a few days ago, I happened to meet a webmaster, he is a website to do beauty slimming skin care, specifically for female friends, I looked at his website, the page is very beautiful, very rich in contents, I added his QQ, and chatted with him, you can also look at his website www.zizinan.com

is really good!

does not write at the beginning, write something important:

sister Nan 13:36:54

write soft Wen to each BBS to release, Baidu will soon included your website

Phi Phi 13:37:25

Xiao Xiao wind.

well, yeah, ha ha, good idea,

sister Nan 13:38:16

included slowly after the search from the flow of

Phi Phi 13:38:43

Xiao Xiao wind.

hair soft when, want to add links,


sister Nan 13:39:13

of course, or how will you add your corn


you look at the soft text written by someone else, I know the way to imitate them

Phi Phi 13:39:27

Xiao Xiao wind.


sister Nan 13:41:58

and you remember the big Baidu update,

every Tuesday night, spiders grab

of data a lot

, and the second week of each Tuesday and the fourth Tuesday will be a big update, the so-called big update is a lot of included or mention or drop the right K station,

Phi Phi 13:42:40

Xiao Xiao wind.

what do I need to do at this time,


sister Nan 13:43:10

so, the night before the big update, you have to feed Baidu,


sister Nan 13:43:38

do a couple of connections a day before, using the key words you want to do to make the connection name

, for example, your beauty and weight loss,

Phi Phi 13:44:11

Xiao Xiao wind.

, uh huh, OK, I see….

sister Nan 13:46:02

as to what keywords, what keywords to flow, big

index.baidu.com, take a look at this place and enter a word to see how much the search is in a day.

what you do is a wide range of forums

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