Hello, I am Beijing Midea air conditioning repair, four articles I write in front was collected and was pushed to the home page, which greatly inspired the enthusiasm of my writing soft, of course is the first to thank A5 for giving me encouragement, then the top and I would also like to thank those who stepped on my hand, in order to thank you for the love, today I will give you some tips that I write text, perhaps not very good, but absolutely practical. I hope everyone will gain something from it.

I don’t talk much nonsense, and now began to introduce my writing soft Wen six skills.

, novel

I think a good soft article, the first to give other people’s feeling is your article content of fresh and strange characteristics, so as to get more people’s love and recommend. In fact, everyone has the mentality of seeking novelty. The more strange things are, the more attractive they are, and the more new things will be paid more attention by others. For example, the Internet often appear "XX gate", often such things will be a lot of people watching, comment, you can write an article on this strange event, the content inside to write about their own insights or finishing some other similar articles inside what, let others see you the article does not think is to copy and paste, let your article highlights the new.

It’s really not easy for

articles to be novel. Here are some small tips on the two major aspects of the title and the content.

1, title novelty is important because headlines are often the key to attracting users to browse the content of your web page. A good title often works twice as hard. How to make the title seem novel? There are three small ways: "intimidation", "temptation", "exaggeration"". "Intimidation" is to let the title looked very "terror", for example, I wrote a soft article for www.zfgan.cn this website, the title of the article is "fatty liver", how far away are you from liver cirrhosis?". The site is a portal for fatty liver, and when the patient sees the title, he is sure to panic, so he immediately clicks in to find out. "Lure" refers to the title with temptation, others looked to see what is the content of the article, such as the "100 jokes" have to look at the title, love jokes friends will want to know exactly what 100 jokes have to look at, immediately click the browse. "Exaggerated" is actually very simple to say that the title of the article is very exaggerated, such as my air conditioning repair station www.mdwx.info wrote an article about the air conditioning noise problem is serious, the title is "you" home air conditioning "explosion?", others will want to see this title: air conditioning exploded. This is a strange thing, look. So, take a look at the general use of these three ways to write the title, you can completely solve the title of new problems, interested owners may wish to try!


2 draws a new title, and then creates something new. Some people say that with a new title, >

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