another round of vigorous website filing campaign began. Ha ha, countless webmaster headache for it again. But the national policy down, as a responsible webmaster, or without support, although forced to record some people difficult to accept, but to the healthy development of the Internet, or a forbearance.

today with you about the process of recording a few small problems easily encountered, and I hope for the owners for the record, especially for the new owners recorded some help.

1: what kind of website is the most popular on the Internet now?

movie station, forum.

2: can these two websites be filed,




3: why not,


because the film station involves copyright issues, need to get pre-approval, and on the current situation, individuals want pre-approval is impossible. And the forum needs special approval, this approval in my many information record center after obtaining the situation is personal Adsense want to pass the examination and approval is impossible.

4: since the movie stations and forums are not approved, then I still need approval,


of course, you need to, since the country under the command of death, you do not record, the end of the site is closed.

5: what about that,


can only say that in the record site, please temporarily close your movie station, BBS, or independently make a page, write "in the record" can. Many people say that a company or other program to upload BBS, do not involve copyright procedures, it is not necessary, the auditor in the audit process, according to my understanding is not very thorough look at your site, generally only open your home to check on the OK, so when you still record you can update a website, but do not generate home, home to maintain "record" can be.

6: how long will it take for the record?

generally speaking, no content, no program site (Yu Ming), my personal filing cycle is not more than 10 days, the fastest 1 days. Websites with content have the longest 20 days.

7: how long will the add in help me pass?


access providers to help you add information within 20 days will pass, my knowledge of network is waiting for 13 days by the. If you have not passed within 20 days, please call your local filing center, which will basically be solved for you in a day, because the information provided by the access provider is more than 20 days, they have not been audited and you may complain to them. It is worth noting that the access provider to help you add information, the record center will not send mail to remind you whether the record is completed, so please start landing in the seventh day filing system to check your record status.

8: my domain name has been put on record by others, what should I do?


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