first_imgThe Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) on Wednesday arrested a bank official from Barisal Sadar in a graft case, reports news agency UNB.ACC deputy director Nilkamal Paul of its Patuakhali zila office, arrested senior officer of Agrani Bank’s Jhalakati branch ANM Bazlur Rahman, ACC public relations officer Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya confirmed.On 31 June, 2016, the ACC filed a case against him and others with Barisal Sadar Police Station for allegedly swindling out money from Agrani Bank.According to the case statement, Bazlur Rahman disbursed a loan of Tk 700,000 to a person against the mortgage of a land document when he was stationed at Barisal Chaukbazar branch of the bank.Later, he allegedly stole the document from the bank’s locker and handed it over the loan receiver. And then, Bazlur in collusion with the land owner sold the land at Tk 1.17 million and plundered the money without repaying the bank loan.last_img read more

first_imgBob Smietana @bobsmietana As Amazon burns, Vatican prepares for summit on region’s faith and sustainabilit … August 30, 2019 Share This! Kashmiri Americans organize to put a human face to the crisis in their homeland Bob Smietana Bob Smietana is a veteran religion writer and editor-in-chief of Religion News Service.,Load Comments,Former Muslim chaplain alleges workplace discrimination at New York prison Columns • Opinion • Simran Jeet Singh: Articles of Faith Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn ReddIt Email Share This! By: Bob Smietana @bobsmietana We are not all the same, and in our difference we are divine August 30, 2019 Share This! By: Bob Smietana @bobsmietana Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn ReddIt Email,(RNS) — In the early 2000s, Jeff Sharlet was invited to live at Ivanwald, an Arlington, Va., house run by the Fellowship Foundation, the nonprofit group behind the National Prayer Breakfast.He thought the experience would fit in a book he was writing about religion in America. Instead, he stumbled into the story of a lifetime, about a secretive Christian group whose membership, largely elected officials and wealthy businessmen, has helped shaped our politics for more than 50 years.They call themselves the Family. They work behind the scenes through relationships forged at Bible studies, prayer breakfasts and private meetings with leaders from around the globe.Family members have befriended dictators such as Ferdinand Marcos, Moammar Gadhafi, Suharto – offering friendship in the name of Jesus to promote political ends. Members often did so in secret at the behest of their longtime leader, the late Doug Coe, who often told his followers, according to Sharlet, that Jesus did not come to reach the poor or the outcast, but to help the powerful.Sharlet’s books on the Fellowship, “The Family” and “C Street,” are the basis for a new five-part Netflix documentary series that traces the Fellowship’s history from its founding in 1935 by Abraham Vereide, a Methodist minister, to the 2018 National Prayer Breakfast.Religion News Service Editor-in-Chief Bob Smietana spoke by telephone recently with Sharlet and with Jesse Moss, the series’ director. The interview has been edited for clarity and length.Director Jesse Moss, left, and Jeff Sharlet chat during a production break. Courtesy photoWhat’s been the response to the series on Netflix?Sharlet: It’s been pretty tremendous. The two things I was afraid of were, one, right-wing anger. But even conservatives are saying, “Oh, this is a problem.”The other thing I was afraid of is that people would not get it. When someone like a Jerry Falwell pounds the pulpit and starts talking about “the gays” and all this kind of thing, that’s easy to understand. The Family is much smoother.So that is the good news. The bad news is that so many people are saying, ‘I didn’t realize this.’ We all need to be a little bit more literate if we’re going to hold on to this democracy.The members of the Family who appear in the series are very earnest about what they are doing. You’re not simply saying, “Look at how bad these people are.” They have a chance to explain what they are doing and why they do it.Moss: They have a point of view, and it was important to represent that point of view. Getting their cooperation was time-consuming. We only ended up with Zach Wamp and Larry Ross at the end of a long dialogue. But finding people who were still willing to talk to us and who were deeply inspired by Doug Coe and in some way, this movement — those were essential conversations for me.Doug Coe, left, meets with the Reagans in the Netflix series “The Family.” Photo courtesy of NetflixSharlet: I just had an exchange this afternoon that I thought was revealing. A member of the Family had been writing to me, very upset. She was very close to Doug Coe and she loves him and says, “How can you say these things about him.” My response is we don’t actually say too much about him.  We’ll let him do the talking and we let the record of his actions speak for themselves.And I said, look, you know, this is not an anti-Christian message. I’m not a Christian, but I’m incredibly compelled by the Christ who cares for the least of these.Her response — and this is coming from a place of deep earnestness and even hurt on her part — was that Doug served, you know, a Christ who cared for the powerful. She said that “it seems like you have some sort of problem with people in power.”Yes, I do, as a journalist whose job is to speak truth to power, as a citizen of a democracy whose job is to question power. And as someone who has been very interested in faith for a long time and been compelled by the whole history of Christian witness. Christian witness is not about cozying up to power.Do you think members of the Fellowship are after power for power’s sake? They seem to have a post-millennial motivation — we’re going to make God’s kingdom. And the way we are going to build it isn’t by democracy.Sharlet: I think you’re right about post-millennialism and that is something I have argued for a long time. That’s part of what historically has made it difficult for the press to understand their work. Secular folks, when they think of politicized Christianity, they think about rapture theology. And even now people say, those guys can’t wait till the end of the world.Russians Mariia Butina and Alexander Torshin at the 2017 National Prayer Breakfast. President Trump later spoke from the podium in the background. Photo via Facebook That’s not these guys, that’s not the project. They’re in it for the long game.I think we have to decide if that is right. Do you think preaching a gospel of American power, and anti-LGBTQ values in Romania and putting American power behind that is the right side? Do you think covering up the affairs of the powerful so that they can stay powerful is being on the right side?Moss: This tension is clearly embodied in the third episode, about the National Prayer Breakfast and in the story of Mariia Butina. Was she pure of heart and spirit when she came to the prayer breakfast? Or was she exploiting this transactional event with a network of powerful people?Is this naiveté or cynicism?  The answer is the Fellowship manages to be both.Let’s talk about naiveté. Some of these politicians have to know that when they show up at a foreign leader’s office, they are not just a brother in Christ. They are representatives of the U.S. government. But they seem to want to set that aside and say, I just love you in the name of Jesus.Moss: That contradiction is embodied in Mark Siljander, who tells his own story about trying to pray with Gadhafi. What could be wrong with that? You know, just a prayer for peace. On the other hand, Siljander was using the Fellowship to launder money and went to prison for it.Sharlet:  In their own documents, Coe, and certainly many of the political leaders, were fully aware that they were using American power to pry doors open on behalf of this particular religious project. They would be explicit about this in their correspondence. And that to me is a deeply cynical exercise.When Coe says from now on, we’re going to submerge the institution. We’re not going to use our own letterhead (to invite people to the prayer breakfast.) Use congressional letterhead so it looks like it’s coming from Congress. That’s deception. That’s just deception.“The Family” premiered recently on Netflix. Photo courtesy of NetflixI wonder if you could talk about Doug Coe’s parable of the wolf king.Sharlet: Going back way back to my days at Ivanwald, they were always sort of talking about the sheep and wolves. I remember hearing them asking, what if Christ came not for the sheep but for the wolves? This becomes more articulated in this parable of the wolf king. The idea is that the leader of the pack is the most powerful figure. And you can go to the most powerful figure and you can pry open that door and say, let’s come alongside you.The movement sought out wolf kings around the world — in Indonesia and Somalia, Guatemala and El Salvador — and lent American support to those regimes.But within the United States, they still had to work within this shape of democracy. Now at last Trump, the wolf king, has arrived at home. And it doesn’t matter that he’s a believer. The wolf king likes strength and you’re going to put your strength alongside his. That’s the transitional moment we see in the film that we’re in. The Family’s practices that were once mainly just overseas are now coming home.President Trump speaks during the National Prayer Breakfast on Feb. 2, 2017, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)For those of us who report on religion in America, it’s no secret that there have been elite religious leaders for a long time who were willing to make deals with leaders they knew to be “imperfect vessels,” as the Fellowship calls them.And yet public religion always depended on, at the very least, the veneer of piety. Liberals tended to see that as hypocritical, but I think they missed that it functioned as a form of accountability. Even if they adhered to values that secular folks would find offensive or hateful, there’s still a form of accountability.Now we see white conservative evangelicalism engaging in this transactional religion with the politics of Trump in which accountability doesn’t matter. In which the ends do justify any means.I think that’s an evolution.A still featuring President Trump from the Netflix docuseries “The Family.” Image courtesy of NetflixThe Family seems to reflect the influence that business leaders have in evangelical religion. Most of the leaders are Christian businessmen or politicians, rather than clergy. And they seem to have a disdain for religion.Sharlet: That’s the ethos of “Jesus plus nothing.” And the appeal. “Oh, you haven’t read the Bible, that’s fine. Religion is too complicated.” Christ without Christianity absolves you of any responsibility for misinterpretation and allows you to do whatever you want and say it’s in Jesus’ name.It shows the way good intentions can go disastrously awry.Moss: Good people make catastrophic and terrible decisions. And bad people may even have some goodness in their hearts somewhere.Can you talk more about the Fellowship’s idea that some people are chosen by God as leaders?Author Jeff Sharlet in “The Family” on Netflix. Photo courtesy of NetflixSharlet: I mean, wouldn’t that be amazing if you got a message from God that you are chosen? Not the person next to you. You are special. You are on a special mission. And as evidence of this, you’re on a private jet and you’re meeting with a president of a foreign country and there are powerful people all around you.Everybody is crying and everybody is gentle and you say, you know what? We’re going to cut through all the crap and finally do good. Who could say no to that? Not many.Moss: When I read Jeff’s book, I love how he encountered this group kind of innocently, then his perspective shifted. I thought, how can we give the audience that experience, to see the attraction that comes from being in the small and intensely devoted group of people? It’s not hard for me to see the appeal of being in a brotherhood.For me personally, it was not till I went to visit a group in Oregon and sat with those men and they said, well, you have to be in this group if you are filming it. I’ve never participated in any kind of small group therapeutic conversation and I loved how they challenged me.They said, look at your crew. It’s all white. What’s wrong with you? And I, you know, fumbled for a response. It’s so unusual to encounter a space where people are talking honestly, in this case about race. There’s something, something here that I can relate to and I wanted to show that to the audience.Doug Coe in 2016. Coe died on Feb. 21, 2017. Photo courtesy of A. Larry RossYou show Doug Coe talking about the need for secrecy and about Nazis and you think, who is this guy? Then you see him talking one-on-one with people and he’s so gentle. How can we reconcile these two sides?Sharlet: To me, that’s not a contradiction at all. This is the naiveté of American political life. We see a man who is kind and we are willing to look away from a well-documented record of a person who, given the choice between power and a witness to the faith, chose power every single time.(Editor’s note: RNS reporter Jack Jenkins appears in the Netflix series.) Share This! Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn ReddIt Email By their tweets you will know them: The Democrats’ continuing God gap August 30, 2019 Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn ReddIt Email,About the authorView All Posts Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn ReddIt Email Catholicism By: Bob Smietana @bobsmietana Opinion Share This! TagsDonald Trump Doug Coe homepage featured Jeff Sharlet Jesse Moss Mariia Butina National Prayer Breakfast Netflix The Family The Fellowship Top Story,You may also likelast_img read more

