recently, also can not say recently, for several years, and in some webmaster forums, often see you complain: flow less, buckle amount big, GGAD also K number, want to do a Baidu theme, it is not passed. Indeed, the problem that everybody says, I also met, also once because GGAD cruel K has fallen more than 1 thousand knife account, one night can not sleep, that kind of suppress Qu Qu, is really uncomfortable.

has also done garbage stations, tens of thousands of IP, such as diabetes insipidus rolling, and then like premature ejaculation, rapids straight down. In communicating with several friends, we came to the conclusion: do you want to exercise your heart? Do you want to experience the feeling of being a roller coaster? Come on, join me in the garbage station.

you tell me, I believe in you, must also have a lot of garbage station, I casually said that features the dumpster. This feature is not necessarily a garbage station, but the dumpster must have these characteristics.

features: see a CMS, first do not ask how the execution efficiency, strong load capacity is not strong, ask: is certainly with acquisition? Oh, can be said to be the largest contributor to the garbage collection station, if there is no acquisition program, I estimate "dump" is also very difficult to become a noun.

features two: every week there is a day (originally Thursday, now adjusted to Monday), no matter what time is usually sleeping, and to this day, must endure until half past two, what to do, etc., Baidu update. To tell the truth, Baidu has included your new station, there is no update your old station, and won’t suffer you stay up late influence. However, if you don’t stare, you always feel the loss of panic. Just a few days ago, I was on the bed review gold scales, received a text message: big brother, help me check Baidu included my new station did not, I can not get on the net. On the right, you’re not wrong, I just returned by the past, but I still return to Pidianpidian up to give him site, have come to be so impatient, that other people did not understand. Result。。。 I really couldn’t bear to say "sorry, I didn’t find the page related to" and sent it to him.

features three: looking for a simple page structure of the site, what you want to do, collect Bai. The page structure is too complex to be garbage collector. If when cyberloafing occasionally encountered a page refreshing, simple structure of the station, it will basically do point.

in fact, there are more features, and today’s mind is messy, and then do not write. Which day drink more, specially write a garbage station of the happy and sad. I don’t do the dumpster already for a long time, although the money can do the dumpster, but after all, not a permanent solution. In order to later born son can drink the milk of confidence, or change to do something to "often earn long Ann" of it.

said, often earned a long time, the first choice, of course, is a professional station, you do not say now standing on the regular basis is not good to do, that you do not do, there are many industry stations can be

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