recently saw an article on the "two or three line of the city (county) will be the breaking point" the future of local community this article is mainly about some of the two or three line of the city for the significance and importance of the development of community network, this article describe is not wrong, the local community network for 11 years now is the rapid development of the city of Shandong in Qingdao City, the local community has three more famous, and these famous community website is how to develop the


foothold local city characteristic, detonated characteristic exchange

every city has different characteristics, such as Sichuan and Chongqing, the ancient town of Yunnan spicy characteristics of different characteristics and so on, the city will have different characteristics, which is the first point of a local community website development essentials should identify these characteristics of the development, we should all know the site 19 Building community the development of this website, but also 2, 3 years, but why so good? The reason is to identify the characteristics of orientation, and we are more familiar with the hot community, Sichuan Province as the largest community website, why to develop so well? The fundamental reason is to associate "spicy" characteristics, so a local local community network to attract users, the first point is to based on the local characteristics of the city.

collects the latest information and continues to attract new users to

There is a very large

characteristics of the development of local community website, that is narrow but large user groups, so the local community network to get good development must continue to collect the latest information, continue to attract new users to join. I suggest we start at three, and 1 send people to take photos every day and collect some real photos as a photo album. 2, every day, people constantly edit local news and information, a small matter may be able to edit huge news, and different users need different information, so we need to constantly edit. 3 to negotiate with the relevant departments, such as a local community network and local talent market consultation, to their recruitment information and apply information display on your site in the column, so they can attract a lot of users.

actively respond to user posts, you can ask people to reply to

Enter the local community website

believe that many friends are holding can solve problems and communicate to, so when a user posted if no reply, it will cause not to hurt the feelings of the user, I suggest those posts started local community network can ask people or their own hard work a little over to users, many users either hold exchange mentality, or some small problems, I believe that we can take time for such people, and once more, for a long time your website will naturally be posting and reply to users, this is not the time to worry about your website to the healthy development of.

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