often heard friends complain about, can not find a suitable project, not on the Internet do not know how to start proficiency in a particular line, and so on, in fact, the opportunity has been for people, no project you take the initiative to find the project? Didn’t you take the initiative to develop a proficiency in a particular line of their ability in entrepreneurship is not? Lip service, which involves a lot of hard work.

A5 on Thursday March 15th exceeded invited Bedook ratio grams Taobao mall founder Mr. Wang Yu, sharing his experience from the Taobao C store owner to the mall Tmall boss’s network business, this paper arranges the interaction in a question and answer, it’s easy for everyone to read.

asked: "always wanted to open Taobao, but do not know how to take the first step, everything is difficult at the beginning, I would like to hear the guests first step is how to step


answer: now do Taobao, the first is to understand the platform rules of the game, Taobao and other independent B2C, the line is very different, so the understanding of the rules of the game is the most important, then is to choose good goods. Products are now the basis for Taobao’s business. At first, the promotion, mainly through the way through the train to participate in various activities of Taobao.

asked: now Taobao mall did not do well before, in Taobao, which is almost all paid to promote, there are no other ways to pay


answer: do not pay, Taobao can take part in some activities, but from the beginning of this month Taobao’s activities have more stringent management, small sellers also difficult to participate in Taobao official activities, I personally think that now run Taobao mall, should be paid and not paid together, which are not only very good, don’t put Taobao mall has been very difficult to do. Funds, sources, teams are indispensable!


asked: for many small sellers, funds may be some more nervous, guests said now Taobao activities are paid and unpaid, guests can be introduced which do not pay promotion? After all, for small sellers, low starting point, not so much money can be invested early.

answer: Taobao has a lot of activities are free of charge, ah, pre fund tension is small and medium-sized sellers generally difficult, the only way is to take it slowly, do not worry.

: Taobao has many businessmen, and there are many successful cases. If you want to start a business on Taobao, what project should you choose? What problems should you pay attention to? Can you tell me something about your personal experience,


answer: the choice of the project, I really did not have what good advice, I now are mainly engaged in cosmetics brand, I think the choice of industries and products is very important, if you choose not to brand, you need to fully understand the brand strength and strategic planning, product quality is the core of the retail. If you choose a well-known brand, then you must confirm the brand’s strategic planning and determination for e-commerce, many well-known brands do e-commerce is halfway through

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