everybody attention please, I this in Admin5 hair of the soft text teaching itself is a soft text, but also with the soft form of soft Wen teaching to illustrate some problems.

this article for the soft soft, soft soft grams, not soft, soft to pole.

said the soft, I know the webmaster, you who will write? Quite simply, after bluntly write a nonsense, interspersed among several web sites, needless to say, a soft way. This can fix text will be reproduced? High degree of customer experience? There is effect? These questions, write soft Wen webmaster


well, began to write soft, noticed, attractive theme is? If your subjects are too old-fashioned, then forget it, come on, do you think what is the new theme, beauty? Yes, the theme of the Olympic Games? Although attractive, but because of being too attractive, people put N times, okay, now young people most love what? Of course is the game, when it comes to the game, and stand-alone games, online games. Needless to say, of course, is the network game attraction, audition, World of Warcraft, you can see the major sites, like 1713 ah, www.windyou.com, hot information with which the site of these popular games about


then stop, actually a state is soft in nature, you also want to write, soft soft, soft spot, soft for him, you, don’t hesitate, to have soft soft. I like to say soft Wen Tai Chi soft grams of steel, a wonderful.

said the soft theme, said the next content. What is a soft, extremely soft, let a person look out, in front of a confused. At a loss, the soft content don’t write too, often have a friend to write a soft Wen, the play on its own web site. That result, content becomes not smooth, let the reader. This is not soft, it is hard to add URL, is the so-called dish less sugar sweet but not greasy, and we have to do the soft soft but not hard, hard but not soft, hard and soft combined, the effect is that Dangdang said this. He said, feeling rather empty, continue to combat


network game is really popular recently, in addition to the game itself attractive, game player is more attractive than? You go to www.youxiluntan.com a look, really scared, are all a bunch of MM wait for the narrow male and the so-called non mainstream game player, MM. You said, now is the nearest people to play the game. Still, the game play? Development at this point, the game became a social place.

OK, stop here, you see a few lines of words, though I criticized the narrow male and non mainstream, but also a little hint of this phenomenon, I give youxiluntan.com needless to say, if you are not the webmaster, you will not hesitate to go out, maybe looking at your website is the mainstream MM and narrow male. "

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