soft Wen writing has been a headache, not enough to write, attractive no one to see, attractive enough, not necessarily a good conversion rate. Compared to BBS promotion, blog promotion is a lot of restrictions, don’t worry about the article was deleted, don’t worry, can’t add links. But blogs don’t have as high popularity as forums, and there is no fixed amount of access. Blog posts can be accessed by your friends, circles, and search engines. To get higher traffic, these three aspects of resources should be used well, I think a good blog, soft Wen should do the following.

first, article title


title is what the viewer can see for the first time. Like the forum post, the title of the blog post is attractive enough. But the difference is the title of the article in the blog to attract people at the same time, in order to search engine friendly but also into natural keywords, the keywords can be related to the promotion of the keywords product or web site, but it is best not to repeat keywords and website.

second, the article’s pseudo original

we can’t have so many original content, it’s necessary to do something for originality. But to be just perfect with keywords, blog keywords density can be slightly larger, NetEase like Sina these sites they never worry about the keyword density is too large and the search engines will be punished, as their two class blog also do not need to worry about this problem, as long as the content of smooth, easy to navigate by reading can. If you don’t have the time, the body can not change, but the first one to write their own search engine value, the first paragraph can occur two to three times the best keywords, do long tail keywords around the main keywords.

third, article content suitable for blog circles

is a popular blog circle there are tens of thousands of people, can not ignore this part of people, in fact with the circle forum almost, that is a bunch of have the same similar love people together, reading and discussion topics, they care about love. Do circle promotion, of course also from the title of the article, a good title can attract flow. The topic is related to the theme of the circle or its subordinate section. You can search for the circles related to your blog topic, and try to add more popularity to your blog. Finally, don’t forget the end of a blog post, to recommend to the circle, most of the sites as long as a key recommendation on the line, very convenient, it is redoubled.

fourth, the length of the article is moderate,

blog articles can’t be as few words as forums, but they shouldn’t be too long. Is not friendly to the search engine, it is not easy to text, bloggers have not love too short, unless your article is very classic. As an aside, very short is a classic article for micro-blog, the effect will be much better than the blog. If it’s too long and inconvenient to read, visitors probably won’t have the patience to read your article and make it difficult to highlight the subject. But there are exceptions, which are very useful or valuable enough to leave behind

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