for the website optimization industry, influence the search engine algorithm to adjust the work is very large, especially in the beginning of last year, due to the continuous adjustment of the Baidu algorithm, with Baidu for the sale of links, stations, soft link optimization means to combat, make site optimization work more difficult, so in the face of such a situation, search engine how to deal with the Baidu algorithm change?

In fact,

status updates from Baidu algorithm can be seen, the update Baidu algorithm is to provide more reliable content to network users, so we in the optimization of the website in search engine to drill holes, the use of black chain, unidirectional links, cross links and other ways to increase the chain site. Increase the weight of the website, so need to pay attention to the construction of the chain of high quality in the optimization of the website, and the high quality of the chain need to pay attention to relevance, that is to say the chain’s website, content, links to related to the target site, the only way to link more reliable, in order to obtain higher weights.

No matter how Baidu

algorithm update, the original website always think the main factors of the web site keywords, and with the algorithm of updating, there have been more and more Chengdu site optimization workers will focus in the construction of website content, authenticity, reliability, authority and uniqueness to the construction of high quality content need to pay attention to the content of the website, the website content must be really reliable, if it is false information for visitors to produce misleading, it will cause very serious consequences, so in the construction of websites when must be rigorous reality, preferably has a certain authority in the industry.

also is the website structure, website agency is each site elements, has a very big impact on the user experience on the website of the website structure, website structure clearly allows users to quickly access to information, if the website structure is very confusing, the user first cannot find information, after he rarely came to the site, resulting in very serious consequences.

mechanism can also affect the weight distribution of the site within the page, the website structure can feel that the page of the weight was high, the page weight is low, so for the website page optimization and quality optimization of long tail keywords is very important, a site has reasonable structure, can make the search engines to crawl more, more valuable web pages, which plays a very important role in Chengdu website optimization, not only can enhance the web crawl rate, but also can improve the site keywords ranking.

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