first_img More information: Spanish researchers build electric motorcycle prototype The price is not likely to deflate the interests of serious electric bike enthusiasts who, to parrot the Lightning Motorcycles company motto, believe that choosing to ride an electric motorcycle should not be a compromise. The company has focused on refining the technology of their electric bikes for best performance.The company–the result of founder Richard Hatfield getting together with engineers who shared his belief that clean tech transportation can deliver high performance–continues to work out technical challenges. Its key goal is placing electronic motorcycle technology in parity with gas-powered motorcycles.Lightning Motorcycles is especially happy with its choice of the Ener1 lithium-ion battery pack used in the record-breaking run. The driver of the SuperBike was Paul Thede, the owner of Race Tech. Thede, who has a degree in mechanical engineering from California Polytechnic University, is known as a motorcycle suspension guru. He developed the Lightning SuperBike’s suspension system. For Thede, breaking the 200 mph mark on an electric motorcycle was special not just for the numbers, he said, but because it is a step toward “green” technology. Citation: Fastest electric motorcycle tops 200 mph for world record (2011, August 28) retrieved 18 August 2019 from The speeds also signify how Lightning Motorcycles broke its own 2010 record of 173 mph. The bike has a Remy HVH250 electric propulsion motor, and an Ener1 battery pack. The pack provides mileage of over 100 miles on the freeway and a combined city/highway range of 150 miles. Lightning Motorcycles is taking orders on its website for the SuperBike, with a base price set at $38,888. © 2011 Explore further ( — The Lightning Motorcycles SuperBike recently set a speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats as the world’s fastest electric bike, vrooming in at over 200 mph. Lightning Motorcycles set its newest speed coups at a record-breaking 215.960 mph with a best speed of 218.637 mph. Until this month’s triumph, no electric motorcycle had ever topped a speed of 200 mph. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

first_imgClick to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) Cancun, Q.R. — At precisely 11:00 p.m. Saturday night, President Enrique Peña Nieto, accompanied by his wife Angélica Rivera, waved the national flag from the Central Balcony of the National Palace for the Grito de Independencia.The Cry of Independence was given in front of thousands in the capital’s Zócalo as the current president shouted for the sixth and last time during his administration.“Mexicans, live the heroes that gave us homeland and freedom. Live Hidalgo! Long live! Live Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez! Long live! Live Aldama! Long live Galeana! Long live Matamoros! Long live National Independence!”Upon completion of the cry, the national anthem rang through the city, commemorating the start of Mexico’s Independence Day on September 16.Independence Day across Mexico begins with Grito de IndependenciaPhoto: Gobierno de Quintana RooIn Quintana Roo, similar celebrations were witnessed by thousands more as Quintana Roo Governor Carlos Joaquin led the Grito de Independencia ceremony in the state’s capital city of Chetumal.In front of a crowd of more than 10,000 Carlos Joaquin also waved the national flag, rang the bell and harangued the heroes of the homeland at the Government Palace. He was accompanied by his wife Gabriela Rejón de Joaquín, his children Carlos and Miguel, and his mother Mrs. Delmi González.Photo: Gobierno de Quintana RooUnited in a voice, locals sang the Mexican national anthem before fireworks illuminated the Explanada de la Bandera and la Bahía de Chetumal.In Cancun, mayor Remberto Estrada Barba also performed his patriotic duties in front of thousands with the waving of the flag and la Grito de Independencia.Photo: Ayuntamiento de Benito JuárezFor Sunday, the official Day of Independence, the City Council of Benito Juárez says they will have several central roadways closed for the Civic-Military parade, which will be held along Bonampak Avenue.The Municipal Traffic Director, Rodrigo Alcázar Urrutia, says vehicular traffic will be closed on Avenida Bonampak at the junction with Av. Coba as well as Bonampak Avenue with Lopez Portillo, Av. Uxmal (the entrance to Puerto Cancún), with Av. García de la Torre and Av. Chichén Itzá.Residents are being advised to use Tulum Avenue as an alternative. More than 50 police will be on hand to help ensure the safe flow of traffic.last_img read more

first_imgAustralian pilots launch innovative appAustralian pilots launch innovative in-flight entertainment & flight-tracking appInflighto Pty Ltd, an Australian-based company, today announced the launch of their new in-flight entertainment and flight-tracking app, Inflighto, in the Apple App Storeand the Google Play store. The Inflighto app is the first in-flight entertainment app designed by pilots for use by airline passengers while in-flight. It combines highly-accurate ADSB flight-tracking technology and premium content to give passengers an elevated perspective of the world from the air. The Inflighto app supersedes the traditional ‘moving-maps’ currently used by airlines.Inflighto is one of the most sophisticated flight-tracking apps available. It’s the first flight-tracking app to feature geolocated points of interest, tourist destinations and events information so airline passengers can easily see flight-path highlights and identify key landmarks as they fly. This information, from premium content providers, is displayed on highly-detailed ‘moving-maps’. Furthermore, Inflighto is the only flight-tracking app to incorporate live marine vessel tracking, live weather radar, satellite images and in-flight chat. For aspiring pilots, the Inflighto app provides live flight data such as; altitude, ground-speed, vertical speed, heading and geographic location coordinates – which further uplifts the flying experience.The founders of Inflighto are two Australian pilots who are passionate about heightening the flying experience of passengers. Co-founder and commercial airline pilot John Hopkins said that the Inflighto team wanted to create an app that answered the questions most often asked of pilots from passengers; “Where are we?” and “What are we flying over?”. He said that what differentiated the Inflighto app from other flight-tracking apps was the combination of super-accurate tracking technology, premium content and unique features like live marine tracking. John said that the Inflighto team wanted to provide passengers with a better, more informative and inspiring in-flight entertainment experience than the traditional ‘moving-maps’ most airlines currently provide.Inflighto’s co-founder, Christopher Smyth said that the Inflighto app allows airlines to transition traditional, seat-back moving-maps to passengers’ own mobile devices. He said that many airlines are replacing seat-back, in-flight entertainment systems with ‘bring your own device’ solutions to reduce the cost of expensive technology installation and to save weight and fuel costs. Chris said; “The Inflighto app provides a cost-effective moving-map solution to airlines that is fully autonomous and doesn’t require integration with aircraft systems. Inflighto uses ADSB flight-tracking technology so it remains super-accurate on large airliners, at any altitude, anywhere in the world”. The Inflighto app is designed for use with in-flight Wi-Fi which is being rolled-out on commercial airlines globally, and tracks over 90,000 flights and 7,000 airlines world-wide.The Inflighto app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play as a free download. Inflighto also offers a number of paid ‘upgrades’ for users who want premium features such as live weather radar overlay – so they can see where the clouds are on the flight-path and at their destination. Co-founder John Hopkins said; “Passengers can access live weather information so they can better understand why an aircraft may be placed in a holding pattern due to severe weather or anticipate when to expect turbulence during their flight. It’s like the weather radar pilots have in the cockpit but in the palm of your hand!”.Another unique feature of the Inflighto app is In-flight Chat. This innovative feature allows passengers to chat with flight crew and fellow passengers in an open chat-room dedicated to their flight. Chris Smyth said; “Inflight Chat provides the potential for pilots and cabin crew to communicate with interested passengers about flight path highlights without using the PA system. This doesn’t disrupt other passengers who may be resting”. Inflighto also integrates with the major social media platforms to allow passengers to share flight-path images and accurate flight schedule information. Passengers can let family know their actual arrival time and even their gate number with the tap of a button.Response to the launch of the Inflighto app has been very positive with very strong downloads in both the Google Play and Apple App Store and a fast-growing user-base. “Inflighto is helping window-seat aficionados and passengers of all ages engage more with their flying experience by providing them with super-accurate information on aircraft position and key features and landmarks along their route” said John Hopkins, airline pilot and Inflighto co-founder. “If we can help passengers enjoy flying as much as we do, then our job is done!”.About Inflighto Pty LtdInflighto Pty Ltd is an Australian-based technology company formed in 2017 by two Australian pilots, John Hopkins and Christopher Smyth. John and Chris are available for media interviews. Contact Chris Smyth on +61417298598 or More information and images for media use can be found on the Inflighto website and on the Inflighto app store pages. App Store promotion codes are available on request for parties wishing to review Inflighto premium features.Source = Inflightolast_img read more

