on the morning of April 25th, the forum has opened up the grassroots webmaster information section and placed it in the first place.

this section involves webmaster information, website operations, webmaster interviews, IDC information and so on.

laggards, is a small Adsense gathered forum. The forum adopts strict entry mode, condenses more than 40 thousand high viscosity members, day online members about 10 thousand, day post more than 30 thousand.

for many years, the forum has formed a so-called MJJ irrigation culture, the atmosphere is very active. The members in the first section of the activities in the multi resource exchange column, as the members of the focus pull to the construction site, the webmaster refused swimming fish is on the website to bend over backwards, column high integral set.

, but it seems like many webmaster enjoy the irrigation culture. The adjustment of the fish section today is "no longer tolerated". Perhaps, he was still unforgettable for the K666 culture. The fish says this comes from the advice of the king. Wang’s webmaster network is an information website.

according to the author experience, the new beginning of grassroots webmaster information section, has not completely open to the outside world, ordinary laggards only browse and reply privileges. The content mostly comes from Chinaz, cnBeta, stationmaster net and so on, provided by the member who has authority.

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