development in twenty-first Century can not be separated from the network, the United States has Sogou, China has NetEase, and the progress of network technology is through a variety of network platform embodied. Not forget the origin, if traced back to the earliest Chinese network company, the NetEase will be on the list, the development of NetEase, led to numerous enterprise development, enrich the network, make people’s life more convenient.

NetEase was founded in June 97, is a Chinese four portals the most well-known NetEase since its inception, with its high-quality service and advanced technology, in the shortest possible time to get the most users, the most in the pinnacle of network technology. Because NetEase’s various bold pioneering work, has won two times China’s top ten websites title, and proud of the top. From its inception to the present, NetEase has gradually introduced a variety of human services, such as a well-known NetEase news, search engines, virtual communities, mailbox, online games, blog, forums and so on. NetEase before the Internet market look far ahead from a high plane, China is not open, had found the opportunity, and through the joint efforts of various NetEase elite talent, with a beautiful gesture hitherto unknown, into the Internet, to people’s life, therefore, the NetEase is the lead company in China’s Internet development, is a comprehensive business network company the domestic. At present, the network continues to introduce various new experiences, such as e-commerce, etc., the future prospects for development.

social progress, science and technology innovation, in the face of the mobile Internet boom, in order to launch a better user experience and service NetEase with many well-known enterprises to the depth of cooperation, joint research and development of many popular applications. For example, one of the most popular applications is easy to believe. Yi Xin is an instant messaging software developed jointly by NetEase and China Telecom. The software design is unique, is a free chat tool rarely, not only supports HD voice chat, as well as massive free pictures, free SMS and phone message function, when people communicate, influence is not affected by factors such as calls, practical and convenient for people’s life, make communication more fun. Launched easecredit, caused an uproar in the network market, because of its launch, in a very short time to get tens of thousands of fans and users, it is reported that easecredit supports a variety of operating system of mobile phone operators and communication, to the user’s friends to send free SMS, voice messages, pictures, etc., and a lot of super interesting expressions, at the same time, easy letter version offers free international roaming calls this function for users, is a new experience for the exciting. Easy to believe this barrier free communication features, so many users cheered, and promoted the development of network technology, but also to NetEase company stood at a higher level. Of course, everything is in want of perfection, each one has its own merits, easy to believe the current coverage is not particularly widespread, not like a wireless signal so overwhelming everywhere, and the function of experience is not very comprehensive, these places need to be improved, the NetEase joint China Telecom, is trying to break through, and strive to perfect the letter is easy to do.

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