I was a rookie webmaster is right, originally do is to learn programming technology, but do not think practical use is not fun, and when a colleague amateur also made a very good website, every day in the promotion is very interesting, so I also want to Dangdang webmaster.

code is a source code to stop reference, with their own do not meet, delete a lot of things, the basic is to write their own. When the selected topic is the most difficult, do what? The first is to do a movie about love film critic website, but the website also see other movie download, space is not so big, so it is not good to do. My colleagues do is a female website, very professional, not covered. I can’t do that either. After much deliberation, or find a joke like theme to do, anyway, online joke ah, interesting things down. Just make it a fun website. No matter its standard is not standard.

want to name also half a day, the key is best to good combination of domain name, online check for a long time to find a happyworld.net.cn, have not been registered, quickly registered, named "happy world"". A good domain name doesn’t make people feel like spam sites, or what is viral?. Unless you do better on this site, there is a certain visibility. Well, I think we should think about it.

everything has, and then filed, began to advertise everywhere, and then look at the statistics of the number of visitors every day, waiting for the Baidu and other included, playing Google adsense. Finally make money, this is such a process.

this article is a mess, anyway, I hope everyone will talk about some of their experiences, look at other people’s experience, and raise together.

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