1- locates the site

I believe that every webmaster will do a good job of positioning their website, each site is not the same, so I do not introduce this side.

should pay attention here is that the website should be profitable mode to join the positioning and planning, and if a site does not make money, all of which are false.

spends less space and domain name every year, and often pays much more attention to it.

2- saves

actually let me do not understand is, many webmaster that do not do the download station, also don’t do picture station, but must die to buy 1~2G space.

a lot of people are hard to imagine. My website only has 200M web space, 50M database.

my station is about the image class, members need to upload a certain amount of pictures, used for so long, and so far there are more than 50 M.

they laugh at me, but actually he doesn’t have more content than I do. He says his space is cheaper than mine, but the truth is, how much is it?.

3- believes what


online SEO class articles, I read a lot, soft Wen also read a lot, but I found that I did not make much progress.

in fact, many experiences need their own accumulation, integration, most can only be used as a reference, if not achieved on your station, all of which is only a question mark.

so you can ignore my article.

4- adjustment mentality

check list every day to see included, ah, ah, and then go to see the opponent’s station, the heart cooled a majority, confidence hit.

forum is a process of accumulation, no more than 3 years, do not think too much. But you have to believe that late extensions are very large.

sit in front of the computer, try to turn off the computer and think for some time. Many webmaster opened the computer, can not control themselves.

5- rank and medal

that’s important, but many webmaster didn’t notice it, including before I ignored it.

by observing Admin5, phpwind, discuz, and im286, we can easily see that there is a rule of their success, that is, the hierarchy is well established.

for Admin5, if everyone is too easy to be pushed to the home page, then this home page is worthless.

by watching games [actually, I don’t like playing games], I find that the more sophisticated the game is, the more fascinating the later market is.

you say a person is human vanity or bitchy worth mentioning, more difficult to reach the more stubborn, more crazy, do not understand, but it is.

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