since it is a forum, it is necessary to fully open the freedom of speech, speaker of innocence, their fates warning, if wear, on any one thing, it is no harm, resist the freedom of speech, can only bring four rumors, we say, or that is out there, and you know psychology is comfortable.

the voice of public opinion is unobstructed, have confidence in the performance of the government, the government is open-minded performance. Today’s society, as in the past, closed the voice of ordinary people, is stupid, is impossible. Liaoning Province set up a special "people’s network", the provincial Party committee secretary Li Keqiang met with staff, and put forward hope. This is the trend, no one can stop it. [from tid=107778]

? "

since I am going to adopt the audit system, I have the right to say NO, but I have no real objection to it. Therefore, my approach is: before the forum does not cancel the audit system, I withdraw from the forum activities. In a word, no freedom or death! [source: Forumid=45& topicid=50638& go=next]

quit and exit: [ forumid=45& topicid=50638& go=next]

BBS audit temporary posts, temporary measures please netizens understand!!! Look at the recent posts are not thread, a post a few days do not see their posts where every day we came looking for her everywhere, but where is the post? Hurry to deal with post, but with their own post a few days also disappeared, unable to contact with you!!!! we can discuss this problem: BBS whether there is any power wasting our time? Think: time is money, time is life!!! Such a serious waste of precious time users, you can own BBS management don’t feel ashamed! Don’t you think it waste precious time users also violated the Internet freedom of speech??? If I dare to reveal to the public this posting words, you have the right to delete, but I guarantee Leave my opinion. [excerpt from:, boardid=16& id=691320]

is the landlord really think censorship is willing to own the Luoyang harbor? You know it is a government portal website. It should not be scolded scolded. I think Hong Kong is the information information port is embittered. By the two bellows. "

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