network media is the trend of development. Today, the Internet has become a channel for people to obtain information. As a newspaper media talk about the word "people began to look at the evening paper 20 years ago, 20 years later, they are the middle layer of society, have the ability to buy; today, 20 people are basically the Internet, after 20 years, they are the middle layer of society, May 20 years is too long, 10 years is enough!" do not talk nonsense, down about


1, environment

every city has the construction of each city, each city developers; each city people have to buy a house, real estate, so each enterprise developers, intermediary agents, real estate industry chain came into being. First of all, you should make a basic understanding of your city, how many agencies, and how many developers. Intermediary business, how developers business, the local newspapers, media, television media and other real estate advertising on more or less? Local have those real estate, network media, there are those online media?. Of course, the earlier investigation is the more detailed the better, this investigation is gradually carried out, you can not touch these in a day, you can slowly observe, and gradually carried out.

two, invest in

‘s input into network media is mainly hardware and software. The hardware mainly is the server and hosting fees, early can buy affordable virtual host system software! I recommend is the asp+sql architecture, the system architecture to facilitate the development and maintenance of MS and IIS, although the system vulnerability is a lot, but as long as careful, no problem. Software focuses on the security of the system (program) that builds network media. There are many hacker software on the Internet, and many people are happy with black sites. If your system does not want to be attacked, at least SQL injection, common upload vulnerability is shielded, so a good program, it is necessary to take care of the habit of Internet users, so humane, but also take into account security and server load, but also to do some web search engine optimization, the search engine to find you. Such a program in about ten thousand is almost the same, for example, this set of Yulin property program only more than 1000 to buy. The hardware and software problems solved, the entire site erected on it. The cost of this part is mainly hardware and software, and it is estimated that the one-time investment is around 15 thousand.

three, promotion and marketing,

do media, must be promoted before, marketing in the back.

is very simple, only the promotion, we all know, recognized the media, to do the simplest Marketing – advertising sales.

1, promotion

In fact, there are many ways to popularize

, which are divided into online and offline.

online: Web site set up later, find friends to do the friendship connection, advertising exchange, and more understanding of the industry, to the forum website, this is the worst thing to do. By distributing free space, favorable measures such as absorbing > qq COINS

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