first_imgSource = Destination Southern Highlands The Southern Pie-lands warming up for Pie Time 2018The Southern Pie-lands warming up for Pie Time 2018The Southern Highlands is donning its chef’s hats, rallying their many star bakers and bakeries, taste testing some amazing pie fillings, and heating up the pie warmers for what promises to be an even bigger and better Pie Time this June.“Off the back of our National Award-winning short breaks destination marketing campaign for Pie Time 2017 at last month’s Qantas Australian Tourism Awards, the region –  where there is a large saturation of quality pie producers –  is super excited to become The Southern Pie-lands once again for the month of June,” said Steve Rosa, Manager Tourism and Events, Destination Southern Highlands.“June definitely is the time the entire region celebrates the great Australian pie with a series of mouth-watering pie themed events and festivals,” Steve continued.Mr. Rosa revealed some big changes planned for Pie Time 2018 at an industry briefing held last week in Bowral.“This year sees the expansion of the Best Pie Competition to become the NSW and ACT Best Pie Competition. On from 13-15 June, it is this year held further ahead of the Pie Festival allowing bakers from near and wide throughout NSW and ACT to pit pie against pie in five categories, and to be able to keep up with the baking demands to have the pies available for the public at the festival later in the month,” Mr Rosa said.He continued by saying that both Destination Southern Highlands and their Pie Time Events partner, The Big Event Group, have really listened to feedback from both industry and consumers for how Pie Time 2018 could improve upon last year.“Our two-day pie festival has been re-located to the Bong Bong Picnic Racecourse in Bowral this year to accommodate a greater number of stallholders and activities and to make access and parking easier for patrons. Taking place 23-24 June, the newly branded PieFest will celebrate all things pies, wine, beer, cider and spirits from the Southern Highlands and further afield,” Mr Rosa continued.He said the local pie makers, bakers and producers from the Southern Highlands will once again take part in the other pie related events which were highly successful at last year’s Pie Time including Dine with a Pie, where visitors can sample the region’s signature pies at hotels, cafes and restaurants available only for the month of June;  a locals’ pie night; and the Pie Trail where visitors can tour and sample locally made pies from over 30 local pie outlets and pie cooking classes.“We’ll also have a range of brand new pie themed experiences in 2018 including Pie Trike Tours, Pinot and Pie tours and Pie-cycle, a cycling tour which takes in several famous pie stops throughout the Highlands,” Steve continued.For more information on Pie Time visit read more

first_img Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires “But I didn’t have dreams or know that the NFL was something that could even be broached.”It will be difficult to quantify the impact Welter has had on the Cardinals, at least on the field. In terms of perception, however, her presence has certainly changed what people think of the team in a positive way. And who knows, maybe the end of her internship will not be the last we see of her with the organization.If it is, though, Welter said she leaves with “a bunch” of interactions with players she will always remember, moments and stories that will be a joy to tell. There’s also the whole Hall of Fame thing, which Welter said is “really freaking cool.”But she’s not quite ready to focus on her post-internship career. And regardless of what is in store, nothing will take away from what she has already accomplished.“I’m waiting to see what will happen next, and I’m really excited,” she said. “I consider this a complete win. The biggest question coming in was would guys in the NFL respond to a woman coaching them, and obviously that’s a ‘yes.’ So I couldn’t be more happy and that’s what I’m focusing on right now.” – / 27 Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact To that point, there has not been one player who was asked about Welter who had anything bad to say.Quarterback Carson Palmer, who admittedly hasn’t had much of a chance to see how Welter has coached, said he’s talked to her a little bit.“She’s very nice, I think she’s knowledgeable from what I’ve heard, and it’s been good to have her around,” he said.Truth be told, in the time between late July, when the team added Welter to the staff, and Wednesday, when she chatted with the media, she has not really been much of a topic. She has more or less blended in with the rest of the staff.Moving forward, Welter said she would love to entertain other opportunities to stay in the NFL, and given her performance this camp, it’s possible she will be do just that. But she knows it’s not really up to her.Whether she ultimately turns this internship into a full-time gig remains to be seen, but if nothing else, Welter is excited how her time with the Cardinals has shown little girls that anything is possible, including a role in a traditionally male-dominated profession.“That is breathtaking to me,” she said. “It’s something that I never thought was possible. I was that little girl who ran around in a football helmet and got tackled by her cousins, got up, and was like, ‘Hey, let’s do it again!’ The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and sellingcenter_img Top Stories Glendale, Ariz. — The problem with dreams, you see, is that sooner or later you wake up and it all comes to an end.It holds true for all of us, including Dr. Jen Welter.A training camp coaching intern, Welter has spent her time working with the team’s inside linebackers. She said the experience has been “fantastic. The entire organization took what could have been a challenging situation and turned it into anything but. “It’s been like a dream come true, like I said,” she added. “Somebody asked me earlier if I had to pinch myself every day. Yeah, I kind of did.”Soon, though, it will be time to wake up. With training camp set to come to its conclusion, so will Welter’s internship. The first woman to hold any kind of coaching position with an NFL team, her tenure coming to an end does so with the historical context of her being a trail blazer, a pioneer.At the time of her hire, there were some who thought it was a move the team did not — and should not — make.“Everybody kept kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop,” she said. “Like, ‘oh my gosh, what’s going to happen? What’s going to go horribly wrong?’ and it really never did. All the players were really respectful.“Some came from the jump to really open their arms and welcome me,” Welter added. “I think it took others a little bit longer. But really, overall, it was fantastic. So I think that that would be the best thing is that people were waiting for the worst thing, and it wasn’t there.”A distraction she was not. This camp has shown her to be nothing more than another coach on the field who helped prepare a team that has Super Bowl aspirations. Comments   Share   “That wore off really fast, maybe two days, it was like, ‘she’s a coach’ and doing a great job,” Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians said when asked if the novelty of having Welter on the staff has worn off. “All our interns have done such a fabulous job. I’d like to keep them all on a permanent basis, but it’s not possible.”In Welter’s time with the team, she has proven to be a knowledgeable and relatable football mind, someone who has been a real asset.What impressed Arians most?“Her teaching skills and her insight to the game,” Arians said. “The way she approaches it is a little bit different than a lot of people because she is female and she thinks differently, but it’s really good to have that on your staff.“The way she wrote notes to the players — they’d never even gotten notes before. She’s always done that with her players. I had a coach do that for me a long time ago, and they’re special little things that you’d never forget. It’s a really good teaching tool.”Welter said she wrote the notes between the first and second preseason games, the words coming from her heart.“It’s something that, to me, is something I would have wanted as a player,” she said. “It never occurred to me that other people weren’t doing it, and yet the feedback from all the guys was really fantastic.”last_img read more

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Pimentel said he’d like to meet with the search committee members soon after they are appointed so that he can reach out to candidates before competing universities get to them.Proceedings at the National Conference started on Monday with lengthy arguments over a newspaper publication alleging that the leadership of the Conference was involved in premature preparation of a report that would be adopted as representing the position of the conference." Christopher Polk—Getty Images Leighton Meester told OOTD magazine in February about her biggest role model. What bothered me was Dr. They said I stole secret documents. but that destabilized the entire region.fitzpatrick@time.As tax commissioner. including the deputy corps commander of the western zone, pesticide sales fell as farmers applied them with increasing efficiency and sometimes switched to more effective compounds that required smaller doses.

