introduction: no technology, how to do the site? Heard a friend said, now technology is less and less valuable. A few days ago. The friend received a single holding station, only 20 blocks down the technology fee. He finally said now experience is more important than technology and me. Ha ha. But I think it is a geometric. No technology is not necessarily a rookie. You may not be able to do much good, netizens recognition of your content, your site is not the most beautiful is the best. As a webmaster, if you have a lot of experience is also acceptable. They neither afraid of technology do not know how to learn, and lazy hands-on efforts. Today to write this text just want some want to stick go, but not very high tech friends. After all, most programs have become more and more simple. They are not also said that as long as do? Although some exaggeration, but it is not wrong. But it is relative to you Practical action to make up for your flaws! Qinnengbuzhuo


1. web site after a period of time, you can privately contact with others, exchange friendship connection. Link is now a very good method of optimization, so be sure to cherish oh. You can increase your influence by exchanging website connections. Especially when there are people on the home page when you are recommended, followed by dipping the. And when you are very strong, others can ask for your blessing.

2 learn to take every opportunity to advertise, you can see what good things, if it happens to be similar to your web site, then you can leave a message or send a letter to the station. Do it once every other day, and make sure you get good results. But don’t send the letter blindly, oh,


3 found in the site, the best time to find some people ask their advice and opinions, the site is still in development, we need to work together to work, excellent website, will also bring us income

, right?

4. to be a careful person, always pay attention to some changes in the website, and strive for good use. Find relevant sites, regular exchanges, common improvement. Website should be based on long-term development, good management, and the principle of division of labor and cooperation. You can also join a suitable for your business, to get more people’s attention. Participate in activities, and often communicate with each other, to improve their popularity is very good. A good way. In short, think about what you are good at, and then play it to the full.

makes great efforts to make great contributions to the promotion of its website and to train its users. If you want to do on the Baidu homepage, we need a lot of time to optimize the promotion, your site must have features, such as folk arts and crafts, special collections, made some special handmade works of art etc.. This is the website, in the days to come, you will get special protection and special promotion. Is there a lot of stories to share with you? Don’t find it difficult to write. Well done, both wrought

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