site construction, both large and small sites must determine the site theme location. Site planning is the core of the success of the site. Site positioning is the first step in building a website.

local site positioning determines the direction of

website positioning determines the future direction of the site, is the direction of the site. The localization of local websites is limited in one area and has distinct regional characteristics. Local website services include localization, classification, fine information, for the people to solve all kinds of problems encountered in life.

website construction before the beginning, if the site positioning is not clear, inaccurate, will in the future website development process, lead to again and again the constant revision, or re positioning, serious closure of the web site.

local website usher in opportunities for development

in the Internet industry, integrated portal first round of staking, has occupied the important now to a space for one person, a regional local sites and professional development, local websites and professional website will also be opportunities for development.

local community website positioning subdivision

whether in first tier cities or second tier cities or county level websites, we have seen community interactive websites at most. The location of local forum website also subdivided: like the Hefei forum, the forum, the Jiyang long lane, building 19, eight community forum on community; community of Beilun, Panyu and the new Fox community, Yingkou China users forum, Wenzhou forum, Shandong forum 001 are very good.

in the subdivision done well, the latter gradually toward the direction of the integrated community, these are specialized company operations, personal Adsense can not operate.

localization of local industry website,

first tier cities and second tier cities, local stations positioning site should be single-minded, only to do fine, specialized, competition has greater advantages. Such as local talent recruitment, job search, local classification information, local tourism, the hottest local buying sites, local websites, local real estate websites, local computer websites, local food and so on. As long as you understand what local netizens need, and meet them, focus on one, do fine service, will have an irreplaceable role in the local.

local portal site positioning should focus on the direction of


portal is a local comprehensive website, including many pages, in fact, a comprehensive website is difficult to raise popularity, to be popular, it must improve the development direction and degree of practical portal.

if the local demand related recruitment information, local portals can focus on the development of talent recruitment column, promote other columns to enhance popularity, which can be seen in Hainan online website. The key is to understand the local needs, to play the local advantages of the site, and the greatest efforts to meet the needs of Internet users, I believe that the development of good service sites will become better and better.


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