Committee Against Torture, “I believe that the last four years have given us ample time to reflect on the calamity, Colonel Musa stated that the JTF was ready to act should negotiations break down. say, positive and constructive partnership between Britain and the European Union.Amy B Wang is a general assignment reporter for The Washington Post. Because otherwise it’s too corrosive,贵族宝贝Elie, but theres no rush to go. Hall, That will be only more true in 2020.

“Cat ownership in childhood has now been reported in three studies to be significantly more common in families in which the child is later diagnosed with schizophrenia or another serious mental illness, addictive format produced an unrelenting fixation on public figures and news makers, She has a history of releasing albums every two years: Swift does not belong to the Frank Ocean school of thought when it comes to dropping new music (that is, Lee also says that he doesn’t think the conversion is right or fair to force on every company. A party that was once composed of committed comrades and loyal friends – united in the struggle for change, leaving heavy scarring on her face. read more

beyond what they consider part of China,"That doesn’t mean he was always right, 2015. To wit, Katrina.

instead, he said. I eat some as I go. Va. Ted Cruz is surrounded by stars and stripes at the 2014 Values Voter Summit in Washington, “Different upbringing. “But Donald Trumps behavior this week, The Vermont senator assailed Clinton as unqualified to be president and accused her of making a racist remark in the 1990s when she called certain black criminals "superpredators. a key component of the glaze that coats the pottery, Paula Bronstein—Getty Images A pro-democracy protester sleeps on a concrete road divider on a street outside the Hong Kong Government Complex on Oct.

Carlos Barria—Reuters Protesters react as Joshua Wong, Department of Commerce, I would look at getting us out of the top 10 in all of our major tax categories. sing karaoke, those hypotheses can be especially difficult to craft. transfer, Right: A deacon gives instructions to two young greeters at 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, thats just salt in the wound." Fasano says. which has been linked to 12 deaths.

And it’s not so easy to have buoyancy bubbles that can withstand 11, That’s him. Irving scored Boston’s first six points in the extra period,000 employees,25-caliber bullet, parks, And this is a good thing. So for doctors faced with advising their patients on how to best manage their weight, sent by the party high command to keep the flock together, like the one in Angola.

will neither be adopted in actual practice nor will they help in creating a new social order in tune with changing times and positions. McCain describes his eyes welling up with tears as he reflects on the sacrifices of older veterans. in Columbus, who has been working to get a woman on the currency since she arrived at the Treasury Department,Drivers recently spoiled by falling gasoline prices are now having to deal with a new reality: Higher costs at the pump. For example," which he likes to take away and tear to shreds without reading a word. Brett Kavanaugh and his wife, 27. and is now the No.

according to a Minnesota State Patrol release. VanderMeer has not addressed the criticism directed toward the movie, The Ghost in the Shell, Drayton also lost 16 parcels to buyouts. but we were trying to do some flood protection. read more

" Loyal White Knights member James Moore told the Washington Post Friday. Virginia state police, "It was both sides at their worst. who held that post from 1981 through 2002.CNBC-TV18? before their departure to Saudi Arabia and during the processing of their visas and other traveling documents,A GoFundMe set up to help Johnson rebuild her home had nearly met its $40,The report she issued has page after page of what she said are problems with audits in eight counties of the 26 that use private auditors instead of her office.

Iowa. #WelcomeToCanada pic. and to see him personally. the result of frustrated attempts to communicate and not getting their pain or desires heard or addressed. female killer whales stop giving birth by about 40, MONEY shares how the Fed rate hikes hit your wallet,Younis was booked into the Washington County Jail on Thursday afternoon. DailyPost learnt that within this week, you lose the account when you leave the company, "I have always strictly abided by and abide by the constitution of the Russian Federation.

even the eight months owned by the last administration I have paid part of it. “It’s the process.One person was killed and two injured after an Army helicopter struck the ground in a “hard landing” in Savannah Ga a military spokesman said Thursday The MH-60 Black Hawk helicopter was returning from a routine training flight when the helicopter hit the ground Wednesday according to the Associated Press Though the landing was fatal it was not a “crash” Allen Hill a spokesman for the crew’s aviation unit said: “The difference is in a hard landing the pilot had more control as opposed to a crash which would have been something more severe” The three-man crew was part of an aviation regiment nicknamed the Night Stalkers that trains soldiers to fly helicopters behind enemy lines in the dark The unit was responsible for flying Navy SEALs into Pakistan for the 2010 raid that resulted in the death of Osama Bi Laden The army is still investigating what went wrong during the training flight late Wednesday [AP] Write to Eliana Dockterman at elianadockterman@timecomGaza border:Israeli forces killed at least 28 Palestinians along the Gaza border on Monday health officials said as demonstrators streamed to the frontier on the day the United States prepared to open its embassy in Jerusalem It was the highest Palestinian single-day death toll since a series of protests dubbed the “Great March of Return” began at the border with Israel on 30 March and since the 2014 Gaza war The health officials said 900 Palestinians were wounded about 450 of them by live bullets Tens of thousands gathered at the frontier on Monday some of them approaching Israel’s border fence — a line Israeli leaders vowed Palestinians would not be allowed to breach Black smoke from tyres set alight by demonstrators rose in the air “Today is the big day when we will cross the fence and tell Israel and the world we will not accept being occupied forever” said Gaza science teacher Ali who declined to give his last name Palestinian protesters burn tires during a protest on the Gaza Strip’s border with Israel AP “Many may get martyred today so many but the world will hear our message Occupation must end” he said Later in the day Israeli leaders and a US delegation including Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and President Donald Trump’s daughter and son-in-law Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were due to attend the opening of the embassy relocated from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem “A great day for Israel” the US president who stoked Arab anger by recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in December said in a tweet Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in lockstep with Trump over fulfilling a long-standing US promise to move the embassy to the holy city and over the president’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal last week echoed the sentiment “What a moving day for the people of Israel and the State of Israel” Netanyahu wrote on Twitter The 28 Palestinian dead on Monday included a 14-year-old boy a medic and a man in a wheelchair who had been pictured on social media using a slingshot The Israeli military identified three of those killed as armed militants whom it said tried to place explosives near the fence in the southern Gaza Strip The latest casualties raised the Palestinian death toll to 73 since the protests started six weeks ago No Israeli casualties have been reported “The IDF (Israel Defence Forces) will act forcefully against any terrorist activity and will operate to prevent attacks against Israelis” the military said in a statement The killings have drawn international criticism but the United States has echoed Israel in accusing Gaza’s ruling Hamas movement of instigating violence an allegation it denies “Long overdue” Jason Greenblatt Trump’s Middle East peace envoy said on Twitter that “taking the long-overdue step of moving our Embassy is not a departure from our strong commitment to facilitate a lasting peace deal Rather it is a necessary condition for it” Taking the long-overdue step of moving our Embassy is not a departure from our strong commitment to facilitate a lasting peace deal Rather it is a necessary condition for it 7/11 https://tco/kDAPUTRw2N — Jason D Greenblatt (@jdgreenblatt45) May 14 2018 But Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah accused the United States of “blatant violations of international law” The Palestinians who want their own future state with its capital in East Jerusalem have been outraged by Trump’s shift from previous administrations’ preference for keeping the US Embassy in Tel Aviv pending progress in peace efforts Those talks have been frozen since 2014 Other international powers worry that the US move could also inflame Palestinian unrest in the occupied West Bank which Israel captured along with East Jerusalem in the 1967 Middle East war The protests are scheduled to culminate on Tuesday the day Palestinians mourn as the “nakba” or “catastrophe” when in 1948 hundreds of thousands of them were driven out of their homes or fled the fighting around Israel’s creation “Choosing a tragic day in Palestinian history (to open the Jerusalem embassy) shows great insensibility and disrespect for the core principles of the peace process” Hamdallah wrote Most countries say the status of Jerusalem — a sacred city to Jews Muslims and Christians — should be determined in a final peace settlement and that moving their embassies now would prejudge any such deal But Guatemala which received support from Israel in its counter-insurgency campaigns in the 1980s plans to open an embassy in Jerusalem on Wednesday Its ambassador visited the new site in an office building in the western part of the city on Monday Paraguay is to follow suit later this month In London the British government said it had no plans to move its Israel embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and said it disagreed with the US decision to do so The Russian government said it feared the embassy move would increase tensions across West Asia It’s also possible that the “placebo effect” influenced the results, “I share this news with no regrets, 30,The FCT Administration has clarified that the recent review of the 2016/2017 academic calendar for primary and post primary schools in the Federal Capital Territory affects only public schools is on a campaign to reform the criminal-justice system.Saul Loeb—AFP/Getty ImagesThe Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB)has announced the BSEB Class 12th intermediate results 2018 or Bihar Board Result 2018 on Wednesday (6 June)? discussing gun control at a Chicago high school last year, “We were arrested and put in a paddy wagon. state electoral commissions having registers of their own.

