built a station, if the site would like to run well for a long period of time, it is necessary to analyze the data, then what data should be analyzed to achieve the multiplier,


1: for propaganda enterprises, it is undoubtedly the advertising data

two: to flow more, it is necessary to analyze traffic data

three: worrying data analysis, which is also very important.

The analysis of


1: advertising data.

for this kind of data. Advertising is often put on for some time, no one to pay attention to, and no one to analyze. Especially for Taobao. Is easy to take a small program, hanging in the ad module of the site, it’s okay. That won’t do. To often see if the ad clicks, click on the most, medium, which ads, and then these data analysis, why some advertising point of more people, and some do not. Advertising business as propaganda, the equivalent of the store traffic hits, if this does not know how the analysis of operating status? Or some people don’t want to go to the analysis, there are people who do not know how to count the numbers. Let me talk about it. We can make this advertising links to a page to Statistics website, then this page and then jump to Taobao, put the traffic statistics in the jump page, so we can calculate what most people click on the product, according to the data analysis of other effect weak advertising how to adjust the adjustment. Well, businesses are satisfied, because the advertising traffic related to its economic benefits.

traditional flow of advertising data should be updated in a timely manner, statistics, but the method is somewhat different, it can not be the same. Now a lot of people in order to save, each channel is used to establish the advertisement, then each website data analysis, what are the disadvantages? Do you know where the click rate is the highest, which type, what kind of people click ads is the most? So, we’d better is an advertisement with a the channel to build, and to a variety of content, and then analyze these data, see which position, which channel ad click rate is relatively high, and why this kind of advertisement click rate is high, where is the reason, other places can be with the reference rate is high? Through such analysis, is not clear the idea of the.

two: SEO data analysis

SEO is a worrying job. There are so many things to analyze in this respect. Included the number, number, number of backlinks related domain and so on, in quantity, it also Links single chain link number, the number of domain names and other data, these are to be a bother to analysis. Link data, you can find what friends have seen your content, and then to analyze; the number of domain names, this can tell you whether you should change, or reduce the need to improve the chain, and so on.

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