a lot of people ask why you’re doing this site, and what’s the purpose of doing it?

I contact the website for a long time (I do web development), but their own web site is from the beginning of last year, the only purpose is to make money, want to find another way to make money, the purpose is very simple, but not so simple, the beginning did not want to go alone. As the site, also there is no station to the user’s point of view, their own according to their own requirements to do so after only know the website with so much trouble, we do feel that the program to make a website more trouble to show more of their own strength, can see the site is not, it is often said that one you can do ", not necessarily to the website, do not, may the good website construction".

1, the first information website, I do this site, then think if more information, people will see more, to just know later, this theorem is not established, this site I divided into 99 categories, when I add news, a category A, I want to increase 99, so it is very depressed, two words "trouble and effort" is like four words Oh, to have to give up.

2, not to collect people’s website to smart collection acquisition, my website built after I made a capture tool, is not quite the collection, a day to collect the 2W, then I will generate up on the site, the search engine is encouraging for new sites, it is just know later, Baidu started included good, I was a pursuit of perfect people, because the website in some places is not good, I will rebuild again, just know later, I was wrong, wrong is very serious, now other links are gone, like this, Baidu from me more and more far, my lovely Baidu, she must go….., collection content also had better not included, can give you included, your ranking can not go up forever, for example, now a Sohu "title, Baidu search, corresponding to the following The title of the 10 touch the same lot, if you really want to collect, but also modify the next pass.

3, a web site is you, yourself, why do you do a mean, let you love your site, regardless of the content and format, let users love, do not optimize your website ranking will not lower the website.

4, appropriate to do SEO optimization, SEO is later heard, and then I spent part of the time to learn, and now learning is not very fine, and make their own use, the appropriate SEO site is better.

5, good site for the best contact.

other according to user needs to do, do a website search engine marketing is a dominant.

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