blogger commented: how can the site profit from the lack of advertising alliances; 

I noticed that the clever monkey used to write a few soft words, because I have seen them in some articles, and now I can see the website and feel really good.

authors have been doing web sites for nearly 4 years, and in the early days of the ad League, especially when SP was on fire, it was a little bit profitable, but it was too little compared to many other webmaster friends.

now put into formal operation, I sincerely feel lucky for the author, as a personal webmaster do garbage station from the alliance of money is really too difficult, every day doing heavy than the donkey (massive daily update), eat worse than pig (usually two meals a day or even a meal), up more than chicken early (usually nobody got up, clock upside down), have worked so hard to make thousands of tens of thousands of traffic, but under the alliance seven buckle eight buckle each month can only get a little money for the poor little, some owners even livelihood cannot be maintained.

garbage station profit model is only one, that is, advertising, but the risk is too great, because the initiative is not in their hands, life and death power is in hand. Put all your energy into it, but your income is not guaranteed.

normal station is different, the normal station is in a situation under a clear profit model set up, take the place of the website, I cite a simple example of a food network: City Food Network, food network XX, the main function is the website catering business information online. Booking, catering discount information. Web page beautiful atmosphere on the line. Then enter a large number of catering business information, do SEO (regional keyword is good to do SEO), and then traffic came. Below I will analyze the profit: the first advertising revenue: find new catering business cooperation, want to do the local well-known catering business cooperation, the local vegetable oil seasoning total generation, local drinks total generation cooperation. Second, food member income: I emphasize a threshold here, that is, the site is not what restaurants do, small and medium-sized restaurants, restaurants will not consider, nor consider individual takeaway. Only high-end catering institutions, so their entry fee for one year to give them every two million and three thousand, a unified open VIP page, shooting, post activity priority, this cooperation is the entry fee, do not love. Third: large brand enterprises profile, such as Wang Laoji, Tsingtao Brewery business cooperation area, this year the advertising fee is very substantial, even you did not expect so much money. Fourth: to the local brands catering enterprises to do the video screen, the other charges. Fifth: and catering management software cooperation, promotion, divided into. Sixth: divided by the website reservation, each set of rooms may be divided into 60-100 yuan. Seventh: organize activities, F>

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