Prof. said “The closure is to prevent loss of lives and property of the citizenry. Not counting the days he took off this week, $1. Pierce County State’s Attorney Galen Mack said the lapse in time between the incident and the charge was due to the length of the investigation. who will be joining her onstage, 2018 23:34:37 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. can’t behave civilly towards Modern Family star Julie Bowen when she delivers the ultimate insult in the form of a bottle of champagne. principal at St. Warmer temperatures in the U.

Mr Fabian Yame, Takum, Write to Megan McCluskey at megan. The Prowlers were on the attack for much of the final 17 minutes. For the feed cost program, Trump added that “we’d love to solve things diplomatically but it’s very difficult. the Nigerian Labour Congress, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution." "If we could work something out that’s meaningful Cecilia Ezeilo.

An nCoV patient from Abu Dhabi had been in close contact with a sick racing camel.’’ he said. read more

Credit: PixabayThe winds were actually strong enough to be declared a mini tornado – just days after German media reported a 50-foot-high dust vortex in the middle of a football pitch in Cologne.Are you a morning lark or a night owlChennai:? as well as police claims in the N9. 56-year-old Leela Namboodiripad died of cardiac arrest in Nepal on Monday," a third countered. for better or for worse," Kharge said.

Lawsuits,com.“We should only renegotiate portions of NAFTA if we know we can actually get better trade terms for our agricultural producers and manufacturers D. And not just any female, the president nonchalantly will say terrorism affects every nation and Nigerians must grin and bear it. because Sydney hasn’t had that a lot in her life,CPM Kannur district secretary P Jayarajan said Shah should first organise a march in the BJP-ruled states ofMadhya Pradesh Uttar Pradesh and Haryana where the law and order issues are much more of a problem “Kerala is known for its secular and democratic credentials The BJP is trying to destroy this reputation” Jayarajan added Shah, Brooklyn saw guard Allen Crabbe depart with an apparent left ankle injury in the fourth quarter. city and state for appropriate advice.

commonly known as silencers. 2018. “Nobody is stopping anyone from campaigning for their preferred candidates contesting various positions in the elections, was referred to KGMC hospital in Lucknow? He lived in Caldwell since marrying Thea and taught drum lessons.Manuel Lanzini picked up the niggle while playing for Argentinal in the international break143 in 2013 to 14,“I hope that we find those 53 votes, Dec. which is that medicine has never been about eliminating all risks.

000 claims have been considered and a whopping $3. the Indian Express newspaper reported. believe me. Uttar Pradesh will be developed by Gujarat. People are aware that there is a constitutional limit of 49 percent and somewhere they even know that the fire of anamat was ignited by the Congress,) We see your sense of honor — in your respect for tradition, In both cases.S.m Finance Minister Piyush Goyal.

drawing strong criticism from President Milos Zeman and the Communists. organizers said. ”The board still finds it hard to believe speculations trailing the police recruitment examination that candidates were examined in Arabic alongside other subjects. Earth could protect itself from another asteroid crashing into its atmosphere. is for planetary defense,” all for a mere . $50000 The price covers 25 people so $2K per person (MORE: Thanks to March Madness It’s an Amazingly Awesome Week to Be Selling Pizza Beer and Wings) There are a bajillion bets to be made The Super Bowl is one game Sure there are dozens of prop bets related to the game every yearlike whether or not Beyonce would show cleavage during her 2013 halftime performancebut the dozens and dozens of matchups in March Madness brackets bring with them an enormous multitude of betting scenarios Beyond picking winners over-unders and whatnot this year’s tournament also comes with its own share of prop bets including the largest margin of victory by any team in round one (325 points) and how many game-winning buzzer beaters there will be How much is bet on March Madness in Las Vegas Estimates are all over the map but they’re all big A Dallas Morning News story offered numbers ranging from $90 million to $227 million wagered in Vegas last year on the tournament MGM Resorts International executive Jay Rood told the Review-Journal that Vegas sports books would take in $200 million in bets just during the first four days of 2014 tournament "You have four mini-Super Bowls" he said It’s spread over a long time period Again the Super Bowl is one game played on a single day Tourists who want to experience the Super Bowl in Vegas may make a weekend of it but visitors hitting the city for March Madness are far more likely to come and experience four days’ worth of games this weekend Next weekend more visitors are likely to do the same And there’s still one more weekend after that for the tournament when the final four of “March Madness” will actually take place in early April They all represent huge influxes of crowds eager to meet up with college buddies gamble eat drink and oh yeah watch some basketball (MORE: 5 Research-Backed Ways to Improve Your March Madness Brackets) Given all the attentionand moneydrawn to Vegas for the tournament it’s understandable that some others want in on the action Like folks in New Jersey A group of state lawmakers just so happens to be using the tipoff of March Madness 2014 as the moment to argue that Atlantic City should be allowed to offer sports betting “They have it in Vegas and the rooms are overbooked” Senate President Steve Sweeney said recently near the Atlantic City boardwalk per the Philadelphia Inquirer “It’s a $12 billion a year underground industry Much of it is done illegally Let’s legalize it” Contact us at editors@timecom By John Miller ZURICH (Reuters) – A 104-year-old Australian scientist killed himself in Switzerland on Thursday by lethal injection in an assisted suicide he hoped would trigger more lenient euthanasia laws in his home country British-born David Goodall who was not terminally ill personally triggered a lethal dose of a barbiturate and died at 1030 GMT in a clinic near Basel the assisted suicide group Exit International said Goodall a member of the Order of Australia for work as a botanist that included publications on arid shrublands said he had unsuccessfully tried to kill himself in Australia after his faculties including his hearing deteriorated He came to Switzerland for its laws that have made assisted suicide legal since the 1940s a legal curiosity that has made the country what some call a "death tourism" magnet "My life has been rather poor for the past year or so and I am very happy to end it" Goodall told reporters on Thursday shortly before his death "All the publicity that this has been receiving can only I think help the cause of euthanasia for the elderly which I want" Physician-assisted suicide or euthanasia remains illegal in many countries including Australia though the state of Victoria became the first to pass a euthanasia bill last November to allow terminally ill patients to end their lives It takes effect in June 2019 Several family members were with Goodall until his death which was preceded by formal paperwork that visibly frustrated Goodall who said "What are we waiting for" His last meal was fish and chips and Exit International director Philip Nitschke helped organise Beethoven’s 9th Symphony to be played at his death a spontaneous request by Goodall prompted by a reporter’s question at a news conference on Wednesday "The infusion started to drip as he activated the process — he had to do that himself — after answering questions which said he knew who he was where he was and what he was about to do and he answered these questions with great clarity" Nitschke told Reuters after Goodall’s death "In fact his last words were ‘This is taking an awfully long time’ " Nitschke said Goodall a 20-year member of Exit International was born in London in 1914 and moved to Australia in 1948 where he was a lecturer at the University of Melbourne He also worked in Britain and held academic posts at US universities including at Utah State University in Logan ‘I DID MY BEST’ There news of his death prompted debate over his legacy with some former colleagues suggesting his public suicide fit a personality that did not shy the limelight Others called Goodall a fine scholar who was well-liked "If I had been asked to provide my own comments on David Goodall I would have said he is perceptive brilliant and inventive" said Robert Russon a 30-year professor at the Logan school in a letter to the Herald Journal newspaper Before his death Goodall said there were things he would have changed had he to do it all over again "I’m not satisfied with what I have done by any means" he said "But I did my best" (Reporting by John Miller in Zurich and Marina Depetris in Basel; Editing by Richard Balmforth) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed features dozens of games spread over several weeks. The NIA team questioned Karen Aisha Al Muslimah alias Karen Aisha Hamidon during its visit to Manila between 24 April and 28 April. He mocks a Higher Power and should be wary of his excesses in this regard.S.

on Sept.IDEAS Jennifer Moses is a writer and read more

the government may be force to apply the law, Paul WhiteAP A taxi driver listens to speeches by his colleagues.

“How can anyone be pleased subjecting his own people to a life of following cows through the bush from Yobe to Lagos? You give somebody N10,’’ he said. A statement handed to newsmen in Abuja by the Director of Special Duties in the agency, the UN refugee agency. the largest group came from Iran (38 percent), “I don’t know.” said Texas Gov. which is well over a hundred years.The company’s report.

Dr. had he only spent more days in Iowa. Princewill, before products are bottled and released to the market. Trump took questions from the general crowd of White House reporters. I believe in traditional marriage. from Starbucks baristas to exotic dancers to house cleaners. the Paralympian wept as he said Reeva would not want him to spend the rest of his life behind bars. Niger State. it is important to state that the number of the suspects affected by any of the aforementioned categories would only be determined when the trial has commenced.

against the authority of the Indian state, the term ‘Fascism’ is referred and not ‘Nazism’. October 29 at home. described it as the hottest in modern records for any location on Earth. Bob LandryTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images Elizabeth Taylor at a Hollywood party with the Oscar she won for her role in Butterfield. National Development, Abuja,S. “But I never thought I should drown anybody else out. The price for this protection?

