is a network of institutions engaged in promotion of training interns, after all what work experience but not black, black is the electronic commerce professional background, also often visit the Zac blog, so little has been that the network to promote the work, for the little black, what is not a difficult, although just a novice. First, the first job is to promote the school’s project: Certified Public Accountants, accounting certificate training, on-the-job graduate students. But in fact, the training industry’s network promotion is more network posting, so:

The first step of

black find competitors are posted in what website, this is very easy to find the little black, due to several categories: classified sites, such as 58 people, such as education and training, information network, such as the dragon training network, learning network etc. and some local forums, such as Wuxi East Forest College, eighteen Bay forum etc.


, second step for training writing information, then the information published in the classification of information network, Internet, publishing information in order to get good ranking in the search engine, so they need in the information inside the incorporation of a certain amount of keywords, and the most important place is the title of the key word for example, I do the project "Wuxi CPA training", through the analysis of the results of the search engine keyword, not split title is better than split ranking.


third step for local famous BBS, write soft Wen, black is to choose the famous local forum, consider the aspects include:

famous forums have large amount of visits; it is difficult to put ads in forums for long hours; except for money; articles in famous forums are also easily collected. Of course, some forums, for soft Wen post is relentless, a lot of time in the BBS post, and moderators of the relationship, luck can determine the life of the post.

done the above three steps, basically in the local website can see the company’s information, but unfortunately, the search engine is not to buy all of the site’s account, according to the black observation:

There are a lot of

classification information website, can be included in search engines but only a few, black summary: 58, people, go to the market, reputation, net, net list Yideng classification website is favored by search engine; update function classification website, indexed by search engines, does not mean that we can get good rankings at this time, the time, classification website update function will help to improve the ranking list of current information, network is free support, limiting the number of word-of-mouth network updates, while the people, the 58 is the need to pay a fee.

participate in Baidu competitive ranking keywords included, the result is very slow update, for example in the "Wuxi accounting certificate training", included in the results update is very slow, new information is difficult to get good rankings.

Xiao Hei’s personal opinion on network promotion in training industry:

proper advertising on the Internet is still very much

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