wrote about it, the first half of the site did not touch the text, remember the last time I wrote a space prize in DEDE had a 1G, not now, free stuff is not good Oh, my name is Lv You, the name with me for many years, has not changed, this is my past net, this year, I in the account in a bottle, was worthy of the name of Lv You. I’m used to the way my friends call me. Now write about my years of experience, from the beginning to the present,

then I will start from the site, the site is also my hobby, I did not think about this hobby persisted for three years, still decadent insist, I may be a network that we call people waste the most humble little more color, the beginning of the 05 year, built the first BLOG at that time, I was in the popular QZONE, QZONG code BLOG, and later built the first network in Internet cafes, sky free base, the station with me for three years now, put up the shutters, I don’t know in my side and how many webmaster brothers down, at least I can get down over half a year, and the majority of people. Rent a small room, a computer, began three years of my career I found my TMD webmaster, I why so nosese, this year has been decadent to write poetry, can seldom write such a lengthy Well, no drafts, close eyes, memories, skilled tapping keyboards,.

and Rao far, the first station was established not long, I was in the 20 group, flow quickly up, then began to apply GOOGLE ADSENSE advertising, but also learn other webmaster, together make up the dollars, began a few months to earn $one hundred, then the web traffic up to 1W about IP 1W IP which lasted for two years when the best 3W it seems, I can not remember, at first, I will also make some flow alliance, improve flow, slowly began to get rid of those things, the so-called copy and paste career later in the day, don’t brush friends started Internet advertising I’m curious, what do do, remember seems to be the tool called MOMO, now that B is still alive, money is not long, estimated earned 2W yuan or so, or made a part of normal GG Money, but it’s all.

now recall some emotion, then I started to do a lot of station, bought the server, there are about more than 20 stations. At the same time, more mad down a night stand, collection, copy and paste crazy, crazy stealing template, those days full of tired, did not think too much, from the so-called love to rely on these in life, I built a web site, I did not work, until now, I have changed a lot of place, for a lot of network server, changed a few rooms, all problems, I think many owners like me, every day staring at Baidu. Look at the statistics included, hand Steamed Buns, glasses at the display, can be said to be crazy, so I and my woman quarrel every day. Later, slowly support me, I live

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