some time ago has been struggling to do a what type of website, on the Internet to find a lot of information in a few Adsense intensive websites and forums to a few days, found that many brothers do industry promising, but also took some very cattle industry case analysis that closely reasoned and well argued


in this free app world, I also built a home in the civil house (I am the civil engineering sophomore), the thought of their more or learn the civil knowledge, there are still some of the original data should be! Then, after crazily every day to stay up late, to the site to add some original boutique. Maybe there is something original brothers wondered where, oh, where can get if there is online, it is not called the original — my website content is full integration of useful information on the books, and the comparison of the original keepcalling!?!

original thing is cattle, to Baidu submitted after a few days to close a lot (so here remind everyone, web site must have original things). But soon I began to wonder, traffic can not go ah, it seems that 100IP has become a bottleneck, but this is the Cross Ridge! So I went on the Internet and find the textbooks content (that is a word on it! But this effort!) when traffic or not see growth


actually throughout the station, although I spent a lot of time and energy in the content, but the efficiency is too low, the whole station content is not too much, so I understand the crooked brains — acquisition! Is a collection of people feel something in the act of stealing! But no way, who call the Internet the era is an era of resource sharing in


so, I stand seems to have seemingly also compared with an air of importance, but look at the old traffic statistics.. Sorry, I finally found my wounds:

, not a clear range of publicity and promotion of the object! Although I was a civil engineering professional, but also the students around it seems do not need such a website to serve their learning! In addition to Baidu know, could answer it not much, I do not want to use "certain to go to the station to see it! To answer the people, so that people come and stay! Moreover, to other civil forum posting publicity — no one


two, the website resources are scarce! Although I am the Department of civil engineering, but for now, I can have some original is limited to some of my textbooks, for the whole station, but it is a drop in the bucket,


three, can not maintain their enthusiasm for civil website prosperous! This is quite early enthusiasm high, but as time goes on, because I already know very little about the field of civil, and long-term CTRL+C, CTRL+V… I’m fed up…

that’s it. I finally closed my stop ( and http://s.tumu>)

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