first_img Statement,  Women’s Rights Harrisburg, PA – On June 21, 2016, Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives passed HB 1948, a bill that would restrict abortion rights and ban medical procedures. HB 1948 would ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, and would ban the Dilations and Evacuation (D & E) method of abortion.This legislation passed the House without public hearings, without input from medical professionals, and without an examination of its constitutionality.On July 11, 2016, HB 1948 passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and was tabled after first consideration. It is expected to be considered by the full Senate later this year. If passed, this bill would enact some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country.HB 1948 prohibits elective abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, instead of the current federal ban after 24 weeks. The bill contains no exception for rape or incest.HB 1948 amends Pennsylvania’s criminal code and criminalizes physicians for performing abortions that are permitted by federal law.HB 1948 also does not contain an exception for fetal anomalies incompatible with life, even though many such anomalies often cannot be discovered until the fetus reaches 20 weeks. The bill would force a woman to carry to term and deliver the fetus, despite the knowledge that the fetus has no chance of survival outside of the womb.HB 1948 dictates the medical procedures that physicians must undertake in order to terminate a pregnancy by banning the D & E method of abortion, removing the physician’s right to exercise his/her medical judgment. A physician can use an alternate procedure only in circumstances in which the process dictated by HB 1948 would result in the death of the pregnant woman or irreversibly impair a bodily function.The bill is opposed by the Pennsylvania Medical Society, the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists, and many other medical professionals. These professionals recognize that the bill limits and punishes women whose pregnancies have complications. As Pennsylvania Physician General, Dr. Rachel Levine, stated:“Women and their families, when faced with a devastating diagnosis of a significant fetal anomaly, have the right to make the decision which is appropriate for them, in consultation with their doctors. Doctors and their patients must be able to make choices about medical procedures based on best practices and standards of care. We need to help women facing difficult pregnancies, not punish them. We need to trust women to make their own choices, not dictate those decisions to them.” (Dr. Rachel Levine, Milford Now).The Pennsylvania Commission for Women is non-partisan. The Commission desires that laws applicable to citizens in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania be enacted through the proper process, with hearings, and upon consideration of testimony by experts in the field. The Commission aligns with Governor Wolf in opposition to HB 1948, and seeks to protect women and their physicians from unwarranted governmental interference.Like Governor Tom Wolf on Facebook: October 14, 2016 Pennsylvania Commission for Women Statement on PA House Bill 1948center_img SHARE Email Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

first_imgBNP Paribas and Kempen Capital Management are currently available as asset managers, but no insurer has yet been “linked up”, they said.The PPI has contracted APG and its subsidiary InAdmin for pensions provision and communication.According to Ronald Ketellapper, trustee at i-PensionsSolutions, Credit Suisse and Swiss Re have merely financed the PPI, and that their business model would focus on selling services to affiliated asset managers and insurers. PPIs are an alternative pensions vehicle for low cost and transparent DC plans in the second pillar for employers. Swiss bank Credit Suisse and re-insurer Swiss Re have launched a PPI pensions vehicle for defined contribution arrangements in the Netherlands.The companies said their PPI – dubbed i-PensionSolutions – would be the first with a “truly open architecture”, allowing a participating employer to opt for an asset manager of its own choice.The employer will also be able to select an insurer if it chooses to insure additional risk, such as with a partner’s pension or in the event of labour disability. However, before the employer can make a selection, the preferred asset manager or insurer must be affiliated with the “platform” of i-PensionSolutions, according to Credit Suisse and Swiss Re.last_img read more

