"this is the best of times, and this is the worst of times."." The description of Dickens in the book of Shuangcheng is particularly appropriate for the 09 years’ entrepreneurial environment. In 2009, the market economy was very depressed, and many people could not find jobs, and some of them were forced to choose the road of entrepreneurship. But in this special period, an inexperienced person to start a business easier said than done.

What are the conditions for

startups? These key issues lie before all entrepreneurs. In fact, there is no threshold for entrepreneurship, as long as you are ready to start the business, with the determination and perseverance of entrepreneurs, everyone has the conditions for entrepreneurship. Therefore, for entrepreneurs, the key is to know what are important factors in the process of entrepreneurship.

some friends who are ready to start business believe that the core information and core technology is the key to entrepreneurship, and some people believe that internal management is the key, of course, some people think that "people" is the key to their own business. China Connaught net business experts believe that, for different industries and types of entrepreneurs, there are different core issues of entrepreneurship, can not be generalized. As the saying goes, "chaos in the city of heroes", and now in a very period of time, entrepreneurs will become very difficult road.

it is true, we should treat business more pragmatic, in preparation for entrepreneurship, everyone’s preparations should be in place, at least to be prepared, otherwise, the dream of entrepreneurship may be aborted. First of all, entrepreneurs should sum up the core issues facing their own business, and then start planning the road to entrepreneurship. Here, we can according to the following aspects to analyze one by one.

one, relational resources. In domestic entrepreneurship, there is no doubt that this factor should be ranked first. If there is enough good relationship, a special resource, then as long as you have this condition, it will be enough for you to start a business. But the company may be very busy, but it will never be bigger or stronger.

of course, here the relationship is broad, including your industry and inter industry relationships, including suppliers, distributors, customers, industry management, etc.. Having a relationship does not mean that everything is reasonable and that the configuration of the relationship resources will affect your results. Even if the resources are limited and the allocation is good, unexpected returns can also be brought about.

two, creative starting point. If the scope is not set in the domestic business, then this factor should be placed in the first place. Small business, creativity first. To start an undertaking is to start with originality. A lot of times, from a bad beginning, the end will be decided by the moment, because the bad starting point means losing the significance of continuing.

three, core information and technology. There is no denying the fact that information and technology are critical in emerging industries. Entrepreneurs are able to get the core secrets of a new industry, with relatively appropriate funding and operations, and the success factor is very large.

but, in fact, around us, we have access to some of the industry’s core secrets and skills

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