program is the basis of the webmaster of the construction site, on the site of the daily operations, may find the application program can not meet our requirements, or is found more suitable for convenient procedures, so this time we want to change the program? We have some.

first, after the website changes the procedure, the website structure certainly will cause the very big change,

A drastic change in the structure of the

web site is very unfriendly to the search engine. After the website has been collected, the information of the website has been stored in the database by the search engine, including the structure information of the website. Then, in the face of changes in the structure, the search engine will delete the previous data and re index the site. Well, there’s a good chance of being demoted.

second, after the website changes program, the likelihood causes original URL to fail

website change program is generally database conversion, and there is a new program to collect data from the old program. The former method could keep the original URL unchanged, the premise is the two program can customize the URL rules, so we can according to the rules of URL before a program, the new program under the address and the original program is consistent. This approach requires that we have the ability to convert databases, usually in large amounts of data. If the site data is small, or do not want to change the database, then it is necessary to collect data, so that the original site of the URL mostly invalid. That is, the weight of the original content page will be greatly reduced or even zero. New sites to rely on search engines to re included, and then re accumulation of weight. The weight of the entire site will also be lowered.

third, after the website changes program, also unfriendly to the visitor.

exchange program, may be leading to the existence of a large number of 404 pages, not only to the search engine, for the visitors, but also very friendly, often search to a non-existent page, it is a kind of experience?

and so on…

websites don’t change programs easily, unless they are in great need, so you can use some methods to minimize the cost.

, for example, keeps the original URL address as valid as possible, and can be implemented by custom URL rules. The title, keywords, description, address and so on of the homepage and the channel page of the website are consistent with the original program as much as possible. Have the ability to do the original "301 jump to the new page, also through the robots.txt limit does not exist spiders to crawl the page, a 404 page site map for the new, updated daily original, increase the chain etc..


exchange program for the website, is a very serious injury, in general, do not easily change the site procedures, sometimes we can integrate or other methods to avoid changes in procedures, such as the original CMS to do group purchase, but the CMS does not have this feature, we can use two.

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