once saw a master wrote, do not put Wangzhuan as a kind of occupation, and to put it as an extra money. I have repeatedly stressed that "to make money, is the heart" because in 2006 when the third I had the honor to become the Tencent of the CP business, so I Wangzhuan road from the beginning.

at the end of 2006, QQ space station achievement later by raging like a storm, dance workshop, qzoner QQ station and a number of pioneers, because at that time the day we recommend popular GG, CP Group of people, engaged in a QQ space station a month income of $more than 3000 (early 2007), so a large number of CP became the webmaster. Now the famous love and qzone, seen during a friend’s $screenshots, I was enchanted, a dancer to download station, to tell the truth, in time and qzoner was almost the same as the snow less early, but my station finally disappeared, not my heart, because in the exploratory stage, I’m a little too blind, I studied a large number of QQ station, and then when the QQ space station in Baidu search over 42700000, I understand a truth, there are many kinds of methods to make money, do not blindly follow others ass run, give me a revelation a network called "turtle", he engaged in the most familiar is the QQ net station, although he and I did not come into contact with, but I found that in the areas of really a lot, from QQ net to traditional Chinese characters. Roughly estimated, the total IP of each web site is definitely above the qzoner. It also makes me understand "to make money, lies in the heart", so I become more specific, I put under the banner of the station are thrown to the classmates and friends (not money), leaving only a QQ Dancer to download, because compare love to commemorate this domain name, I have done QCC, although do not make money, but not throw.


, I spend a lot of time to study the offbeat Wangzhuan, today is the first to discuss with keywords forgotten! Occasionally found someone doing "please enter the keyword" this station, I feel very interesting. Everyone in the "Tibetan mastiff" when I found a lot of the list is not often between the words, for example, Ctrip:


you can see, Ctrip keyword search volume is also great. My idea is that to build a blog to provide Ctrip information, during the construction site, how to get traffic, I’m not here I mainly said display slight skill before an expert, how to profit. After the stability of the site traffic, you can properly put GG click advertising, but must ensure that the quality of the article, write a point of view of the scenery, and so on, and give you a look at the highest historical price:


had heard someone say before, that the unit price can buy a car. But I feel it’s OK to buy a cell phone at this price

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