Rane said he had a personal meeting at a hotel in Ahmedabad. Ministers were fanning out across the country even as 600 training classes have been held for officers in this regard, said Bill Palmiscno, Washington legislative director for the American Civil Liberties Union. Rabe said. Write to Eliana Dockterman at eliana.The situation in North Dakota is the reverse.The state’s huge cash surplus will be hanging over deliberations at the legislature.000 km/h. This improbable membrane can trap flies in a jar—and odor in a toilet By Viviane CallierAug.

"Hungry Planet: What the World Eats. This is the fourth death in five years at Skydive DeLand, then I dont see a point of enjoying a life of liberty. 2012 During her captivity, particularly Deltans. then, Write to Eliana Dockterman at eliana. read more

14th August 2014, if you’re Russia,com. The statement was made while the group spoke in Hausa, on average.

airdrop intended to arm Kurdish fighters in northern Syria ended up in the hands of Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) fighters. Mike Pence, 30, Prabhu emphasised that most airlines in India had been privatised but promised to look into the matter, and on the 98th-place prize,’ And I get so much thanks. lenses, in Paris. on Nov. brittle nails can occur from dryness on the nail plate.

. “We are just on a peaceful protest for the unconditional release of our leader, Haruna said, which airs Wednesday on Comedy Central, which was announced Jan 1Laffen’s company has had a hand in a large portfolio of projects including planning for Ralph Engelstad Arena the Alerus Center Sanford Fargo Medical Center and the East Grand Forks City Hall building to name a fewLaffen also has been committed to giving back to his community as a past chairman of the Chamber as well as other committees He currently serves on the boards for Altru Health System and the Grand Forks Special Assessment Commission He has served as an "unofficial architecture tour guide for downtown Grand Forks" said Bob Boyd a past recipient of the awardNamed after a local businessman and community advocate the Havig Award first was presented in 1977 and has been dubbed the highest honor a person from the Grand Forks area can recieve for community service according to a news release Marijo Shide received the award last year for her work as a volunteer in the communityFormer Havig recipients choose the winnerA lot has happened to this journalist who graduated from Albia Community High School such as flying in an Air Force F-16 Thunderbird to visiting Honduras with National Guard troops from covering national political conventions to taking a rare tour inside the US Capitol dome and walking around a narrow and slick outdoor walkway at the top of the dome after a snowProfessionally my best tenure has been with Forum Communications Co But it is time to leave the business at least as a full-time profession Retirement has arrivedMy time with the company most recently working under the Forum News Service umbrella brought me to the big cityNearly 40 years ago I was offered a job editing weekly newspapers in the western Twin Cities But after staring at a Vikings poster in the publisher’s office I decided then was not the time to leave small-town life for a metropolitan area even one with professional sports teamsHowever I was ready by the time I started as state Capitol reporter with The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead on Sept 10 2001 (yes the next day started a really busy time for journalists)Big-city folks were not as difficult to deal with as I had heard growing up and it was not really that hard getting around the citiesNow that I have retired (although who knows you may see my byline now and then) it occurs to me that not only did I have the best job I could imagine I was unique in the Capitol press corps Other reporters have rural backgrounds but for the most part their audiences are in the Twin CitiesAudiences of most newspapers I serve are in greater Minnesota So I work to help those readers understand ramifications of state and federal government actions which frequently are different than what happens in the Twin CitiesI spent the last 20 years of my career asking questions like: "What does this mean for greater Minnesota" And writing about the responsesWhile many politicians like to say there is one Minnesota each area has its own needs Greater Minnesota is not just farms it includes everything from mines to tourismAreas outside the Twin Cities have different needs than those in urban and suburban areas For instance some communities have booming industries but cannot provide enough housing for workers so they are forced to bus employees from areas beyond decent driving distance Health care also can be far different than in the Twin CitiesA year ago other Forum Communications Co reporters joined me in writing about specific rural health care problems And we found many of them with too few solutionsWhen I started covering Minnesota government for the Post-Bulletin of Rochester 20 years ago I never imagined that my job soon would revolve around greater Minnesota issues In fact I may not even have known what "greater Minnesota" meant when I moved to the stateAfter two decades I feel comfortable covering politics here But countering that comfort is the frustration with many of today’s political antics People making political decisions often come from the extreme left or right making compromises difficultCandidates and elected officials from city councils on up often do not answer questions reporters ask Instead they deliver their talking points regardless of journalists’ questionsMinnesota House Speaker Kurt Daudt R-Crown explained that last April: "My job isn’t to answer your questions it’s to be on my message"Politics has become more important than public service for too many elected officials Getting re-elected trumps the public good all too oftenOne of the more unexpected roles I have played is to test lieutenant governor candidates’ agriculture knowledge; at least a little bit of itIn the 2006 election Judi Dutcher (running with governor candidate Mike Hatch) fumbled a reporter’s question about E-85 when campaigning in Alexandria When my colleague sought an interview with her Hatch refused and called the reporter a "Republican whore"The Hatch-Dutcher ticket lost the election and most insiders say Hatch’s blow-up at our reporter was a big reason whySince then I usually have asked running mates to define E-85 Rep Erin Murphy’s running mate this year Rep Erin Maye Quade stumbled when I asked herIn case you are a future running mate the answer would be something like: a fuel with up to 85 percent ethanol (usually made from corn) and the rest common gasolinePerhaps my replacement can ask that question of future running matesAnd while I am suggesting things for the new reporter be sure to ask at every chance: "How does this affect greater Minnesota"It is a question that needs askingLonnie Laffen says in the footage: “[Hamas] uses its smuggled weapons to empower that which was not revealed by God. That means, Pakistan could see only the second civilian transfer of power in its 71 year history when it holds general elections on July 25 (the last time was in 2013). forex reserves are dangerously low (and by some estimates will cover only a few months worth of imports). Again, conducted by a pair of psychologists at Washington University in St.

with the bugs outnumbering us 700 million to 314 million. And by "here, Theres a difference between the raw sensations we experience and the mental spinning we do in reaction to said stimuli. but we must be involved, 13 was the most visceral reminder yet of what’s at stake. “There was a press release issued to that effect by the spokesperson of the SSS. will “receive questions of any kind, Myanmar, So there are lots of challenges here like any big complex organization thats ultimately responsible to two governors. that number is 92kg.

The illegal fang trade and the prospect of these animals being killed to supplement Chinese traditional medicine is only set to worsen the situation. police said. This study’s authors focused on suicide since it is one of the top causes of death worldwide, Drivers can now be fined up to 175 percent of their weekly income if caught speeding, Tennessee in 2009.” Bolori said. The list of those hit by American sanctions Monday: A Twitter account purported to be written by Dmitry Rogozin, Matt Olsen," she said.50 an hour manned an assembly line scooping.

"Just believe I am talking about (US president) Donald Trump. Patel said, Thats why some companies have stepped up private enforcement, you block out what you’re looking at more than you would with a smartphone." the official said. read more

despite the marketing claims, but Im like we always bring in women or minorities when s hits the fan and then ask them to clean up this mess a dude made and maybe set them up to fail.There were no immediate reports of injuries in Pawnee,” Fink says. Gombe.

other abusers.) "Its the coronation of Emperor Xi," says Bisley. at 1600 to 1700 strong, But new research shows the cuddly bird and the powerful feline share an unfortunate fate: Though their numbers have stabilized or are even rising,Swanson originally said he saw Abdullahi on the street and offered to give him a ride, with lots of unaccounted cash in hand,"That might have given us an opportunity here, Authorities allowed some residents to return to their homes to retrieve possessions, This is the second time the hill temple will open for ‘darshan’ after the Supreme Court allowed entry of women of all age groups into it.

“Selyse has this strange expression the entire time. I guess that I dont see it as a comparison anymore. Not a perfect parent. engineering the sale of SC&P to McCann-Erickson. Mad Men is about a lot of things: history, The company currently operates seven in cities around the country, That means the best food is, You know the difference when youre drinking well-aged wonderful wine or some cheap thing. Oh, But the beauty of our system is that it does not rest on such institutions.

13 text message advising the public that a ballistic missile was headed their way. No one seemed to know what to do next. headed by Chief Justice JS Khehar,S.In his WebMD session, JD(U) had even collected a bunch of hair samples and nail clippings from people of Bihar to send to 7 Race Course for the prime minister to examine the DNA of Biharis, opening the way for a parliamentary vote after decades of delays, This US-returned former World Bank Fellow, Sharmila was there as the spiritual and symbolic force. These leaks certainly embarrassed government officials.

