MONTREAL — Bell is asking the federal cabinet to direct the CRTC to follow its own policies after the regulatory body nixed its $3.4-billion takeover of Astral Media.Bell says it has asked cabinet to issue a “policy direction” under Section 7 of the Broadcasting Act, which requires the CRTC to follow its already in-place policies when reviewing change of control transactions in broadcasting.However, the government has suggested it has little appetite to intervene, with Industry Minister Christian Paradis saying that the CRTC is an independent commission that makes its own decisions.The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission turned down the friendly takeover of Astral last week, saying it wasn’t in the best interests of Canadians.[np-related]CRTC commissioner Jean-Pierre Blais said had the regulator allowed the deal, BCE would have controlled almost 45% of the English TV viewership and almost 35% of the French.But Bell disagrees, saying Bell and Astral combined would have an English-language TV market share of 33.5% and the combined companies would have a 24.4% stake in the French-language TV market, both within the rules.The discrepancy arises because Bell included U.S. competitors in the calculations, while the CRTC did not.As well, it would have become the largest radio station operator in Canada and control over half of TV pay and specialty services.The telecom giant also says the CRTC overestimated Bell’s share of the English-speaking market because it did not include U.S. content viewed by Canadians.Bell says the CRTC has ignored its own rules, creating new criteria not included in any of its existing policies and never used before, without giving Bell any opportunity to comment.“In rejecting the Astral transaction, the CRTC rejected its own established policies, creating serious regulatory uncertainty in Canada’s vital broadcasting sector,” Mirko Bibic, Bell’s chief legal and regulatory officer said in a statement.“We’re requesting that cabinet provide the required guidance to the CRTC to follow its own rules in place, with which the Astral-Bell transaction fully complied.”The Canadian Press read more

“Each Sustainable Development Goal is linked to the delivery of public service: from health to education, from safety to the rule of law [and] from water and energy to economic policies and beyond,” the Secretary-General said in his message on United Nations Public Service Day.Paying tribute to the women and men engaged in public service in all countries for their dedication to excellence, the UN chief also noted the need for a diverse, ethical competent, equipped and well-resourced public service in every country, and that it needs to be dedicated to effectively serving people and improving the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable.Recognizing the staff of the United Nations, the Secretary-General said: “Across 10 years leading this noble organization, I marvel at their dedication and professionalism every single day.”“Together, let us to create an environment where public service can flourish with creativity, innovation and a shared drive to realize the 2030 Agenda,” he concluded. read more