contact webmaster to work now almost four months, during this period from a thorough rookie to now can a simple website optimization, I spent a lot of time and energy, but also learned a lot of things, but still feel very difficult to do stand, many are just do some useless work. Often in my spare time, I will ask myself, as a webmaster, I still lack what? What makes me do such a difficult station,


I asked myself three questions first.

1, as a webmaster, I lack efforts,

, I often ask myself, what I have done is not enough place? I’m not diligent? Every day I will go for their construction site outside the chain, will update the content for the website every day, I build at least ten blog for my website now, I know the last answer hundreds of leave a link in Baidu, leave the link in each big forum, several articles published in the webmaster online, the construction of the chain of my site to 4500, there are 350 articles included, every day I spend a lot of time to do my site. I found that I didn’t lack effort and diligence, and I did all I could.

2, as a webmaster, I lack IQ,

I often think is such a problem, I was not smart enough, or too good? I immediately rejected the first half sentence, although I can not say the high IQ, but high school is a top student, when the university is not among the best, but did not hang over. Others write articles I can understand, but also can draw inferences from others, I also learn faster, the ability to accept is relatively strong. As for the second half sentence, it was also investigated. The IQ of each of us is almost the same, so it is not so good that we are not inferior to others. So I don’t lack intelligence.

3, as a webmaster, I lack experience,


said I only do webmaster for four months, but I think it has been a long time, before I always take myself as a new look, and now is really embarrassed. I may be right to say that I lack experience, but my experience can be cultivated slowly, and time can prove everything. And I experience a lot, as a webmaster all the basic work I basically will, maybe I won’t be in a single field of cattle, but definitely not doing much worse than others, as long as I want to do it, afraid of anything serious.

so I’m not a lack of effort, not lack of intelligence, time will also help increase my experience, what I lack? What is the most I lack? I every day to worry about this issue, will take the time to think about what was wrong with me every day. Then one day, I finally realized, and I finally found what I lacked most. I found that what I lacked most was the idea of doing a station, a systematic and good way of doing things.

that was an afternoon not long ago. The weather was so good that I took the time to play a basketball and wanted to vent it

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