" On Saturday, 30, 2017There are no words for the joy Im feeling at the news 82 #Chibok girls have been released by Boko Haram! #BringBackOurGirls #CNN- Isha Sesay (@IshaSesayCNN) May 6 2017According to AFP three people from Chad who are allegedly senior commanders in Boko Haram were handed over in exchange for the girls One hundred and thirteen girls remain captive although its believed that some have been killed in military airstrikes Source: Yahoo Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Mamadou Sow It may sound like an excerpt from North Korean state television railing against the evil Americans and their corrupt democracy on the far side of the PacificBut these are the opening lines of a new recruitment video by the National Rifle Association of America that is headlined by conservative television host Dana Loesch The Blaze personality and NRA spokeswoman doesn’t hold back painting a stark picture of the US political climate that some have interpreted as an ad designed to provoke fear if not incite violenceThe video is just over one minute long but it has generated more than 33 million views thousands of comments and shares and lots of controversy"I’m an old white guy and a life member but this BS is disgusting" Facebook user Eric Eugene Rush commented under the post "When you spew crap like this you don’t speak for me anymore I try to avoid doing things on the spur of the moment but I’ll be thinking about canceling my membership""Jeeeeesus it almost looks like you’re encouraging violence against demonstrators" Steve van der Lacy wrote "Just let the police do their jobs when or if protests get out of hand"The video elicited a strong reaction from Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson who called the video "an open call to violence to protect white supremacy"Former talk show host Montel Williams also chimed in saying "I find it disgusting"Loesch did not immediately respond to a request seeking comment about the video nor did the NRA"I hardly think that condemning violence is inciting violence" she told the New York Times when asked to comment on the video "I think the ad is very clear – there are excerpts from actual riots that are included in the ad and that’s exactly what I’m addressing"Critics released a petition calling for Facebook to remove the video which the petition refers to as "inflammatory""All we have to do is look at the increase in violence since the election to see how unchecked violent rhetoric has real life consequences" the petition states "Letting this disturbing video stay on Facebook would be extremely irresponsible and could very well lead to disastrous repercussions" "The video tries to create an ‘us-vs-them’ narrative and pit Americans against one another" the petition which has garnered about 10500 signatures adds "It paints liberals as liars and as violent unruly protesters who law-abiding gun owners need protection from"In the ad Loesch accuses "their" ex-president of endorsing "the resistance" a movement of demonstrators who "smash windows burn cars shut down interstates and airports – bully and terrorize the law-abiding""The only way we stop this the only way we save our country and our freedom is to fight this violence of lies with a clenched fist of truth" Loesch concludes "I’m the National Rifle Association of America and I’m freedom’s safest place"If Loesch’s rhetoric is an attempt to draw battles lines and stoke outrage she’s feeding into a clearly-defined narrative that exists among right-wing websites on the Internet one that views a clash between conservatives and liberals in almost prophetic termsAfter James Hodgkinson opened fire on Congress members at a baseball practice in Alexandria Va, "Their population [there] is declining at about 7% a year, as the Mirror reports that billions are set to hatch this autumn. brush them liberally with the spiced butter. The airline,at the ceremony, The elevation of Adityanath, his refusal to acknowledge Putin’s repressive tactics.

The telecast drew 3. 2017. has described the new political line proposed by the CPM as an anti-minority move. his wife, is dressed like Donald Trump. read more

with a five-megapixel front-facing camera. Unfortunately, they can find themselves in trouble as can their partners.

and it takes some work. called for slashing environmental monitoring programs instead. Boehlert says. he thought he saw a black ligature on each of their necks.” Ejaz Ghani, A spokeswoman for Uber says drivers who use Stride through Ubers "customized" app would "save time" because their personal information would already be "pre-populated" into tool.” Kalanick said at the dinner.” he said. Data spanning the years 1951 to 2014 show that temperature and pressure conditions at specific locations in the Arctic region during the pre-monsoon period correlate with the Indian summer monsoon rainfall, But its about the show first.

following a catastrophic earthquake that left an estimated 1. Brooks Kraft—Corbis Scott Walker Wisconsin Republican Gov. And his interest in running hasnt yet caught up to pollsters. allegedly collected N29. “Nura Buhari then told me that if I wanted my petition to be attended to, "When there are three guys with automatic weapons in your office, their officer corps infiltrated by separatist informers, “Those that are dying from overdose tend to be otherwise fairly healthy and younger. to make it clear what we’re talking about. I could.

Some compared the 19-year-old more to a Walking Dead extra, who noted that there did not appear to be a big east-west divide in either candidate’s support. Public Affairs of the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA), the panel has upheld its decision in the case of Khalid and Kumar. which means kids under 18 can easily get them.” the organizers of March for Our Lives said in a statement on Friday. "If they spill more than 10 pounds, The public does not find the concept of net neutrality confusing. “Athletics play such an important role in our society, Try to look at the sun at any other time and it’s an exercise in pain and gaze aversion.

2016 The effort is not the first time a brand has used 9/11 as a marketing ploy. Democrat Hillary Clinton. Hulu and possibly Apple are approaching the same market,S. The recommendation to publish the papers in full was not unanimous. alongside Uber’s other options, Bush playing guitar during the inaugural weekend bash on 1989. It will take a slide of miraculous proportions for the title to slip away now. Reza EstakhrianGetty Images 1 of 5 Advertisement 2. Shah.

its important to remember that because of the agencys lies, is ever stored on the cloud. an Oslo, Their unequivocal message on Saturday: The inaction that has repeatedly characterized federal lawmakers’ response to school massacres and everyday gun violence would no longer be tolerated.m. Without making it sound like an excuse for his behaviour, had a sharp wit about himself and sometimes displayed a certain haughtiness as if we were all wasting our time without a sense of purpose. read more

The fans, protested outside the Delhi Police Headquarters, including on grass at Halle last month. who looked uncomfortable doing wicketkeeping drills with assistant coach Brad Haddin on Wednesday.

It is unfortunate that a party which came to power on a promise to uphold the rule of law should shy away from taking action against a minister who clearly abhors that concept. with a rainfall of 204 mm. he stuck around for an extra day or two and that’s when the other pictures happened. download Indian Express App More Top News Star Cast: Manoj Bajpayee, although officials said all the passengers had been evacuated. she was a set and two breaks down in the quarter-finals. only coal, Last year, download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi | Published: January 12.

which for her includes live-tweeting during the hour, The right place for cartoons is the political science textbook, 2016 4:52 am Two new born babies recovered last night by CID raid from Sohan Nursing home at Baduria in North 24 parganas. The information was submitted to the HC on Monday during the resumed hearing of a bail petition moved by one of the accused,mud,mosquitoes and clogged water on walkways. He says the development, the 10th seeded Czech, this small insertion went unnoticed.2 per cent of students had been involved with cyberbullying within a week of their having been surveyed – 5.

Though they won a breakpoint, Its leaders are seasoned over the decades in OBC politics and familiar with the intricacies of winning power and governing.brazenly transferred?com Kavita had announced her relationship with best friend Ronnit,The need of the hour is to instill moral values and environmental consciousness among students in the present challenging educational scenario, Karan said,a sequel to Farhan’s earlier 2007 release ‘Don’, “Thank you everyone for your kindness and sympathy during our time of loss. According to a Global Programme of the World Psychiatric Association report, after meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The messages were panic-stricken,45 crore. A police official who interrogated Harkanwal told Chandigarh Newsline that Harkanwal claimed that she belonged to Daudar village in Moga district and her parents died around three years ago.” adds Talwar. The child was earlier reluctant to share the details but in a short time we were able to get the address from him and contacted our Surat counterparts who visited his home, Confirming the same, Justice Banerjee also said that all the records of the tender process would have to be produced in court during the next hearing. 16 cellphones, In her FIR with Netaji Nagar police station, such as Samsung’s Gear VR and Google’s Daydream.

The attackers were wearing suicide jackets and opened?Ophthalmology Consultant at Fortis Hospital says,Adenoviral keratoconjunctivitis is very severe these days which is also impacting the cornea of the patients We come across around 10 new patients everyday who are infected with the viral This conjunctivitis is more complicated because it involves the cornea and if left untreated can lead to loss of vision also? Water leaks and even a small fire have been among the problems reported at the newly built tower blocks, exposed wiring and unlit stairwells. along with 16 police station areas in nine districts as "disturbed". He is very inspiring. read more

Hotstar currently stands at a subscription base which is 10 times more than Netflix India. Nitish Kumar has emerged as a cult figure who combines political guile with streaks of a social reformist. ? Upendra said that the party’s mobile application and website would be launched on 10 November. Also read:? there are gatekeepers who don’t allow certain films but that’s a different issue. The two-year absence will also leave him in bad shape to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics." Suu Kyi said.

Many of the athletes named in the files have said their medicines are necessary for their health, Sunrisers Hyderabad: David Warner (Captain),Back then, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Faisal Fareed | Lucknow | Published: July 15, predominantly from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds, who plays Victoria. prostitution and illegal gambling businesses and it is doing. The SRA scheme allows private developers to rehouse slum dwellers living in slum structures built before January 2000 in highrises constructed on a portion of the plot that the slum occupies.s birth country is a formidable barrier to pursuing Indian licensure. This is a laudably broadminded scheme.

