singge said: "in the rapid development of the Internet economy, each entity business has joined the O2O field.". In recent years, the 123 line city O2O has been on the rise. So what will O2O look like in China’s market as it develops over the years?


recently, everyone has been working on a private chef’s home service, before a good chef (Shanghai) gets a million dollar A round of financing. Then love Chef (Beijing) completed ten million U.S. dollars A round of financing in July, followed by small kitchen (Shenzhen) reached the field of market competition for private kitchen, looking ahead, private kitchen door field of smoke.

flipped the "lazy economy"

well-known reasons for the large environmental food safety, high income groups of time cost considerations, the first tier urban residents to ask chefs to come home cooking demand is being released. This is an extension of the domestic sector O2O to segments. Venture capital is the value of "lazy economy" opportunities and future technology "disintermediation" trend, bold yet profit model early adopters of O2O project to cook.


interesting "unit price"

A few furniture kitchen door

promotional materials, three off the price set are very interesting, good cook four soup 79 yuan, six 99 yuan soup, eight soup 169 yuan, not open dinner; love chef four dishes 69 yuan, six dishes 99 yuan, eight dishes 129 yuan, the opening dinner plate, to view the user use Seder comments; small kitchen five soup 158 yuan, seven 198 yuan soup, nine soup 258 yuan, nine food stalls and 10 yuan, 2 chefs home cooking, the opening dinner plate, the user can see Slide Show and comments. Judging from the unit price, a good chef is better than a chef, and a little cook is better than a good cook. From the user experience point of view, the target audience of good chefs and chefs is white-collar, with high-end crowd. Small kitchen is directed at high-end users, customer orders from 158 yuan, has been a large number of white-collar workers shut out. Small chef, can this rising star really have the ability to handle high-end users?.

mutual game capital "craftsman"

because it is pure craftsman home, quality of service is the core of each game, before all kinds of domestic small fresh money to test the water, after Dave helped service being put on a vast force height, several private chefs say they cook platform newbest, services are fried chicken good, so who better? We all know that this kind of platform can not survive, can not cook the word of mouth, essential quality and service consciousness. Cook the universal cultural quality is not high, loyalty to the platform is also low, basically hold who give money to whom do the idea for the user experience, is not a good thing, how the salary system of several existing platforms to ensure excellent kitchen.

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