about entrepreneurship, I want to start in 1998, when I had a few years of business experience, but commendable entrepreneurial experience is starting from the factory.

said the factory founded is striking one snag after another. Everything is directed by an idea, and the mood at that time is the midwife who gave birth to the factory. In 2000 I had just finished a leave of absence to trade union work, the class is on the past, can do business with vigour and vitality experience I can’t adapt to the present work, follow the prescribed order dull as ditch water. At that time my mood was: I was in Cao camp and my heart was in Han dynasty. All I can think of is doing some more business. Fortunately, the work of the union is basically a "leisure", which makes me have the energy to explore a way to make money. Six months, I have locked several profitable projects, can be investigated and assessed, are uncertain because of the market too many factors and give up.

the turn of events began in 2000 June. I have to go to Yantai entry and exit quarantine center to find a friend that day. The friend is the chief of the office of the unit. I inadvertently in the corner of his office to see a covered with a sleeve shaped objects like a wisp of a fishing rod. "What’s this?" I asked curiously. "It’s a camping bed for lunch break." the friend said as he removed the outer cover of the object and pulled it to both sides. At once, a bed about 1 meters long and 8 centimeters wide, about 60 centimeters wide, appeared in front of my eyes. It’s really comfortable for me to lie up. Friends see my curiosity explained: her name is chaisette, produced in Nanjing, was approved by the Nanjing quarantine friends to buy, we bought a lot of units in two batches, the commodity inspection bureau last month saw the bed also bought a lot of. The speaker has no intention, the listener interested. My friend’s words shocked me, and the sensitivity of my years of doing business made me feel that I had never seen anything in a large number of units, and there must be something worth studying. I should seize this phenomenon and make a thorough and detailed investigation and study. I will devote two months to doing this work. Through contact with acquaintances, I went to the quarantine center and the commodity inspection bureau to investigate the use of camping beds.


result surprised me. 132 people at the Yantai export quarantine service had 48 people using the bed. The Commodity Inspection Bureau has 296 employees and 103 people use the bed. The use rate is so high, why? An interview, I understand that in the nap bed two units popular: first, the two unit of work discipline, work period does not allow private objects placed on the outside, while camping bed closes a bundle of small, can be placed in the cabinet, in office environment safe; 22 units have more units at noon in the kitchen, dining staff, plus the appropriate spacious office environment, resulting in the office lunch more people, we urgently need a good lunch supplies, camping bed convenient for everyone to choose a new Sanye camp bed can be a bed; use, can be used for lunch can also be used to play the field, the hospital, the scope of the wide make everyone feel very cost-effective to buy this bed. The findings were in line with my mind, but my mind was clear at that time, and I knew that individuals could not

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