in my system research and development and sales process, through communication with customers and many webmaster communication, feel very necessary to write something. I myself am a local O2O system, so I can earn some money by buying a system. The purpose of writing this article is to give the webmaster friends to provide some good suggestions and operating ideas, in order to better operate a web site.

no nonsense, let’s get straight to the point:

1. Make sure your website is located. Since you have chosen this line to show that you already know something about it, or that you have seen the future of his business, there is no need to dwell on the market prospects of O2O. The local O2O web site is different from the portal site, and there are similarities and differences between them. To run a local O2O site, first you have to locate your site. In consulting my system customers can be roughly divided into two kinds: one is experienced, one is inexperienced. This also reflects their advisory focus, no, experienced webmaster friends often ask some details on the function, pay more attention to system features, as well as practical. And without experience, and want to operate the website of friends, often pay attention to your system function is not complete, your system has the most current fire function module.


starts, the novice stationmaster, newborn calf is not afraid of tiger, think very long term, think very plump, feel local O2O website is to want much, all, it is a good website. I feel I want to do a site is a full-featured, rich modules. Without taking into account the energy and cost of website operation. The experienced webmaster friends often according to the individual needs of consumers attention website features, so as to play their own characteristics to allow consumers to remember this curve to save the station "often get unexpected results. So, when doing website, must want good website fixed position.

two, do the beautification of local O2O website, pay attention to detail. There is an old Chinese saying: "a man lives a face, a tree lives a skin."". So, face is very important, consumers access to your website, the most intuitive feeling is that this site is good, and secondly, is looking for the service module they want. Some people think that the website design more rich content more full color variety is a good website, this First impressions are strongest concept is wrong, a good website design as far as possible well-proportioned, not out of order, consumers should pay attention to the visual enjoyment, in the color must not change radically, step by step, when the plate column the division must prioritize, so that consumers can easily identify. In the design of the website, you can properly design their own features, Logo or columns, so that more prominent features of their own site, so that consumers will be easier to remember. Make sure that you’re in the right place. Don’t let ads be more important than your website.

three, do local O2O site to ground gas. Now that you have chosen to be a local O2O market, the service you are currently choosing must be for local consumption

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