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I didn’t go out to work. I played games online at home every day. The economy is not ideal. So I want to use the website to make money. I’m sure many people do, too.

beginner SEO people tend to focus more on SEO tactical issues, ignoring the overall strategy of SEO.

our blog talks about SEO tactics, which are usually more specific because they are specific and easy to say. Talk about SEO strategic issues need to involve more things, not too easy to say clearly, but still remind SEO practitioners should consider SEO strategic issues.

, for example, everyone knows that the title of the page should be written accurately to describe the content of the page, and into the keywords, this is a tactical point of view. From a strategic point of view, your title can attract people to see? Sometimes accurate description of the content of the web page, does not necessarily attract the attention of customers. How to make people interested? How to let your content spread faster, which should be considered strategically.

, such as the establishment of external links, many webmasters do not have a link strategy in advance, do a good job site, it naturally began looking for links.

I suggest you should establish good strategic deployment plan in the planning stage of the website link, think about whether you can only exchange links through the industry reached the purpose of optimization ranking? Whether your industry can attract others through high quality links to your content? Your site is not suitable for the development of some online tools to attract others link to you? Whether it should look for the link? Or should we wait a few months, such as site stability and then find the link? Whether link building can be divided into several stages? Each stage focuses on a kind of


, for example, I’ve been advocating websites bigger than building multiple small websites, and that’s tactical considerations. Strategically, the risk of a big website is large, and once punished or blocked, the consequences are serious.

from the strategy should consider whether or not can do several related websites? The main site has no scalability? When there is a newer technology or new services, can be easily added to the existing site? Can also consider the site is not can from the non commercial start? When is built and a certain degree of authority flow after the business opportunity and can be transformed into profit, consider how to flow into revenue.

all of these considerations are difficult to make from the point of view of SEO tactics, and should be taken into account at the height of SEO strategy or online marketing strategy.

I think this website is very comfortable. Concise, fluent and practical. Can you guess how much it earns in a month,


I don’t know. I just know it’s a high price. I told myself, not what to do, site navigation station is Human effort is the decisive factor.! I didn’t do, since the network life, I want to own.

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