I’ve been a station owner. I wanted to write it and write it out today to let people who have just become or want to be webmaster. I remember the fall of 2004, I was in a SP company to do marketing, the main job is to contact the portal and our company value-added business cooperation. I like only a vast expanse of water in a small fish in the sea looking for good castle, many of the advertising alliance is the first time I found. Through this channel, I know a lot of webmaster, from the stationmaster’s mouth, I know the outdated existence. At that time thought, why call this name ah, ha ha, " laggards " in my mind, " outdated " derogatory term.

in the cooperation with the webmaster, contact with a lot of basic knowledge of the website, such as: HTML, color collocation, interface layout, etc.. These are in the discussion with the webmaster, I often find topics, with the webmaster talk about cooperation related matters, including the value-added services we provide views. If the function aspect is to strengthen, the color is must do some styles to come out, facilitates the different style website choice. Wait a minute. Of course, I didn’t know anything at first. But stationmaster also does not know I do not understand, I just listen to the opinion of stationmaster. In this way, I slowly know more website construction knowledge. Also slowly to the website occurrence intense interest.

through free resources, I started my webmaster career. Since that day just lovelorn, so readily write in the book mobile phone number, in order to commemorate this painful day, I put my mobile phone number as the domain name registration down, a domain name is very special, of course, now long overdue, this is my first station. At that time, I would often go to see my original home page, we see, do not laugh ah. At this level. The better I lay a solid foundation, my achievement is not good, fun, also lazy, but I don’t remember anything, but there is a saying to remember very clearly, " as long as you have a solid foundation, learning other knowledge is utilitarianism and a half times ". Oh, that’s what I need for my playful and lazy personality.

September 2005, I registered my first name, www.changshangwangzhan.com (this time I realized that you want to become the real owners, must have its own top-level domain), and then as a heap of garbage station, others say that I am a garbage king, every day in the cafe of mucking. Even though I made some money, it was only enough for me to pay for the internet. My mother got me a job and ended up with the internet.

first regular website: site navigation

I’m looking for a bunch of the source web site navigation station, was not a satisfactory, and decided to develop their own, although spent a lot of time, however, flicker plus eloquence, also sold dozens of sets, but sure I can become a millionaire. Then I bought almost zero, and I was in the net

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