first_img“Further clarity may also be needed so that public shareholders have full confidence that proposals are not being unduly influenced by the well-known relationships between Sky and 21st Century Fox,” the LAPFF said in a statement.Sky non-executive directors John Nallen and Chase Carey both have roles at Fox, as CFO and vice-chairman, respectively.Most notably, Sky chairman James Murdoch is also chief executive at Fox.Also on Sky’s board are AP7 vice-chair Adine Grate and Aberdeen Asset Management chief executive Martin Gilbert.Thomas Moore, a UK equities fund manager at Standard Life Investments, said in an interview with the BBC that the current price was not sufficient for shareholders.He said he hoped the independent directors such as Gilbert would “step up and put forward a strong case that this bid undervalues the company”.Elsewhere, the aggregate deficit of UK private-sector defined benefit schemes improved by nearly 30% during November, according to the Pension Protection Fund (PPF).The total shortfall across the 5,794 schemes in the PPF’s 7800 index was £194.7bn at the end of last month.At the end of October, the figure was £275.9bn. The overall funding ratio rose to 88.1%.The improvements stemmed from a rise in Gilt yields following the election of Donald Trump as US president, causing liabilities to fall.Most major equity markets fell in sterling terms during November.Liabilities have also fallen due to a change to the PPF’s calculation methods, introduced at the start of this month.Andy Tunningley, head of UK strategic clients at BlackRock, warned that “the gains of recent months only bring funding levels only slightly above where they were at the start of the year”. He added that 2016 had been “another lost year for many pension funds”.Tunningley said pension funds should not rely on longer-term rises in yields, as there was a “huge” imbalance between supply and demand for government debt. He said: “Pension funds cannot rely on rising yields to escape their funding holes – most pension funds should hedge more interest rate and inflation risk than they currently do.”In other news, BNY Mellon has won a contract to supply custody, accounting and depositary services for the Local Pensions Partnership’s (LPP) £5bn global equity fund.The fund – LPP’s first since it established its pooling project – was announced at the start of November.It comprises internally managed equities for the London Pension Fund Authority and Lancashire County Pension Fund, as well as mandates run by MFS Investment Management, Robeco and Magellan.Finally, the UK government has launched a review of auto-enrolment for next year.The Department for Work and Pensions announced this week that the review would focus on self-employed workers and people with multiple jobs.It will also “examine” the 0.75% charge cap imposed on auto-enrolment defined contribution schemes.Almost 7m people have been enrolled into a pension fund since auto-enrolment came into force in October 2012.By 2018, all employers will be required to have some form of pension fund for employees. The Local Authority Pension Fund Forum (LAPFF) has warned directors of broadcaster Sky not to undervalue the company as it considers a bid from 21st Century Fox.Fox and Sky have agreed a price of £10.75 (€12.86) per share, valuing the company at more than £18bn.Kieran Quinn, chairman of the LAPFF, said: “All directors of Sky have a duty not to disadvantage the public shareholders, and the position of the non-executives will need to be robust to ensure the premium paid is appropriate and that shareholders are not disadvantaged by any temporary low in the share price.”The LAPFF, which represents the majority of the UK’s local government pension funds for shareholder issues, said the bid should be put to a shareholder vote.last_img read more

first_imgPill Testing: Arguments For and AgainstCatholic Weekly 24 January 2019Family First Comment: “Advising a potentially allergic user to take only half a 100 per cent pure MDMA pill won’t help anymore than eating half a peanut instead of the whole will stop anaphylactic shock for those allergic to peanuts. With that knowledge, the results of this pill testing push will be frightening. What better way is there to broaden the pool of prospective drug users than to suggest pill testing makes ecstasy use safer? Expect an accelerating number of deaths from this craven misinformation… Why aren’t the pill testing promoters telling the truth about ecstasy, saying pill testing is about safety when it’s not? Maybe there’s something to hide, like another agenda.”Every death from a party pill in Australia has a toxicology analysis of what caused the death in the coroner’s report, so there are no mysteries about what is causing these deaths.But here is the appalling news – the cause is very different from what you are hearing from pill testing proponents and from an Australian media that has largely failed its due diligence on this story.The only Australian study on an extensive number of ecstasy-related deaths looked at 82 coroners’ reports from between 2001 and 2005. First, that is a lot of under-reported ecstasy deaths in five years. Second, 23 per cent of those deaths were caused solely by the MDMA in the pill. Another 59 per cent were caused by MDMA when used with other legal and illegal drugs.Conclusion? Eighty two per cent of the 82 deaths reviewed were directly attributed to MDMA. Ecstasy is the killer. Third, none of these 82 deaths were from impurities or other unknown drugs in the pills. And recent coroners’ reports concur. The Daily Telegraph reported on 15 January that Professor Dawson had indicated MDMA was implicated in early toxicology tests on four recent NSW deaths.The other evidence-free assertion we keep hearing is that many deaths are from MDMA ‘overdoses’. The truth is that MDMA overdoses are rare, with most deaths from a single pill or from MDMA ingestion within the normal range of recreational use.Even Harm Reduction Australia’s senior organisation, the US Drug Policy Alliance, says ecstasy overdoses are rare. So why does HRA keep promoting this dangerous myth that misleads the public into thinking the MDMA purity of a single pill needs quantifying?Why, then, are people dying? The reality is that most deaths outside polydrug use are due to something akin to an individual allergic reaction to MDMA. In 1995, Anna Wood took the same tablet as five other friends, but she was the one that died.So, advising a potentially allergic user to take only half a 100 per cent pure MDMA pill won’t help anymore than eating half a peanut instead of the whole will stop anaphylactic shock for those allergic to peanuts.With that knowledge, the results of this pill testing push will be frightening. What better way is there to broaden the pool of prospective drug users than to suggest pill testing makes ecstasy use safer? Expect an accelerating number of deaths from this craven misinformation.There are practical issues too. John Lewis, a forensic scientist at UTS, says pill testing equipment will never provide safety because scrapings from a pill wrongly assume that contained substances are uniformly distributed.Additionally, the three deaths in Melbourne where purported ecstasy pills contained 4-FA and 25C-NBOMe require equipment so sophisticated that police sent samples to Spain for verification. Also, pill testing won’t reduce drug use and its risks as is claimed.A festival-goer with a tested ‘dangerous’ pill will simply ask friends next time where the ‘safe’ MDMA ones are purchased.Why aren’t the pill testing promoters telling the truth about ecstasy, saying pill testing is about safety when it’s not? Maybe there’s something to hide, like another agenda.Of course, only they know their own motives.Gary Christian is a specialist researcher in AOD and Community Health for Drug Free Australia.READ MORE: read more

