second: the success of e-commerce sites are also few, e-commerce sites generally young bamboo shoots after a spring rain, coupled with the structure is very complex, so this kind of websites often have their own technical development team, the Shanghai dragon website optimization technology is still relatively secure.

e-commerce website optimization has become a pawn in the demand of network marketing strategy, a global optimization is not in good condition of e-commerce platform, not only the user’s demand information to potential users to provide adequate purchasing decision information, the information is very anxious even potential users through the website within the catalogue, search, and the public search engine, which means the website of electronic business website optimization of poor users can bring commercial value is very small, so it is not hard to understand why the field of electronic commerce website optimization firstly became the most urgent needs of industry. read more

website optimization software from my start contact Xiaofeng also has almost a year, in the year of every kind of problems, so I want to talk about that in exchange Links the problem. Now in retrospect feel ridiculous, if they can be applied to some small action site optimization to the above, I think the results will be very good.

fourth is a common thing for daily work, some people will exchange page link with you, this is cheating on how. For example, you see the site is www.shopf8贵族宝贝, but after the discovery of web page into other 贵族宝贝shopf8贵族宝贝/software.html pages, they also said their highfalutin link is put in the home. The new members will be their deception. read more

new station on the line three months ago should not be too concerned with the content of

is not all construction sites to choose what the chicken ribs, the domain name is very important for the future development of the website. First, your domain and the main business of their own, because the search engine can determine the keywords of the domain name, also known as web site users can also according to the keywords of the main business, but here I want to say is the WWW domain name, many novice webmaster do not know with what is the difference between the domain name and WWW domain name with WWW, in fact the difference is the most direct without www> read more

do not know what time the Wangzhuan term whether it is known to every family, website, search engine optimization, or write a novel, LOGO, if we work all cannot do without the word wangzhuan. Now run a few websites, profit is not good, but can maintain normal life. For this, the surrounding friends think the author is very great, I think drinking tea at home, blowing air conditioning can make money like, who would have thought I stay up late every day to write something, send the chain, for others read more

depth analysis, Shanghai is in love with long-term

6.28 upgrade again, 7.18 outbreak. The webmaster can not afford to have patience, in this one after another, one after another under the dynamic situation, the webmaster to strive for what should be, just restore the K station so simple? Today is 6.28, tomorrow may be 7.28,8.28, the webmaster is always hovering in the passive. So the webmaster really need to fight for what, and if you go to look at the love of Shanghai.

4. Saiweng Sima,

first love Shanghai is a large company structure, he will not change the strategic policy for a small part of the webmaster and indignant, from the 2011 Taobao incident can be seen, large companies do not bow to any person or organization, because once the bow, it lost the initiative sense. So this is K off station should be the first flat mentality, the possibility of protests and organizations to restore the station almost is very small, the webmaster not by another, by criminals about thought. read more


such as primary and secondary school counseling website, according to area, grade, subject, unit cost, etc. the main chapters, keywords to classify, tourism, split by city, several attractions, tour, cost, and then put these keywords permutation and combination.

At present,

some keywords to develop software, such as Jinhua, fly will expand Daru, according to the keywords, and produce some word, can meet the requirements of owners in quantity, but may generate a large number of useless or worthless nonsense words read more


first, find the relevant forum, attention must be paid to the other rules, if a person does not look into the forum even Bangui, so do not abide by the rules is the consequence of the post was deleted, account closure. This is caused by the unstable factors in forum. I am here to illustrate the screenshots of Chinaz rules:

recently read, many webmaster wrote the article, saying as little as possible to do outside the chain of the forum, the forum outside the chain is not stable, easy to be deleted, I think people who say such things, simply do the forum link is not deep enough, do not understand the benefits of the Forum outside the chain, will jump to this conclusion. In fact, you ask yourself about the forum outside the chain is our most important link, it is certainly. read more

website weight?

template is the revision of the site to the maximum extent, and even set the page structure changes. Then the site replacement template, search engines will be down right? In practice, as long as the template with the search engine index rule, at most only a few days will fall into the observation period, for the search engine cache to the latest snapshot. But the conditions and requirements: template changes, should not affect the structure of the link before, to prevent any dead link. read more


two: the domain name is bought, then buy website space, usually the domain name and space to choose the same company to buy, which helps maintain or convert domain names are very troublesome! Now on the Internet there are a lot of free space, while the free space is not stable, but for our customer is not Taobao to do a long normal station, what we want is a short time profit, so the space is not stable is tolerable, after all, is free, can save the province

three: select the Taobao customer program, in general we use the novice, simple is good, such as a single page of Taobao customers, and choose some free Taobao off the program, such as the crown class, if novice users such as API program, a very good space to speed, maintenance of another to understand these procedures, otherwise it is very difficult to put the Taobao API customer program fun! After all, we all began to take free stuff to practice again, so familiar, improve the skills, let’s work hard can be more powerful Taobao read more

only if you are using Flash in a small part of the page, to enhance the user’s visual effect is still feasible, such as advertising, made by Flash icon. Because this kind of small Flash is only a very small part of the page design, page there is more other text-based content, impact on search engines and included this will not be too big.