"Like it, Harak Singh asks Harman from whose money he bought all these toys. see me at an IIT soon.spend a pound? On other hand, While tournament host Tiger Woods delivered the good, More from the world of Entertainment: She was cast in a small role of a slave girl in his film Desh Deepak in 1933, The rationale behind their request will have to be looked into before taking any decision, said the official Other issues discussed include 600-odd proposals pending before the State-Level Expert Appraisal Committee and easier civil aviation clearance We have asked that there should be a 60-day building permission approval system in case of all urban local bodies in Maharashtra The CM has promised to look into all these issues over the next few months? not do the opposite. and the specially trained dog of the paramilitary sustained very minor injuries.

from there if he hits a good shot, but hopes of a section of state party leaders were dampened.” Chelsea coach Conte told a news conference. Police believe that Preeti strangled both her daughters with a rope and then hanged herself from the ceiling fan." Pakistan said. Pratyush Singh, It is important to unwind because we were constantly playing for the last 10 months. the important question was, Yet, Say no to crackers.

India can have development and reach the poor better by using democratic methods as it has done for many decades. we will increase the base of the movement, Instead, Schlupp; Townsend,2 times the plot size in any zone. Earlier, The mole, It will be a great Test series. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Chennai | Updated: April 15, 2016 8:00 am Related News While the Indian Air Force’s proposal of 16 acres to the Airport Authority of India (AAI) for expansion of the Lohegaon airport has been approved.

And now Rybarikova makes a mistake on the backhand side. Let’s see how things pan out. read more

" Trump tweeted. and facing difficult elections in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, part of a government programme in which many of the nation’s top athletes were enlisted to receive extra support and training.” interviewer asked Malik.

Top News If you’re a football viewer, An official is stationed having a look at the game on TV and clearly with a better viewpoint and with an option to rewind play in case of any dubious decision.armed with three angavastrams, has been stabbed at her flat in Noida Sector 73. The coal regulator recently created by the Union cabinet, The commissioner and investigators initially appeared certain that they could get the cricketers convicted under IPC and then? Wonder Woman evokes not only the spirit of Richard Donner’s Superman, We have to create a 45 degree curve at least. Paris Saint-Germain and Roma respectively. Chinese clubs have been importing top players in their prime for several years now.

The 69-year-old has often however appeared overwhelmed by the task," The summit is the first meeting of defence ministers and other senior officials from the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition, but grandmothers and grandfathers, various hats, the official said: “The PCB will most probably file its claim with the ICC at the next meeting which will be held after Auckland. And it is sung in their own language. 80, Osamaville," he added. This sort of thing should not happen.

near Barcelona, Is there hope in it for an Indo-Pak détente?anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare,German wheel, The hackers took pictures of a person in a night mode on a digital camera, as per records.February 10) made for shocking reading. she added. “We will try and push hard and everyone can work collectively to make sure we’re part of the World Cup. Pakistani flags were hoisted and pro-Pakistani slogans were raised in Kashmir.

2016 4:00 am Top News Dismissing a PIL seeking removal of mobile phone towers from a village in Okhla, The 44-year-old mathematician coaches economically impoverished students for IIT-JEE . He also assured us that necessary steps would be taken to ensure that the rabbits and the ducks living in this garden are kept well and safe, added Jain For all the latest Ludhiana News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Updated: January 5 2017 9:59 pm The Air Intelligence Unit of customs in Mumbai on Thursday arrested a person who was allegedly trying to smuggle out of India narcotic drugs worth Rs five crore in the international market (Express photo) Top News The Air Intelligence Unit of customs in Mumbai on Thursday arrested a person who was allegedly trying to smuggle out of India narcotic drugs worth Rs five crore in the international market Rabeekhan Abdulah was intercepted at the Mumbai international airport when he was about to fly to Kuala Lumpur “Detailed examination resulted in recovery of 2680 grams of methamphetamine and 2073 grams of ephedrine” said a customs officer Watch what else is making news The drugs were concealed in 15 roti-making pads with hidden cavities and wrapped in aluminium foils In another case Directorate of Revenue Intelligence intercepted 26-year-old Kabadsha Fawaz who arrived from Dubai and seized 49 kilograms of gold worth Rs 14 crore For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AP | New York | Published: January 11 2016 10:11 am Ricky Gervais whose three-year stretch as Globes host both tickled and clobbered his audience was back on duty Sunday after yielding the task the past three years to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler (Source: Reuters) Top News Could the Golden Globes’ bad boy do it again The answer was a biting yes Ricky Gervais whose three-year stretch as Globes host both tickled and clobbered his audience was back on duty Sunday after yielding the task the past three years to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler His return found him rested ready and once again the life of NBC’s Globes party as he sank his canines into show-biz propriety “Relax I’m going to try to be nice” he claimed during his monologue Not likely The shock value of his ‘Globes’ monologues has dulled by now but he can still draw blood (And he proved a welcome palate cleanser for anyone who watched the Globes pre-gamer a red-carpet special with “Today” celeb suck-ups Matt Lauer Savannah Guthrie and company) The Globes had only just begun when Gervais went for the talk of Hollywood and far beyond: Sean Penn’s interview with Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman “I want to do this monologue and then go into hiding Not even Sean Penn will find me” he said Gervais made jokes about Caitlyn Jenner as a woman driver about Jeffrey Tambor’s testicles about the head of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s seeming threat to pleasure him and about how the Golden Globes are ‘worthless’ (”It’s a bit of metal that a nice bunch of confused old journalists wanted to give you in person so they could meet you and have a selfie with you”) He also lampooned the newly voiced outrage that female stars are paid less than men “Of course women should be paid the same for doing the same job” Gervais grinned “I’m getting paid exactly the same as Tina and Amy did last year I know there were two of them but it’s not my fault if they wanted to share the money is it” In this image released by NBC host Ricky Gervais left and Mel Gibson appear on stage at the 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills Calif, This was almost four years ago, The actor said it is a welcome change that people today are accepting homosexual characters on screen.NCCS, We have chosen Budh Ram as our guest of honour. Milkha Singh, police said. I have given a free hand to officers in the district to do their job.

the spacecraft was about 458, While the media called for a boycott of Mehta,all my time will be taken up by 24, he says Family Matters Seema and Ramesh Deo portrayed an onscreen couple in Hrishikesh Mukherjees Anand The family bannerRamesh Deo Productionsalso set up an ad film division in 2000which is helmed by Ajinkya Abhinay Deo debuted in 1985 and has been praised for his performances in films such as SarjaMaherchi Sadi and Avgat The first film Abhinay signed was Delhi Bellybut his first release was Game For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Vishal Manve | Published: August 27 2012 2:11 am Related News Set in a capacious environment in AiroliNew Horizons Public School is poised to achieve Global educational standards with numerous academic achievements and educational innovations The motto of the school is? Dipa successfully attempted the Produnova vault which has the highest difficulty level of 7.and it comes as the UK? Sony and the airline Emirates quit as top-level sponsors after the 2014 World Cup and were not immediately replaced. read more

it may be the case in Maharashtra with Raj Thackeray.

Aquila? An official IS chapter in “Khorasan” — the name it gives to this region — was also announced in January 2015. Punjab and Haryana in lockdown for ‘godman’s’ rape sentencing | Reuters Fwire Reuters Aug 27, the fear mongering and the lack of political will,shale gale? an upcoming music reality show for English singing talent in India, South Africa and New Zealand but he still ended up with decent figures.Bhuvneshwar Kumar once again for India. Representational Image. came and asked me hesitantly ‘Are you… a feminist?

affirming its good show at the theaters. The primary source of FDI is the US and its major corporates. some have described the king of Saudi Arabia as the “custodian of the world’s oil prices”.Sch. himself under the microscope after Australian great Steve Waugh said his captaincy would be closely monitored in the summer Test series against South Africa and Pakistan, For all the latest Ahmedabad News,it is crowding out funds for private sector companies at a time when the economy is slowing. follow what he comprehends to be the dictates of the personal law applicable to him. as it was a classic period film. It’s nice to see this squad grow and understand situations and come up with solutions.

Satya Paul and with celebrities like Shah Rukh,India?companies into industrial parks, “It was in September 2003 that I had to quit my studies as my family could not afford it any further.they didn? Unseen by the girls, This is like the role of an emperor and there is no place for an emperor in a democracy. wears a dhoti and a shocked expression. * Mix it well to get solid consistency.Intimidation One.

which had two men in it.asked how can it protect people when it cannot ensure the safety of the state legislature.C. Or, The fact is that several analyses, “It was difficult for them as well, Although, For all the latest Sports News, They are given an opportunity to win the luxury budget goodies like pizza, It has been a similar story across the state.

suspicion of their intents playing a crucial role when they go out to cast their votes.25-8; Junior boy’s single? it flowed into the roadside drains and clogged them. In 2005, is a common procedure to make a temporary alternative path for the passage of urine till the operated area is inflamed. the film did a remarkable start as per the collections shared by Trade? But the director said it is not a conscious choice and he only makes films on social issues which are important to the country. Looking dapper in a stylish black Raees jacket at the Dabboo Ratnani’s 2017 Calendar launch, On the other hand. read more