be failure. Search engines. read more

we should first understand why to enhance the user experience of the website effect. To enhance the user experience of the website effect can bring large flow for the website and click on the extension of users leave your time. You can imagine your website browsing experience to good effect, will attract many visitors, and to stay on your site to come out, because your site can give visitors bring what they need. Not only that, visitors will often visit your site to browse to more interesting content. Secondly, to enhance the user experience of the website, can let users feel your products and services to meet user needs, so as to bring customers many for you to better achieve the significant effect of network marketing, this is every enterprise hopes to achieve. Furthermore, to enhance the user experience of the website, or one of the main requirements of the current search engine. The search engine for what, it is to provide more valuable content search, and if your website user experience is very good, then it will be the favour of search engine, the weight will give your website a higher ranking, as of course is not a problem. read more

We believe that for the

this method had an accident with a large amount of thesaurus dictionary, including word segmentation index library, matching the string and Thesaurus according to certain rules will be divided into words in the word, find a word that match, mainly through the following ways: (the number of at least segmentation cut out every sentence in the minimum); forward maximum matching method (from left to right direction); bidirectional maximum matching method (from left to right, from right to left two scans); reverse maximum matching method (from right to left direction). read more

2, the content of

more and more enterprises only focus on Web site keywords ranking, ignoring the content (picture) optimization, website traffic leads to large numbers of lost. One person will inevitably have such doubt, how to optimize the picture content, the effect of optimization is not, concrete steps are not in the picture with a label on the line? The author to talk about the specific content of the specific image optimization.

third, add related to the theme of the picture. If you do the wedding photography website, you can add a picture of the game, this is obviously not in tune. Don’t think spider is a fool, you do spiders will only ignore you, the picture will not be included, and included the influence. If you add pictures in your article are related to the wedding photography pictures, these pictures will accelerate to be included, but also can improve the picture in love in the ranking in Shanghai. read more

Commission has been paid from December 24th to December 30th.

from December 24th to December 30th the Commission has begun to pay, pay period beginning on Wednesday, the latest Siri payment is completed within, to a slightly different time according to different bank location please wait. Recently, the number is very high. Please push it vigorously!

if this advertisement for you, please visit the official union address: 733

more information Alliance read more

the above two methods are the most basic way to use the third party blog. Suggest novice friends can try this way, after all, zero cost, ha ha. This article first address: Bird @ old Thai’s official blog Welcome free reprint, but please indicate copyright when reprinted.

      June 1, 2006, sh419 PPC system changed in the past each keyword CPC starts at 3 hair, launched the "smart price" system, "keyword starting price is decided by the keywords of commercial value, a large number of popular keywords for" has high commercial value and high prices". For a large number to put sh419 PPC for main website promotion means of small and medium enterprises, the implementation of network marketing costs than before rising in the primary evaluation index to the conversion rate, sh419 PPC advertising investment income declined. Higher prices have prompted some small and medium-sized enterprises to actively explore new ways of network marketing. read more

      SP Jingxiaxinlai digital music, plainly, is from the pirated music business "from" original music business. The traditional music is such a prototype jingwenchangpian, is a tape dubbing workshop.

December 4th news, today, the world’s leading search engine shlf1314 company and the largest free picture production platform I dragnet officially became partners, at the same time together, jointly launched with shlf1314 keyword advertising shlf1314 AdWords to get 500 yuan advertising promotions. read more

stage is at the beginning of 08 years, each big Wangzhuan training sites, forums, and some domestic well-known hacker websites crazy spread the word Wangzhuan, a time is overwhelming Wangzhuan Wangzhuan tutorial, training, the training company, a team, a personal level is uneven, resulting in the whole circle of confusion and Internet wangzhuan.

at the AdSpace Advertising Conference on Wednesday, Kevin, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft PubCenter. McCabe Kevin McCabe announced the news. He said that major websites and content publishers will be able to participate in the public testing of the service after signing an agreement with Microsoft at PubCenter. The service is currently available only in the US market. read more