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County Local Information Website Promotion Station Zero Cost combat" published in A5, continue to have national friends add my QQ exchange information station experience, because the content is my personal experience, but also many webmaster attention points, just one week, there are hundreds of mainstream station and non mainstream station publication reprint my article, although most did not leave me standing connection, still feel something. At the same time, in this cold and dramatic autumn season, we have seen all over the country, there are so many webmaster have been working for the dream, and feel very comfortable and warm. After continuous practice and adjustment, Hepu 360 has experienced some twists and turns in the promotion process and is still moving steadily towards the established direction. Some insights in the establishment and promotion of national and even local station information exchange process, summed up some of the details should be paid attention to in the promotion process, in order to avoid the novice detours, and local exchanges share information station.

1, the location of the site to be accurate

for the funds are not very rich webmaster, at the beginning do not pursue big and all. One of the many novice mistakes is that the early establishment of the station to the BBS, cinema, dating center channel opened, resulting in confusion, seriously deviated from the center of care for this and lose that, the local classification information subject. When new users visit, they see a lot of channels, but because of the lack of information, no channel is readable, the browsing desire is greatly reduced, and it is almost impossible to make a return visit.

2, about soft links

does what the station knows about the importance of external links. However, I write soft article through dozens of experience, in most cases, the article is reproduced when leaving your link or indicate the source of the less (alas, now Shidao ah!). As for what reason, do webmaster know, who all want to let others know that he stood the article is reprinted, seems to feel very embarrassed. Of course, some webmaster really not kind of situation also has. As far as copyright is concerned, it is difficult to leave a link or indicate the source in the domestic environment. To get to the point, since links or sources are hard to keep, we’ll have to do something else. It is in the appropriate leave your site keywords, of course, the words must be you stand alone, or in vain. Take my small station "Hepu 360" as an example, "Hepu 360" is the so-called keywords. In the background of fierce competition, others such as "Hepu classified information", "Hepu second-hand information", "Hepu supply and demand information" and so on, do not make much sense to you. My article "the local information website to promote new sites and combat the" zero cost released by many websites, continuous flow rising (specific flow will not say, oh, ah, is the source of the rules) the words "Hepu 360", for reasons I would not say it. Of course, you also guessed, most of these users are all over the station. The traffic doesn’t make much sense to me, but the thing itself is a great inspiration to me, if I >

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