first_img The task force is one of the members of the swine fever task force with a primary function of conducting meat inspections./PN Task Force Botagoy, headed by Edward Martin Pinaga, confiscated about 63 kilograms of illegally slaughtered pork meat at Purok Riverside and Purok Tinagong Paraiso, both of Barangay Banago, last Nov. 1. TFB The confiscated meat, according toPinaga, was found to be illegally slaughtered.  “Hot meat” means carcass or parts of a carcass of food animals thatwere slaughtered by unaccredited meat establishments. This raises thepossibility that the meat being sold may potentially be unsafe or spoiled. BACOLOD City – Authorities here seized63 kilos of “hot meat” in separate operations in Barangay Banago. Task Force Botagoy head Edward MartinPinaga said they seized 28 kilograms of meat being sold on the road side inPurok Tinagong Paraiso, while another 35 kilograms were confiscated in nearbyPurok Riverside on  Monday. “We immediately conducted routineinspections after receiving complaints from residents,” Pinaga said. “These erring vendors blamed the distance of the slaughterhouse from Barangay Banago and also claimed they did not know that it was required for all hogs planned for slaughter to be processed at the accredited slaughterhouse,” he said. Pinaga, however, said they did not impose penalties from the violators aside from confiscating their products since it was their first offense. Earlier, Bacolod City Mayor Evelio Leonardia issued an executive order creating Task Force African Swine Fever to ensure the city’s protection against the highly contagious animal disease. The seized meat products were immediately brought to Barangay Handumanan and buried.last_img read more

first_imgLiberty, In. — Using information from the public, a team of officers from Indiana State Police SWAT, Fugitive Task Force and U.S. Marshall Service arrested an escapee from Cass County Tuesday.Weeks ago, Vonny Dean Craw, 59, of Logansport, walked away from a Cass County Work Release Center program and police believe he has been hard at work since. He was serving a 20-year sentence for armed robbery.Craw has been identified as a suspect in many thefts in southern Indiana including the robbery of the Bloom Bank in Linton, Indiana back in August. Craw is also a suspect in several other robberies and car thefts in southeast Indiana.Craw was arrested in room 5 at the Liberty Motel at 6 p.m. without incident. Police recovered a stolen 2008 Chevrolet Malibu and an undetermined amount of cash.The investigation is ongoing and more charges are possible.last_img read more

first_imgMadison, IN—On Wednesday a Jefferson County man was arrested on a charge of Child Molesting after an investigation by detectives with the Indiana State Police-Versailles Post.The investigation began this week when the Indiana State Police was notified about a 13-year-old female victim reportedly being pregnant. The investigation led detectives to identify Manuel Lopez Velasquez, 26, as the father of the baby. Investigators also determined that Lopez Velasquez and the victim had been living together in Jefferson County and involved in a relationship.As a result of the investigation, Lopez Velasquez was arrested on a charge of Child Molesting. He was transported to the Jefferson County Jail where he was incarcerated pending his initial appearance in the Jefferson County Circuit Court.The investigation is ongoing.last_img read more

first_imgRelatedPosts Onyekuru bids Galatasaray farewell Galatasaray offer €10m for Onyekuru UCL: Real pips hard-fighting Galatasaray Turkish Süper Lig club Galatasaray confirmed that its vice-chairman Abdürrahim Albayrak tested positive for the novel coronavirus. The club said Albayrak and his wife Şükran Albayrak both tested positive for the virus, adding that they were both in good health on the sixth day of a treatment process. Now 65 years old, Albayrak has served as a board member for Galatasaray as a fervent fan of the club. He served as an executive member of Galatasaray youth football from 1992 to 1994. Albayrak became as Galatasaray’s vice-chairman in an annual general assembly held in 2018. Meanwhile, its rivals Fenerbahçe said on the club’s official social media account that it hopes they would quickly recover.Tags: Abdurrahim AlbayakGalatasaraySukran AlbayrakSuper Liglast_img read more

