advance statement: I am still not enough on what is the master business forum, but in recent years it has a number of management forum, the Forum on operations are little fur, now I own this years management forum experience to share with you, it is with some ideas and experience of their own for the Internet, let heart forum operators can walk less detours (the following is never disclosed on the Internet, basically you can not see in other places), I am not so the vernacular, literary jargons, easy to understand.

This website

answered through invitation as the portal forum administrator has been almost 2 months, the number of registered forum has been million people, while not rely on a large number of brand advertising bombing, do not rely on advertising alliance into registration, the registered number is below will be how to do it? You reveal:

since discuz, 5d6d and so on, the forum has become a very simple thing, almost every site has established its own forum. The number of forums expands instantaneously. Building a forum is very simple, everyone can do forums, but want to develop the forum, the difficulty is also difficult with the past too much.

forums are divided into 2 categories: one is based on the content of the forum established. Two, there is no website in the form of pure forums.

content is no longer said, mainly talking about how to become bigger and how to develop.

construction prophase:

forum is not easy to get too much, can add their own content, vest vest post, reply, the number of online fraud do not advocate. The party must do well,

a certain number of Posts and replies, find the relevant forum posting to attract membership registration, find the relevant website cost-effective advertising, can go to alimama or find their own webmaster contact, the effect is good.

member after coming, continue to vest post, replies. At this point, remember to return a lot of members of the post, so that he realized that the forum is very friendly. Then can hire 1-3 owner, wages can be paid by currency QQ or forum, let you come instead of posting replies, at this time can not consider your ability, as long as you can post replies. Practice for one month, then you can make decisions based on performance.

early construction, membership levels and permissions to set loose some, medals with activities in time, so that we have a sense of honor. Activities can send prizes or forum coins, of course, the forum currency must have practical use, such as I made the gateway through the forum, gold coins can be exchanged for advertising, bit or physical gifts. It is recommended to have regular activities and, of course, an occasional burst of activity can bring a lot of fun to the members.

summary: multiple / post recruitment propaganda forum to help owner to make good use of the forum, medals and forum activities

two construction medium-term


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