work experience in recent years, more and more deep, no matter who have done things or events, or any work that you have done anything to, any one interested in love, will bring a lot to you, every minute of precipitation, the past hard, pay will, in later life / career, or big or small help; the future you will appreciate your efforts now! Because the achievements you are making now all stem from the hard work of the past!

multi dimensional

electricity supplier operators

electricity supplier operation itself has many levels, category Trader / marketing operations / channel operations…… Every part is crucial! But no matter what part of the work, the final is one, all depends on the traffic. No traffic, goods will not be favored by users; no traffic, even double 11, there will be no current global record…… Each online and offline enterprises, and even each department, from business to research and development, all rack their brains, are trying to do a good job of user experience, and thus enhance the 2 core indicators: flow, traffic and ROI!

in the first part of the content, I mentioned that "the electricity supplier’s war, in some extent, is also a war of flux.". This is reflected in 2 aspects:

wine is also afraid of alley deep

mobile Internet in the now fragmented information acquisition phase, the wine is also afraid of deep alley, good products, no one here, no traffic, it is not easy to produce good quality and efficiency of transformation; if there is a large scale traffic support, is bound to the rapid growth of thin – level commodity flow.

I was responsible for 11 categories, if you can use 2016 exposure to traffic scale to shape 11 categories of 2015 scale, sales, GMV can make history. Tmall so many shops desperately money to buy traffic, the major brands to pay to protect themselves in the search engine traffic sources…… The word "word of mouth" can produce value only under special conditions and special circumstances.

. Distribution of large-scale traffic


considers above is how to acquire and introduce large-scale traffic. On the other hand, if you can do traffic protection, give you one million, ten million magnitude flow, how do you use? How to make good use of it? How to use it effectively? Which do not leak a drop of water, all the water to the fields, make the best use of it, the best?

traffic is always limited, no matter which brand is difficult to long-term rapid growth, so the effective use of current traffic, good flow distribution, is the key to traffic operation!


"& Liuchang Qushui", the flow of electricity supplier retail traffic

different approaches but equally satisfactory results;In the "

" the first masterpiece a Jingdong about the development strategy and the complete process of the Jingdong, the foreword, Liu personally preface, concisely expounds the essence of Electronic Commerce: a return to zero.

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