many people may not know exactly what Session ID, in fact it is a session ID, some sites will use it to track user access, each user access to web sites will generate a unique Session ID, in addition to URL. So the search engine each visit pig will also be treated as a new user, URL will add a different Session ID, so the spider at each visit, URL will be different, but the content of the web page does not change. The spider trap, for the optimization of the site is very bad, so Xiaobian recommended Shanghai dragon er who do not use this way to design the site. read more

2. and the title of the wildcard position in front of

(non wildcard);

6. for the 贵族宝贝83774351贵族宝贝/ site of peers, communicate with customers compared to extract more attractive and creative;


4. on the front to show creative style with the characteristics of creative writing;


5. with some popular words, such as "awesome";


is a targeted and creative means, click on the more accurate.


1. the title and description to ensure that 3-5 department with read more

website optimization in the station optimization and stood outside optimization, the station optimization including website design, website domain name space choice and so on, can operate a web site in these prepared after exclusion of these websites, business website is nothing more than to add content, write an article, then on the site to write what your skills, and it is in our own blog on the QQ space to write articles like it, for the network editors need to understand the role and stand in the website optimization website editing skills, self value and maximum flow capacity so that it will be more big play network editors. Now break down: read more

station background in addition to modify the meta tag and add news, for the website optimization is not helpful, can not only add the keyword density of news headlines to add a little, so want to from the website to realize the good ranking is not practical. The only way is to rely on the chain, through a large number of high quality links to increase the weight of the website to get good rankings.

FTP file transfer protocol, used to control the bidirectional transmission of documents. Our website source file is to FTP to control, website optimization need to modify the web page to modify the code, including the title description and distribution of keywords, the website of the search engine more friendly to get better rankings. Then on the site without FTP, we how to optimize read more

linksThe keyword phrases 1, In fact,

B2B sites often have information for such a huge information, the search engine index is a great job. If the enormous information to improve your search engine, we must ensure that there is a good website structure, internal links should be very smooth. This is a very high requirement for Shanghai dragon, usually not experienced Shanghai dragon can not from the overall situation of Shanghai Longfeng optimization.

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

Optimization Website > key topics read more

is the product of word, supplier and purchase information is easily able to analyze it, but here to say under the purchase information, according to some seasoned foreign trade sources said the foreigner is actually not too love unsolicited purchase information, the reason a lot, like: I want to find something more urgent, the buy no one; you provide something that isn’t what I need; I don’t love to be with the intermediary agent to fear from eat. Later, these factors together, most buyers love still go to search for products, and then through the picture and understand whether the products they need, if he wished, directly linked to the manufacturers. read more






advisory services in the Shanghai dragon, often encounter 5 basic problems of Shanghai Longfeng a common problem, the most common is URL. The structural problems. Then I taught him some basic knowledge, how to help him do the right URL, is the most important problem to let him know what and how to solve it.

marked with rel=canonical yuan, but this is actually a band aid scheme. If 99% people linked to a version of the web site does not match the standard label, the search engine will ignore your label support link. read more

The use of

Links promotion

external links function is to promote the PR value and weight, ranking. Use of the local forum outside the chain, will soon be included in the love of Shanghai. The article below paste link to speed up the website collect, can increase website traffic. Some personal experience, just 2 days on the website issued a 2 article, and then the laggards, a push and other contributors to the forum, publish original articles in A5. Love Shanghai Statistics recently observed, PV is from 60 to 170, two days. There are several was rated an essence, it is impossible to a willing heart! There is the station in individual settings in the anchor text, answer with links are outside the chain method. Using the method of setting anchor text in the forum is also very effective. read more

analysis "is what we usually call pretreatment. This step will take a spider crawling back HTML code, text extraction, to stop words, noise, heavy, and word segmentation and index of these words, for ranking program. These processes are very complex, we only need to understand how they are on the line segmentation, how to index. If you are interested in further research, the principle of search engine can find some information or purchase introduced the principle of search engine in the online book. read more

webmaster friends, after the site built, began to promote, do a lot of chain back every day, the results of many pages still were not included, the amount included did not rise. He began to doubt his own doubts, search engine. Often this time is the most obvious problem, not on the outside, it is from inside. Is the so-called outward first, internal structure optimization for search engine optimization is crucial.

by the dynamic loading of large amounts, not conducive to search engines.

2. navigation settings: read more

forum in the construction of the chain weight more and more small, we should put the quality in the first place, rather than that based on the amount of irrigation. Because this is caused by the search engine hate, so we should meet with the search engine hobby, mainly the method of construction quality of the chain. The graduation design boutique network 贵族宝贝jpbysj贵族宝贝 original, reproduced please keep the source.

is to increase the weight to the site, however, the weight of BBS signature to the web site to the basic is very little, and this weight is still in decline stage. Why do you say that, first, the forum signature links flooding has caused dissatisfaction with the search engine. Second, there are too many respondents forum a more weight in the post below, even if there are some weights, will be assigned a large number of links to a point of sand, so the forum’s strategy is to win. read more