application center, as its name suggests, is a collection of applications, a platform that hosts a variety of applications. Its main characteristic is the entertainment is strong, immerses the feeling to be strong. It’s like a shop with a shelf for people to pick and choose, and more like an amusement park, with all sorts of dazzling and lingering products. Therefore, how to attract users to our products and how to get them to spend more time on our products is a must for designers. After a period of time on the application center product research and design accumulation, summed up a number of design thinking, here to share with you.

How does

design application center products?

first, tell the user that there is something they need.

users need what? Some people say that this is not easy, not just play, let users play happy, and naturally stay. Answer: Yes, the needs of the users is entertainment, why didn’t he play the game in the search on the search site, search for movies, listen to song search, in the center of our play? Because the Application Center gathered a mass of applications, users do not have to be removed at each site from another application center can give classification and boutique professional recommendation, users do not have to be look for a needle in the ocean of suffering. In this way, it is not difficult to draw a conclusion that what users need is full and professional.

complete, not only the index quantity, but also the type, the quantity, the more choice, the more types, the more can meet the user’s different latitude entertainment demand. All is the hard strength of the application center, and the specialty is the soft power of the application center. Major means acquiring trust, making users feel that the categories here are the most comprehensive and professional, and the most recommended applications are the most interesting. The collection is the most interesting, and it is not far from success.

How does

create a full and professional image? Here are three:

1, flat navigation

because the number of application center types of products are more, if the home page navigation design is too simple, it is bound to cause will be two pages in the navigation page, change, causing the trouble of operating. Many foreign game centers are using the home page double decker navigation design, one to reduce the page Jump, and secondly, users of the content of the station at a glance, do not have to go in point by point. Double decker navigation web site gives people the feeling of content will be more detailed than single layer.


2, clear layout,

research colleagues have applied on eye movement test center, application center of the user in mind: a top left and right ads, navigation charts, the middle of a large application in other areas is not deep impression.


application icons themselves are mostly flashy and attract more

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