first_imgJose Mourinho will restore John Terry to his defence at Walsall where Chelsea’s absentees will be as notable as the captain’s return to action. “I don’t see reasons to throw away any competition,” Mourinho told Chelsea’s club website. “A cup is a cup. A trophy is a trophy. If you lose, you lose but you don’t need to throw it away. So yes, we look to the competition in a proper way, and I also think it’s very important to respect opponents. “I don’t think opponents from the Championship, League One or League Two expect the big clubs to go and play against them without the best players.” Walsall have lost just one league match in eight. For Chelsea, goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois remains absent with a knee problem and Willian is also out with a muscle injury. Chelsea midf ielder Nemanja Matic is confident the Blues’ shaky start to the season is over, thanks to the win against Arsenal. “We looked better on the pitch. Maybe mentally we are stronger. We had more pressure than normal before the game because we only had four points,” Matic said. “We recognised the situation. It was time to win. We played like one on the pitch and we fought for every ball. This is just the beginning.” A three-match ban for Diego Costa handed down by the Football Association on Tuesday came shortly after it emerged club doctor Eva Carneiro had left the club. Costa belatedly paid the price for raising his hands to Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny in Saturday’s 2-0 win for the Blues. His suspension began immediately after video evidence proved the striker’s undoing. As well as the Walsall game, Costa also stands to miss Premier League games against Newcastle and Southampton. Carneiro is understood to have left Chelsea, following the incident on the opening day of the season when she was criticised by manager Mourinho after a draw with Swansea. Yet Terry remains, and the 34-year-old former England skipper will make his 650th start for Chelsea in the Capital One Cup third-round tussle with the Saddlers, who stand second in League One this season. Terry has been an unused substitute in Chelsea’s last two games, the wins over Maccabi Tel Aviv and Arsenal, but will have an opportunity to stake a claim for a full-time return to the heart of the defence. Striker Radamel Falcao is another who will start at the Banks’s Stadium. “Of course John’s experience will help,” Mourinho said. “He didn’t play the last match so he is completely fresh and completely motivated to play, the same as Falcao for example. “Chelsea is Chelsea, and wearing the Chelsea shirt always brings responsibility. Every player is more than happy to play.” The current holders, Chelsea begin their campaign against a side Mourinho insists he will take seriously. Press Associationlast_img read more

first_imgNEW DELHI: Having being made the skipper of the national team at the tender age of 25, India hockey star Manpreet Singh has gone from strength to strength and has been leading by example for a while now.Such has been his influence on the team that he was awarded with the prestigious Arjuna Award in 2018 and the FIH men’s player of the year award in 2019. Manpreet, however, credited his leadership qualities to the senior players in the team, who not only help him take good decisions on the field but also make others understand that there is no ‘I’ in team. “Leading the Indian team has been an enjoyable experience for me. It’s a great honour to be the captain of the team,” Manpreet told IANS. “I have not felt the pressure that much because senior players like P.R. Sreejesh, Rupinder Pal Singh, S.V. Sunil and Ramandeep Singh have always been there to help me. “It’s always been about the team for us and not about individuals. Each of us contributes to the team’s cause as much as we can,” he added. Manpreet, along with his team, spent time at the Sports Authority of India (SAI) centre in Bengaluru during the lockdown as coronavirus pandemic ravaged through the entire world. He lifted the lid on how the players tried to keep themselves busy and engaged during the period by studying their future opponents and also kept working on their fitness so they don’t have start from scratch once they came out on the field again. “We were very fortunate to be staying on the Sports Authority of India campus in Bengaluru during the lockdown,” Manpreet said. “We carried out many activities such as attending english classes via video conference, watching footage of our opponents to analyze their strategies and so on which helped us deal with the situation. “We had the national restrictions on outdoor activities, but I did as many core exercises as possible in my room to maintain my fitness. “We mostly carried out body-weight training and we also went for individual runs for about 4-5kms around the campus,” he added. Now the long road towards full-fitness begins for Team India, who were performing at supremely high levels before the COVID-19 crisis began. India are regarded as one of the fittest teams on the circuit but according to Manpreet, it will take substantial amount of time to regain it. “It was really nice to start sports activities after a long time. Since we carried out exercises in our rooms for two months, we were not so stiff,” Manpreet said. “However, we decided to take things slowly and followed a very simple routine without putting too much pressure on our bodies. “It will certainly take a long time for us to reach our peak form again. It’s difficult to predict the exact time that will be needed for us to get back to our peak fitness and form. “The coaches and support staff will assess our performance day by day once we are back in the SAI Centre Bangalore. We will work on basic skills for some time and move forward gradually,” he added. (IANS) Also Watch: Get Set Global: Assamese in UK coping with the Pandemiclast_img read more