on the B station the topic has been discussed many times, as a "non-governmental organizations", B station has been all kinds of troubles, continue to tear force but even so, still can’t shake it because it is the main position of ACG culture, while in the anime fans in China rapidly increasing influence. Recently on the B station in the end is profitable, but also rely on what the profit problem, once again cause netizens onlookers.

for this problem, since the B station 9bishi rhetoric is this: B station is in the long-term loss of state funds are not well-off, is B by staff in the best video bandwidth costs burden website.

so the crowd in the answer is naturally divided into two factions, some people think B station has been self financing, can persist is the webmaster of the feelings of nature, worthy of praise; another part is that 9bishi is installed in the poor, because the B station has been stealing money and you have not made


, based on a heated discussion on this issue among netizens, let’s take a good 818 B stand today. How can we make a profit?

advertising revenue

advertising revenue appears earlier and is the basis of income, but don’t know if you still remember, the original B station is entirely a full dogskin plaster. From last November, an exposure quote mail, you can see that advertising prices are not expensive.



however, as one of the earliest and the most basic income, advertising station overall revenue share in the proportion has been getting smaller and smaller in B, contrast can be seen, the original distribution of advertising position is the sauce:

1. content page player, barrage pool ad, mostly for beep, mile, game center, game ad.

2. home page ads, mostly diffuse, such as online shops around the pirates.

3. content page player above the Ads ad, Google ads ad, content for search Cookies targeted advertising, advertising is mainly Jingdong merchandise.

4. page player below advertising, is the major game agents released new advertising.

but at the moment, except for the first barrage, the pool ads remain, and all other items have been removed.


can be said that in the era of the B station this practice experience is king again silently let users for a praise in the heart, but also reflects from the side, when Youku Iqiyi these mainstream video sites, a gradual increase in the number of ads, when the length of the B station, the key is not here.

game intermodal

so, what’s the point of the B station? Where is the two dimensional depth of powder collection at the B station?

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