today, the boss talked to me about the problem of enterprise website traffic. Why is the traffic on the enterprise website so low and the customer switching is lower?. The search for relatively low number of enterprise websites should be how to do it? I summed up the following:

1, update your website every day and add some original articles. Let search engines have included things. This original is not necessarily all written by yourself, but also can be collected, received, changed. If your website is all collected, then your website is not far from K. If you have ten thousand articles, each of these articles brings you a traffic, which is ten thousand of the traffic.

2, when you included more, then you have to let the long tail keywords ranking before. According to statistics, a web site long tail keywords flow generally not less than your main keywords, long tail keywords ranking before, flow will be high.

3, do more links. The link is divided into one-way and two-way link link, a bidirectional link is that you and others do Links, A B, B A (A.B respectively for two different sites) the general flow is bidirectional, if the two sites are similar, liquidity is not, which is the two website to share traffic the same. One way link is that A links to B, and B does not have links to A, which means that A becomes a one-way link to B. This is unlikely to happen unless a friend or a site of his own. But you can also find blogs, forums, and links to websites. But this link is not long. But you can still bring traffic.

4, use your own main keywords to link with your peers’ websites, especially with your own website name. I don’t talk much about the link, it’s clear.

5, that is, stick to it! Keep up the above four points!


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