thought of induction, we want to get the most is the erotic, here is not pornography, truly pornography is illegal in China, so I believe there is no webmaster porn is erotic, such as Chen XX news, people download temptation brand-x browser can browse certain customers so the example.

so the induction has been in China is cheating with an equal sign, but this is a clear misunderstanding, because not GOOGLE does not allow induction, but FIREFOX this browser promotion is not allowed to induce. Because if you’ve done GOOGLE ADWORDS, you’ll find that the more you want your clicks, the better your earnings. But not all advertising in the GOOGLE is the idea, and some brands do not like others to induce, or some marketing or promotion of popular marketing. This situation is very common, you have seen everywhere advertising Ferrari? Because there is no need, they must also let you buy a Ferrari car can be recommended, this company is the brand for the first one, they only love to make money. But not all businesses put their brand first and care more about their profits, so they can’t wait to induce you to buy their goods.

induction in foreign countries with a very professional word to translate: incentive.

, did you notice such an option when you registered with CJ, and ask whether your traffic source is INCENTIVE?


if you choose, your advertising will be reduced a lot, and if you don’t choose, you’ll have more advertising. Because ads that support INCENTIVE traffic must support NO-INCENTIVE traffic, and vice versa.

so, in other words, as long as you write your INCENTIVE project clearly when you sign up and say what it means, then your induction is reasonable, that is, formal.


induced approach does not include: Chinese writing, knowing how to register, describing what benefits you will get from advertisers, and individual webmaster giving you extra rewards or promises after registration. These are all reasonable.

so we can do some host advertising, you can not only write articles, introduce soft text, you can also set the anti Commission and other guidance methods, these are all feasible.

of course, there is also a higher value plug-in advertising than FIREFOX, you can also fully use Chen XX pornographic related examples to induce.

in an English, not everyone proficient in the environment, I personally think that the way to induce some advertising, is the shortcut, is king,


published this article, I’m sure a lot of people don’t understand what CJ is

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