how to let Baidu included? How to let Baidu update every day, niche station is more and more popular, so opened a forum, gathered popularity. Forum selected domain name, I choose is com, com included faster. Of course, CN can also be used, I tested the COM and CN collection period,.Cn only a month to collect,.Com is 10 days. Then select the program and space, where I choose DZ, has been like this program, the 17 forums closed after the beginning of their own station road.


pre forum does not require servers, and the space here is enough. In July 31st, the forum was officially opened, niche in their own website hung forum advertising and connections. Hang up later, have time to go to Baidu, know how to answer a few questions, remember to bring your own web site address. Then go to the top post several posts, with their website address. Baidu in August 16th included my forum, Baidu’s collection has been completed.

how to make Baidu snapshot updated every day, niche know new sites do friendship connection, others don’t want to do, so now I have not to find people to do friendship connection. In other words, Baidu snapshot update basis and friendship connection is not big. So niche believes that Baidu update snapshot is based on the content of your web site to decide. Forum opened second days, the post on more than 2 thousand, are members of the hair oh.

so we want to update Baidu every day, we must actively update the site, do not collect. Baidu updated my website every day in August 20th, and number 20 included 400 pages. For a new station, this is already very good, BBS address is:

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