cafeteria, a memorable noun. The dark cuisine became the pronoun, but in the world sigh of ridicule at the same time, it is undeniable that the cafeteria is the development direction of many food people fascinated. Because the cafeteria dining can also play new tricks.

Facebook, in consecutive years topped the global job seekers want to go to the company "on the list, which is an important factor, as the staff, you can enjoy a variety of high-quality delicacy here. BAT Tencent Ali’s cafeteria and why?

Facebook company in the distribution of more than a dozen different restaurants, in addition to Fuki Sushi and Sol these two are outside the introduction, the rest are managed by Facebook himself. Two staff canteen EpicCafe and Livin’The DreamCafe are free to provide three meals a day, and will often change the menu, to ensure that in a very long period of time each meal is not heavy, are different themes. In addition, there are a variety of restaurants, such as barbecue shop, hamburger shop, dessert station, salad bar and so on.

Tencent Ali’s canteen how to turn back O2O Jun to explore. The British "Financial Times" described here said, "all meals are free of charge, many fast-food companies also supply a large number of bananas, Snickers bar (Snickers bars) and the vitamin mineral water (Vitamin Waters), the reception even put the market Starburst marshmallows, lollipops (Tootsie Pops) and beef patties (PeppermintPatties). So remind the new staff to pay attention to ‘Facebook president of 15 pounds of meat’ is not surprising, employees to Facebook within a year to gain weight of 15 pounds is commonplace, in addition to the bathroom is also free to provide toothpaste and toothbrush."

is more than you can in FB park to eat something, if you want to have a better experience, for example, to know every restaurant today’s menu, what some book some dishes, especially the various suggestions…… Rest assured that you only need to pay attention to a call "FacebookCulinary Team" Facebook account is enough. This is the official home page FB chef team, so far there are 78 thousand users praise, harvest 5323 comments. The frequency of updates it very quickly and timely, can tell you which restaurant what was just released, what have lunch today, which is a dish which is a chef’s masterpiece, there are some limited special for trailer.

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