has been in my things for a living, but in recent years due to the economic crisis, the country hit, and the impact of business attacks emerge in an endless stream, it still does the decline gradually, though, but earn less, so think about whether should turn to. Because legend, know a lot of online friends, one day to a net friend, he and a friend of cooperation with the novel station, is a collection program 24 hours non-stop collection, plus the template and acquisition rules are please hand written, plus the server bandwidth, stable performance. The novel updated, now his book station flow a staggering one hundred thousand independent IP, earn up to two thousand or three thousand yuan, why so high, he added a lot of people hate pop ads, each visit a page all popup.

After listening to

I envy, want to get a book, I thought it does not make a month tens of thousands, even earn a few thousand dollars is spent. But his book collection procedures, the preparation of template acquisition rules higher prices, coupled with the cost of the server, need a lot of money. Broke the idea, think of another web site type. Later, in A5, the Webmaster Station saw some articles, said to do local forum is hot, think of unfamiliar, don’t do, do a local forum, at least for the local situation is still ripe, then do a local forum. However, when I really did it, I found that the local forum was no longer a hot spot. I checked it. Almost all the counties and cities in the city have local forums. People have already done, and basically there will always be one or two slightly larger local forum.

, how can you compete with them as a novice? What’s more, the biggest problem with local forums is that you are the only one in the forum, or 35 friends are posting. Gradually, your friend’s interest (under your spell, said how to develop) also disappeared, your station will become a dead stop and ghost station.

I’ve done several forums before, and the end result has been a stop problem. But this time is different, I had my friend novel acquisition station inspiration, then search the Internet there is no forum collector? If yes, they worked hard for 35 years, a daily income of my hands, how beautiful! I searched, really, in order to avoid advertising too is the name of the collector is not released. The collector also has a trial function, just advertising. I tried that forum collector, found that powerful, amazing effect. Not only can you register tens of thousands of members at once, but you can also collect a large number of dozens of pages and hundreds of pages of posts according to the forum section of other people’s forums. After the collection, and other people’s forum some of the tags modified, modified and then sent to my forum. All of a sudden, the local forum structure and content up. Because my spare time is still open legend, imagine now relying on legend sites, and later rely on Web sites legend. The local forum has been set up on my legendary server, and the cost has been reduced a lot.

applied for a domain name and got a station name

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